: Thats not a bug, thats intentional. It doesn't matter WHY you leave, it always destroys the game. It doesn't help the other players that you only leave because you have bad internet. If your internet isn't stable enough to play LoL without leaving regulary, you simply can't play LoL. You are not punished because you leave the game intentionally, you are punished because you willingly risk to ruin the game for others because you decide to play LoL although you know that there is high chance you are going to leave.
There is a risk to get dissconected, but no reason to get banned, if riot invests some money in buying better servers... There wouldnt be this problems
: But it is YOUR Internet, so you are the one punished, where is the problem?
the problem is that every month riot servers crash, in middle of ranked or just trying to enter in the account, riot only wants to make money like all companies, they just listen to some customers not al, And they keep baning peoples account,its sad, imagine its youre first time playing this game, and the other teamplayers start flaming you on the chat because you dont know how to play, that customer will have a bad experience on this game and will uninstall it, thats no good reviews for riot, and more if the new players already get banned... A million dollar company cant invest some money to change this matter
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