: One Troll can cost You 3 Games
Something i have learned the hard way.....Just stop playing after 1 loss....You will do better like that
: League threw me out the Ranked game and now I cannot connect. HELP!
Why not just disable ranked then....it is obvious that people will play even if the "!" sigh is there Not thinking till the end is only one of the issues Rito has
: Why is Yummi a thing
Ok so you are making a rant about Yuumi...Ok i might be Iron but i know a few things about the game.. 1. Yummi is countered by pretty much any pull/grab support(Nautilus, Blitz, Tresh, Leona exc). 2. Her Q deals increased damage longer it travels(Same as Zoe) 3. She is pretty reliant on the placement of the player she is attached to so if you play agressive against the same payer it makes her harder to hit the Q's. 4.Her heal is not that big early game...And also..If she is attached to an ally she only heals that ally...so if you force her to be low(again by using grabbing support)..You can pretty much force her to recall.. Soo..yeah...That would be some things i know about Yuumi...Correct me if i am wrong on any of these....
neropa (EUNE)
: Yeah, but you have to remember that this would get abused. E.G i'm playing with 3 premades and the game is 99.9% loss, so one of us leaves and 2 of us walk away with no lp loss. I belive that if you have an afk in a ranked match, the afker should lose more lp than usually like 28-38 lp (even if the game is a win which is unlikely anyways) and the other players should lose less lp than usually like 8-14 lp. By this way the system wouldn't be abused.
This can be prevented as well...If i remember correctly the original idea was if 1 guy in a premade leaves.. entire party got punished or something like that... Or if you are solo only..Put the system in effect if you are alone in a party or something.... This system might be usefull if a player DC in first three mins...(Usually game is not decided at that point) But if we talk about LP loss on DC...I think it would be even better that AFK'er loses 21 LP...and those who needed to suffer lose 3 LP(The amount you lose for dodging)...
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xthelord2 (EUW)
: they have shitty client relying alot on storage space speed so idk why pepole still complain about buying a goddamn SSD which will fix all other issues on other things not league only but ok if you wanna live under rock,go ahead noone bothers you
you know...not every single man/woman and child are so rich to buy themselves a new SSD.....not every single league player is a %%%%ing computer expert to know what makes the game run bad...and besides...if the game is glitchy because of games inner factor....then maybe Riot should concentrate more on fixing the issues that game has instead of trying to grab more cash with new content... And i don't give a single %%%% about what you have to say about this....this is my opinion..and you either accept it...or don't mind reading it.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Why didn't we get an option to remake
At the moment of this comment i still dont understand the concept of "remake system"...I know the part where you can remake if someone is inactive for 3 minutes...But how does the "first blood" thing works...can someone explain me that... For example i have provided a match history entry(the remade game i had before typing this comment) https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3773715062/219915959?tab=overview Can someone explain how is remake possible in this situation(explain the first blood mechanic to me so i can understand)
: arurf and urf as a concept are mistakes to begin with {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
in a way i start to dislike ARURF because you cant ban champs...the old URF with 10 bans would actually be good enough...
Lozah (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jofo2003,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=unGEZK0h,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-07-07T12:45:54.070+0000) > > ya so many champs are broken on urf but there isn't really any way to fix it since if they changed champs around it it would both ruin the purpose of urf and break the actual game. Exactly, that's why i'm wondering why ban Sona from all the crazy champions out there. Maybe if they let us ban some champions at the beginning of the selection and then distribute the rest randomly, it will help the players have a nice game.
i would ban fizz instanty...without thinking....that shit appears in like 7 of 10 games for me...and all times..HE IS IN THE ENEMY TEAM...
kriegnes (EUW)
: pls dont tell me they really reworked malzahar just for urf and how can ryze do 1vs5 from lv2? he doesnt really has such op skills
just bang your finger against spell flux key and done... or just for great measure..just bang your head in your keyboard
Breakhz (EUNE)
: LOL.{{champion:157}} is not in a good spot..With the changes he is pretty weak now. If you people always complain about him that is so "OP"then god damn play it already.You should win easy right???
: Don't worry guys, this champ is perfectly fine since 2013.
looks like you are one of those people who happily take his tornados...and the complain
Am i the only one who has not played him...even tho i think it would be interesting to do that..(when i buy him of course)
Lozah (EUW)
: Why are Sona and Ryze banned from ARURF ?
You forgot about Fizz spamming W all the time(even tho i see fizz in like every 2nd or 3rd game). I already know that i have lost the game if i see fizz in enemy team.. and Lucian with early game dash double AA spam... P.S...to be honest garen is not that bad because people understand that spamming E is %%%%%%ed..
