: Looking for a high silver/gold main support or jungler to duo with.
Add me if you want. I'll be around from next week. G4 on main but I'll prob be levelling a silver acc. Similar mic situation ;) {{champion:89}} {{champion:14}}
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Yeah they mentioned it but they are most likely not going to make it so that you can honor enemies. They want you to be able to give recognition to enemies who deserve it but not in a form of honor. Why? because people honor trolls. It wouldn't be ok for trolls to climb in honor. The old honor system was used to mark trolls with honorable opponent banners so people would know to dodge if they got one in their own team in champion select.
People honouring trolls is pretty stupid. I guess more so now when it matters a bit rather than prev when it was merely a tag.
: It's not trash talk anymore when it happens during the nexus explosion.
Yeah literally at the end screen it's purely being a toxic prick. I've reported for it lots but literally never seen feedback on it aside when that player has also done other bad things. If anything this seems to be diluting my reporting worth on the deemed false flags. Quite clearly this is detrimental to the community and game, particularly at these sort of toxic timings for me, but it seems to be another thing riot can't be bothered to address. I guess they can just have the consequences instead then.
Thaaboom (EUW)
: its still unfair it still screws 4 teammates and the fun of 9 it makes it more of a grind I certainly agree with OP as he raises a fair point which is shared by many players.
Riot evidently don't seem to truly give a shit about fairness. Things like this keep you grinding for longer i guess. =business, somehow..
: Ability to remove pings completely in an option
Yeah Riot positively needs to do something about this. Educating players alone about it doesn't work bc a lot of the players are way too young and immature. You can't change everyone nor should you need to try. But there must be an effective system to limit the effects, ie a personalized mute pings or lower volume system or effective punishment of people abusing this. Doing nothing, ie current path it seems, is not a valid option. I gather it partly explains how the game has ended up in this situation. {{champion:23}}
iFeelGold (EUNE)
: it's still fair to play with trolls
hibiki2k (EUW)
: another wishing cancer , and inter not punished almost everygame like that pls riot games .....
Yeah they don't seem to act on these anything as often as they should. Vote with your feet or mute and take it, knowing that you're not one of these it should work out to your favour in the long run, apparently...
Zvonimir14 (EUNE)
: Who to main
: ...Unnaceptable -_-
Sad story bro {{champion:32}}
: S5 Jung/Sup looking to trio
Bump. Any friendly duo fancy a threesome? o.0 I'm currently S4 and mic at ready
: S5 Jung/Sup looking to trio
http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/Gtm7AUL5-s5-main-amumu-wltm-main-kata-for-duo btw
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Deeze11 (EUNE)
: I'm pretty sure LoL matchmaking has a secret tilt tactic
> [{quoted}](name=Deeze11,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9ya8g9lv,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-09-09T17:04:06.538+0000) > > I'm pretty sure of that now. It's like, some days games are pretty normal, win and lose. > > Then some days all of a sudden, every single god damn teammate that i have in my team is a complete dumbass. > > Then after those streaks end you again start being paired with decent teammates. > > And not, it ain't me playing differently, it ain't me hitting my peak elo. It is a pure change in the players that I get as teammates and in the enemies. > > It is too strange the way it goes, i`m sometimes able to get 10 game win streaks, then i get like terrible loss streaks. > > And as i said, It ain't bloody me doing bad. > > For example if i'd be equal to my lane opponent and we'd have same farm and 0/0/0. The teams will start going nuts, either they feed hardcore, either they win without my help. There is no balance. Well it's pretty clear that Riot isn't bothering to ban the trolls and just too busy taking customer rp money. I can take losses or losing lanes np if it's straight up with contributions and effort. But now League of Troll community is growing it's what decides most of the games. Maybe we should all fuck off as Riot isn't interested to help this.
: S5 Jung/Sup looking to trio
Oh I've got ts and curse and even fb chat. I usually play evenings and weekends. Prefer no pricks pls xD http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/65591357#ranked-stats yep I'm on a bit of a stinking run at the moment but I can honestly say it's with trolling and AFKs in every single loss. Basically it's looking like teamwork or quit for me at the mo. edit: weeeee corner turned, like 7 wins in a row, the system works ;D faith in teammates partially restored.
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: I agree. I have friends who've lost their family members to cancer, and it disgusts me that people casually throw shout others to "get cancer" with no further reason.
I report it as **hate speech**, it might not be discriminatory but it is clearly hateful inappropriate speech. This appears to be the only box Rito takes seriously given all the incorrect whiney noise in the other categories. &Gives guilty players chatbans etc for.
: Wishing Cancer or some other Deadly plagues should get INSTANTLY permabaned
> [{quoted}](name=ViPeRextra,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EEMdtE1z,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-16T08:40:16.934+0000) > > I want to be honest , it gives like over 60 % People that wish Death/Cancer and other Bullsh#t plagues to a Human > > but , did you ever think before you write something like that ? > > maybe this guy lost a Family member , or his Mother/Father by Cancer , do you honestly think this is funny in any way ? > > when you say to somebody who lost his Mother by Cancer ''_**I Hope you and youre ugly family will die by Cancer**_'' do you honestly still think youre still worth beeing called a Human ? , what you say there is just as terible as the things a terible human said while the Holocaust > > Riot please , it gives a difference of calling someone mean things , and wishing someone a Deadly plague > > Please , those Humans deserve no second Chance , they should instantly get permabaned without any warning , because this kind of Flaming is just the worst > > nobody deserves Cancer... > > and if you wish it to random people that didn't done anything to you > > than youre not worth to be called a human anymore... Nice rant :P Bit long and not to quibble too much because this jist of what you say is clearly correct. It should be made crystal clear that this sort of conduct is completely utterly unacceptable, @Rito. But it is the kind of thing that young teenagers say.. They should be insta put notified and put onto permanent final warning (or maybe ~5yr expiry) for perma ban to be taught that this warped shit is not to be done here.
trololol (EUW)
: Old Boy's Retreat: New Club for more mature(ish) individuals
Ello Old Bean, I've just added you ingame. I'm sup/jung main but can fill top and mid too. Hope to see you out there :P
: So you based judgement on what you "picture"/imagin other people doing? In my oppinion there is less toxicity ingame, fewer trolls (remember the double mids? long time no see) and more dodged games. Yes, some people have a hard time addapting... its hard to lock in a ban or a pick... for some... me inluded ^^ But overall i think the new champselect was a huge improvement and i am quite sure its even faster once people settled in.
Well no, I see from if i choose to queue jung-mid or mid-top that the queue times can be unacceptable to me. The queues to attempt to have this kind of match are longer than the average in the previous system and I hear frustration of this also from others. Not to attempt to fully vindicate or start to explain some of the behavior or language that occurs but I can't picture the increased queues for 'leisure' activity helping players; particularly those with attention-deficit, anger management or other such issues.
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