Marvhyn (EUW)
: Uncommon Nukers/Bursters
If you buy enough AP on Xerath (which you should) you are able to delete squishies with a EWQ combo in the late game. Sometimes you won't even really need the E. The amount of burst is pretty funny considering he functions as a poke mage before that point.
GamesNStuf (EUNE)
: Your favorite lane and your favorite champion.
My favorite lane would be Mid and my main is {{champion:133}}, but I never actually play her there. Most match-ups aren't really in her favor against mages.
: Nerf the "korean" AD items, and buff the standard ADC items.
Say what now? I don't know what kind of lanes you're facing, but there's only like 3 ADC's that actually use such a build at the moment. Only Lucian (got nerfed hard for it), Miss Fortune (received less hard nerfs, but she was never that big of a deal anyway) and Jhin (whose nerfs will be applied with the next patch). The only reason those items are more effective on them than the usual crit items is that they get a significant portion of their damage output from their abilities instead of their auto-attacks. That just makes them stronger in the early game, when other ADC's don't have their crit-synergy items yet. Which is fine because come late game their dps will still be lower than with a crit build. It just so happens that some games are already over before late game in the current meta, but that is an entirely different balancing issue that has little to do with items. Besides, look who are also at the top of the winrate leaderboards at the moment: Ashe, Kog'Maw and Jinx. None of them utilize a flat armor pen build, yet they're still "trashing the other ADC's". Also, what makes something a "normal ADC item"? Yasuo and Tryndamere use plenty of crit chance in their builds and in the past so did other assassins like Yi and Nocturne. Have you ever seen what Ezreal builds? He sure benefits a lot from Frozen Gauntlet where other marksmen don't. Does that make that item broken as well? Like suggested here for Youmuu's and Duskblade, should we make that item melee only as well because it performs better than expected for some? Sounds like lazy balancing to me.
: Which ADC should I get?
Ashe, Jinx and Sivir are in my opinion the most straight-forward of all ADCs due to their easy to apply abillities and lategame scaling. This also makes them the "easiest" I'd say. All 3 of them also happen to do rather well at the moment if the stats of are to be believed. As for which to pick is up to personal prefference. Ashe obviously brings the most cc, Jinx the most lategame damage output due to her critt--rockets and passive chaining and Sivir's ult is a great engage option for her team next to having an above average earlygame amongst marksmen.
Kastielle (EUNE)
: Mind of the Virtuoso, Jhin
If I remember correctly the teasers are basically just his fantasies of killing those champions and more importantly in which way he would experience it (all artsy-like).
: Why is there a f*cking lucien in 9/10 games?
Not saying Lucian is broken or not, but no matter how broken a champion might be, 1 kill per minute in the first 8 minutes of a game straight up means your teammate(s) don't know how to play safe/disrespect his lead.
: Alright would be appreciated!
Well, I tried him and not a lot has changed honestly. The only differences I noticed are the zoom-out and the extra shot you get when leveling your ult. The zoom-out didn't bother me like you feared really. Similar to Jhin's ult it can be a bit disorientating when your field of view gets forcefully enlarged, but it likewise shares its advantages. I don't really feel like it has made it any harder (might have made it a bit easier for that matter) to hit your targets in comparison to before. The extra 4th and 5th shot you receive when respectively leveling your ult for the 2nd and 3rd time are quite a nice buff. That is if you remember that you actually have them instead of canceling your ult after the 3rd shot out of habit. XP The up-time of your ult is still locked in at 10 seconds as well, so you can't exactly take your time when you've fully leveled it. Overall I'd say the changes feel like a rather nice quality of life buff and that's about it. I hope that helps to take away some of your concerns :P This video shows off the changes:
: About Xerath incoming update
Hey, another Xerath main here. I do happen to have a PBE account, so I'll try and test all of the changes made to him later today. I'll drop by again with my impressions if you'd like.
Larry (EUNE)
: would it be better if i vent on the game chat instead? This is what the boards are supposed to prevent. I could be salty and cringe on every stupid action every adc makes ingame but instead i come here to discuss it calmly. Would you suggest talking about such things in game, would be better than this? And yes i dont say that supports are not making any mistakes but i play since beta, and i am an active forum member since s3 and i have never EVER seen a post regarding people's mistakes except from support/junglers. Therefore i made one for adc's.
The only thing that makes arguing on the forums better than in-game, is that as far as I know you can't get banned from said game here. Then again, here you actually reach a larger audience than in a game lobby and thus insult waaaay more people by making such bold claims as "junglers are all selfish power-farmers", "toplaners are toxic 1v5 divers" and "the ego of a midlaner is as big as a fed Cho'Gath". Because even though those are a little over-exaggerated, your initial post doesn't really read like the start of a calm discussion. You could always vent off frustration by talking it out with premades/friends or just straight up taking a break instead. That's what I do anyway. I've been roaming this place since about that time as well, joined maybe a bit later, but by now I've definitively seen whine threats for pretty much all roles (though I don't recall any for toplaners at the top of my head, meh). All they ever achieve over other discussions is to remind players to be ready to put on a tough skin when discussing league skills and behavior with strangers.
Larry (EUNE)
: Adc's have the worst decision making. 10 points made from a support's pov
Wow, it's a miracle the role of ADC isn't the least preferred pick above bronze divisions, considering they have the worst decision making of everyone in the game. I guess all those ADCs in higher leagues were support mains who just tried it for funzies and switched once they couldn't find any lane partners to match their vastly superior game knowledge /sarcasm Great way of generalizing people for the role they happen to prefer this is. Like supports make any less mistakes than ADCs or the other roles. Honestly, this threat gives me the impression of tilt and resulting verbal arguments that didn't get resolved during the related matches and now needs to be vented onto the forums instead.