: imagine they go as 5 in one lane and they just can pull till they reach nexus.. who should be able to defend vs them?? I dont know any champ that could as 5 defend the lane against zoe
go rengar...get 5 duskbldes...get armorshred...level 6....5 rengos jumping around(would be interesting to see that)
NiritoPrime (EUNE)
: I don't know dude we usually play with premades you know and we honor eachother which I know gives close to no xp but still all of them got honr 3 (even the guy ho loses intentionally games and had a ban last season and that dued who plays 1-2 games a day max). And since I couldnt say that i play much lesser than them neither am i toxic or an inter so I cant undesrtand why only I havent progressed with a single checkpoint
I already know what problem you have by reading the first sentence of this specific comment.... Honor system is made that the honors you get from your premades are less effective than those you get from random teammates.. For me i got from honor 2.3 to 3 just yesterday...and I am still happy i got it.. So...If you want to get H5 faster....play more soloq(Iam warning you...it CAN be dangerous for your mental health)
: Actually Teemo isn't an ADC.
Oh come on man...teemo is everywhere. How do you think...why he is the satan...cuz you cant hide from him...teemo (supp - okay)(adc - will manage)(jungle - oh hell yeah shroomparty in a bush)(mid - yup)(top - draven approved) in short. Teemo is a champion who you can play in ANY lane.
Rioter Comments
: Passive: Camouflage. He's a goddaym Lizzard why don't give him a camo? After not moving for 1 goddaym second he becomes invsible. Yea. Just like Teeto Q: Lick. He licks an enemy champion and slow him down. The goddaym Lick has a range just like Lucians Q. W: Lmao: When actvated he shouts LMAO and creates a sound wave and everyone gets pushed away from him (range: the whole goddaym map) E: Reheal. After getting his HP lost (or a part of it) he can regain it by clicking on this ability coz hes a lizzard u know and lizzards grow back their tails lol R: Monkey attack. Yea you heard that rght son. He runs back to Africa or the jungle and calls his friends which are monkeys. After some seconds you get oneshoted if you are the enemy coz ths ability is goddaym broken. THIS IS JUST A JOKE PLEASE DONT START COMPLAINING
: Ezreal
ezreal with electrocute....oneshots..oneshots everywhere
: Let me point something out. Her alt skin looks like Futaba from P5. Don't belive me? See for yourself.
oh shit....you are acually right #teamfutaba....hmm...if i start to think...doesn't her personality resemble Futaba too...just a little bit..
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenRaven22,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iozOEzun,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-11-03T20:29:42.484+0000) > > That teaser made the desicion on what i am spending my BE after that gril gets released on live... > > Absolutely amazing champ.... > > Finally we have a derpy champ that is not a mystical being.(looking at you Bard) > > {{sticker:sg-lux}} Not a mystical being? Did you miss the part where she's an aspect of targon, in other words, a god? Or the fact she uses magic bubbles that makes people fall asleep? I think your definition of mystical might be erroneous.
Welp...looks like it is a mistake at my end..thank you for pointing that out... Well at least she looks some what human..XD
: Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight is...
That teaser made the desicion on what i am spending my BE after that gril gets released on live... Absolutely amazing champ.... Finally we have a derpy champ that is not a mystical being.(looking at you Bard) {{sticker:sg-lux}}
xGunna1 (EUW)
: so let's change that and say "sona" in same spot of alistar she is not tank but people dont care people hate flashy plays (mechonics challenjeur) that's the reason i guess
lets say this sona flash ultied all enemy team and died but allies killed all enemy team...sona did her job getting that cc off... Same with soraka..if those heals are worth it she does her job. For supports in general it is like they are dealing no damage and never will(and they probably should not).. Main role for supports is to get others in the team fed. Despite that he is feeding.
: Unspecified error occurred. Please check the logs for more information.
just do a few things 1. After uninstalling lol delete all the files in your lol directory or delete the whole folder. 2. Reinstall avast(that should reset the virus chest thingy.) 3. Reinstall LoL creating a new folder and installing all the files in there. 4. It should work unless your avast is somehow glitching out.
derpumu (EUW)
: ARAM is crawling with bots and nothing seems to be done against it.
ARAM is a bridge where apperently you can farm chests for months(because you can only get 4 per month)
Notify (EUW)
: Season 1 Veteran, completely let down, unrewarded and feel like 7 years into this game = 0.
I have played this game for 3 years now i think. And it is bad that Riot does not refund all the runes bought..But come to a positive. you wont have to buy more when those changes hit live.Plus, What would be the logic of you getting that XP added to your account if you practically dont get the most of it....when the update video hit(the reward system one). Me and my friend were thinking about making new accounts and getting those levelups just so we can get the most out of that system. I like the way riot is going and i hope we get more updates like this in the future because it is making the overall experience better...
: Honor 3
i have honor 3 but every game i ask myself....RITO WHERE IS MY HONOR BADGE??? P.S...my levelup was kinda strange cuz it happened overnight...in any words..i leveled up not even being online...and no honor badge...
: New honor system takes too long to level <-- feels uninteractive
While everyone is complaining about honor i am praying riot gods to give me the Kayn shard from mystery shards so i can play kayn..XD
Thaya (EUW)
: Bots are ruining the players experience
My opinion on this topic.. *thinks about playing ARAM. Gets in game, sees enemy team all infested with no mastery, tibbers icon players.. Gets in game...5 mins later penta as jhin... You think coop vs AI is full of bots...ARAM is literally custom game full of bots with only exception being the fact that in matchmaking you get IP for playing..
