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Randi532 (EUNE)
: I like the way he is because he is a little easy too play with for me its fine if you want old abilities back but for me so is he the best champion too play with and I love but have not the blood moon skin to he
Yeah He's really cool now with the stolen Yasuo from smite abilities
: Sorry but... I'm not much of an Aatrox player - but to me it seemed like they made him viable again. And you want to revert him... did you really think this through?
yeah I grew to like this new one and I've perfected the MF I'm OP with him but my team always wants to lose... NO BIGGY
: yeah you heard me not my fault I prefer the classic
do you like the bum they added ?? lol
: wat
did I stutter ??
Enjutsu (EUNE)
yeah you heard me not my fault I prefer the classic
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Treycos (EUW)
: That would be extremely bad, there's the EXACT same difference between silver 5 and bronze 1 that there is between silver 2 and silver 3 The matchmaking isn't looking at your rank anyway, that would be even worse It's actually using your MMR, an hidden value, since your rank doesn't represent anything If the value is close enough to someone else in queue, you'll get matched with him, no matter what his rank him, and it's fair Your MMR represent your experience in average
wtf was I trying to say . the bronze tends to more miserable than silver . if you are in silver you know your league is different so you would want to play even better than your last game. omg i know what I will do . XD fckkk this
Febos (EUW)
: Actually, you are wrong. What you are experiencing isn't the norm. LP gain and loss is determined by the relation of your Rank to the average MMR of the game you won/lost. I'll you give you an example: - Suppose you're Silver 5 - You just lost a game against Bronze 3 MMR - You lose MORE LP than you would if you had won Another scenario: - Suppose you're Bronze 3 - You just won a game against Silver 5 MMR - You win MORE LP than you would if you had lost Basically, if your rank is higher than the average of the game you played then you'll lose more and gain less if you lose or win the game, respectively, and vice-versa. For instance, the last few times I played ranked game I was winning, on average, 23 LP and losing 16 LP. That's because my rank is Silver something and I was playing against/with Gold 3 and above. *** To further my point, I have gathered the first 3 games in your match history: Here's what we know from that image: - You're Silver 5 - In the first game the average skill level is Bronze 3 - In the 2nd game the average skill level is Bronze 2 - In the 3rd game the average skill level is Bronze 2 ######The above is calculated excluding you So, you are losing/wining games against Bronze 2-3, but you, yourself, are Silver 5. Because of that, you'll lose more LP if lose a game and get less if you win. My final word of advice:,220x200,075,f,101010:01c5ca27c6.u8.jpg
yeah that is for you but I experience a different thing man I got %%%%king demoted because they join me with shitty arrogant bronze now I got demoted down to bronze now from silver . and still when playing in bronze with bronze most of them just feed. what if I just decide to stop racking up and just make life as a summoner miserable for other summoners. what if ??? like recently I just play couple matches the highest lp given was 16 the lowest deducted was 22 XD wtf is that . ridiculous just ridiculous. peace.
Treycos (EUW)
: Propose a solution then, since no one understand what your problem is
I think they should be peering silver players with only silver ranked player if you think you want a harder challenge then when you get promoted you can getting the challenge there can be inexperienced bronze on your team which might cause you the match and that sucks really bad. you upgrade to silver you be peered with silver from any factions Silver 1 2 3 4 5 any of them . bronze stay with bronze and peered with bronze either 1 2 3 4 or 5.
: rank LP Deduction
this whole deal Is annoying something should be done ...
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Bedawrand (EUW)
: Just the blood well needs to go back to the way it was, really. That, coupled with these actual buffs, would make him decent to play again.
I agree ... I've mastered this new Aatrox but the blood well look so obvious for someone like him .. it should be visible you know and it should have a time out apart from it's cool-down.
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