: I have 22 champions on mastery level 7 and I got the majority of them on that level before reaching 40k mastery points. I think you are probably focusing on the wrong things. KDA has an impact, but most important in my opinion is CS. You said you had 100+ cs.... the key here is, how long did these games last? For example, if you are playing as a jungler, I found out that I got mostly S ranks when I had around 50 cs per 10 minutes. So if the game lasts 40 minutes, you should have at least 200 cs as a jungler. Laner require even more CS. If you want to get S grades with less farm, you need incredibly high KDA.
what would be a problem with 12/0/0 fiora game with 129 CS (6 per minute) ....Not enough CS? Btw i am level 6 with her now. So the question is how to get that juicy S? P.S..the game lasted 21 minutes
: [Valentine's Day] Community Contest [Closed]
I am playing one game, and hoping i will win because my top loks skechy and mid has disconnected But my support is cheering lets win this one I am 10 mins in and i am 15/2 Because my supp is loveley. and so is my jungle We are pushing mid lane but enemy surrenders i say after game my supp is the best and i love him for carrying Happy valentines.<3 i know this is late..but i have to study too..
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Possible (EUW)
: lets hope NEVER!!!
at least there is no ragequits in games You deserve an upvote
Metro Nutty (EUNE)
: Oh, didn't know that it goes like that :O
well first you dont have a full build...and you dont have a ward upgrade....so yeah....that can be the same too
sfkc (EUW)
: I openly apologise to the enemy if I win because of a bug haha. But still secretly like it... Rito pls. More bugz
maybe then lets pray to rito gods to give us(the buglovers) pbe acess.to see them sweet bugs
: ***
these bugs and silly things are acually one of the reasons i requested a PBE acess....second is of course to play some of the new content...bugs are not your enemies..they are your friends that make your life a bit more interesting.. But with that ranked thing...yeah i would be bad to lose cuz of bug..
: ***
idk..if i would encouner a in game bug..i would laugh at it acually...it is pretty funny if something goes odd in your game.....same with being 1v5-ed when going 5/0....{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Can't connect to league
Looks like it works now..at least at EUNE
: I'm sick of this game becoming weaboo fiesta (an "anime")
Protip..if you dont like login music...turn it off..there is a button in left bottom corner...aand....btw...like if you dont like anime...then dont complain about it....Star guardian skin line is anime like line...if you think that this game is all about....mechanical kind if skins....Please go play games where there is a lot of machinery then. P.S..my english may be bad at some point..sorry for that
: Normally it goes 1.00 after 0.9 (based the live patches 7.1 ,7.2 ... 7.10 ... 7.20 ) Alpha will probably be up (live) around pre-season or 7.1 . Not sure how they count there the patches. (its anyways alpha totally different compare with live patches).
Nwe client is more likely to come out when new season starts....as it is the new launcher..(new season..new adventures...exc)
: The all random isnt just very much fun if you own all the champions. The odds that I get a champion that I like and feel comfortable with are very small. And ofc not all champs work in the mode so its really nto that cool if youre stcuk with something you dont like playing.
i have a half roster and it is still fun.. finally i can return to this mode
Infernape (EUW)
: We won xD
probably shaco or akali were lagging
: From what I'se seen on reddit, most people actually like this mode better than URF, especially because you see a much wider variety of champs, not just the usual "OP Champs". Some even consider it the best game mode of them all. I am sorry that you don't like the mode, but lot's of people do. Personally I prefer it too, because imo the "magic" of URF is trying new things, experiencing unexpected awesomeness and haing lots of "what the fuck" moments. URF doesn't really do that. LoL is a competetive game and most players think competetively, even in URF. This kind of forces you to pick the same OP champs every time URF is active or you will just get stomped. ARURF doesn't share this problem, which makes it a lot better imo.
you just took words out of my mouth...i like ARURF better because there is not shaco in 80% of the games..or kata, akali and all of the broken urf champs
SuperChaos (EUNE)
: New Champion
{{champion:57}} :"Dad. Is that you?"
: So if you can unrework Kog'Maw maybe
{{champion:157}} is not that bad..{{champion:92}} is cool too...look at {{champion:420}} ...well that is different story...even in silver that hentai shit is instabanned
Eveninn (EUW)
: Always choose the right Team. Because that's the right choice. :3 On a more serious note... I sadly got Little clue at all about the eSports Scene. >.> So above is about as much as I can add. ^^' But historically speaking, I wonder how much others will hold against the asian Teams this year. :o
> [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=QKw0bIKo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-12T11:15:28.588+0000) > > Always choose the right Team. > Because that&#x27;s the right choice. :3 > > On a more serious note... I sadly got Little clue at all about the eSports Scene. &gt;.&gt; > So above is about as much as I can add. ^^&#x27; > > But historically speaking, I wonder how much others will hold against the asian Teams this year. :o SKT number 1 in their group..cuz why the hell not..
: Yorick re work
pretty nice one..i like it
: [v0.9-2938059.2943527] Alpha Client Feedback
There was a bug with runpages..but that most likely was temoprarly..
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Since we have so much salt, I would also like some pepper and garlic.
i dont know why i found your comment funny(no offence bro){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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