Breadpool (EUW)
: What's your favourite lane matchup?
I find Quinn (me) vs Riven matchups to be a lot of fun. The good ones pose a challenge, but with quite a bit of out-play potential for me anyway. The ones who are not that great with Riven usually get rekt pretty hard and at least half of the time get really salty, which is hilarious. I also greatly enjoy playing Xerath into Leblanc. While most definitely not an easy lane, it's still doable and very rewarding when you win.
Nezivor (EUNE)
: Taric's rework.
Considering Aurelion Sol has a quote towards Taric that confirms he will become the last Aspect of Targon, I assume his rework will be announced before the event ends at the latest. So rather soon after Aurelion Sol will be released is my guess.
NamelessD (EUNE)
: Nerf Zed
I agree, but I don't particularely mind. In fact, I usually play either Mid or ADC and I indeed ban zed pretty much whenever I can. The three champs I consider my mains for these roles happen to be Varus, Xerath and Jhin, who are very dependant on range and skillshots as well as being rather immobile and squishy. Things Zed loves to fight against. While zed is nowhere as strong as he used to be, this still means he is a huuuge pain in the ass for me to play against. So yeah, sorry but I'm not so sorry.
ThatKidEddy (EUNE)
: about JHIN ...
While I think the W range isn't that much of a problem, if a nerf to that would clear up space in the power budget to shorten the reload timer either directly or via a scaling of sorts that would be fine by me.
: Or (note i dont know how OP this would be) reduce it based on his would be atk.spd starting from 0
Or maybe they could reduce his reload time based on CD reduction. That way it would scale with items, have a set limit of 40% (or 45% with the required mastery) reduction and also be pretty balanced.
: What if Jhin's ult had piercing bullets?
A change I would very much enjoy and worth the consideration I'd say. It would definitely improve his mid-game spike, which is rather lackluster at the moment, and makes his ult feel as strong as it should. It's a pretty hefty improvement, though, so I would add in a reduction to its damage with each champ the shot passes through akin to a Varus Q. In this manner the Jhin feels like he can snipe who he wants to while still having body-blocking the shots as a tank remain some function to it.
: Is it bad I didnt got any Pentakill yet?
I've been playing league for about three years now and during the first two I've only ever gotten a pentakill the first time I ever played Yi, which was on ARAM. So yeah, you're definitely not the only one for who it takes a while. Last year I got four. First on MF, without even using the ult (didn't matter anyway before the rework), then on Quinn which was very nice, then Jinx and if memory serves me right my last one was also on Quinn (still before the reworks).
Mr 44 (EUW)
: 10/10 = Bronze V
That's just so messed up.. I actually thought that when the soft reset happened players in bronze would be pulled a bit towards the average mmr and thus upwards, but it would appear I was wrong. On the bright side, if you're able to 10/10 your promo's you should have little trouble climbing out.
: so this patch you decided to label mordekaiser as a marksman
The defining feature of what makes marksmen who they are is their focus on ranged auto-attacks. Nothing more and nothing less is required to fit that title, so in line with that reasoning Mordekaiser can be anything BUT a marksman. So... what the actual shit Riot?
: Which champion did you have the most fun with in 2015?
Mine must be {{champion:133}}. If only I had known sooner that she was such a wicked assassin as a toplaner I would have picked her up two years ago. I don't enjoy her as much anymore as before her rework, but I guess it's pretty swell that the CD on her ult is gone now.
Teal Teddy (EUNE)
: "You're using a script! Reported!" -- People who just got destroyed by you
I was playing against a Yasuo in the toplane as Quinn last week and vaulted away from his dash a couple of times because honestly, it wasn't that hard to predict when he was going to engage. From minute 5 onward he was convinced I was scripting and was very vocal about it. It was pretty funny actually. I got into a fight with him in the toplane river bush later into the game, midway during the skirmish I dropped a ward into it and when he dashed out of the bush I could just vault away since I had clear vision of him. Again came the accusations of scripting because of my "perfect reflexes" and when I reminded him of the ward I had just placed there he said something along the lines of "No you didn't, I'm not dumb!" XDDDDDD So yeah, great fun.
: Quinn update===>Quinn Jungle > Kindred Jungle
Hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but I prefer to remedy this unjust hype for the upcoming changes as soon as possible. First of all, good luck with clearing your jungle when you don't have a blind to mitigate the damage from the camps anymore. Also what are you exactly planning on doing when you get to a lane? You'd end up being about as good a jungler as an Ashe. Scrap that, Ashe's autoattacks and ult can actually have a decent impact, unlike the new Quinn's.
: Te ult needed a change it was awful for an adc, the blind kind of just made her a good duelist against AA reliant champs and bad against anyone else. The removal of the blind for another harrier proc instead is wonderful though, assuming they have fixed harrier
The ult might be very situational for an ADC build and only good for cleaning up, getting back to lane and escaping (which are still pretty useful keep in mind), but it is AMAZING for an assassin build. If you dive on any squishy you can utterly obliterate them with the current combo come mid game. Sure, you're still not able to just blow up any tanks, but that isn't the main goal of assassins anyway. The loss of the blind is actually a very big deal. Without it she gets completely outclassed by other ADCs in direct skirmishes. You would need to buff the Q to give an absurd amount of burst for it to make up for the previous blocking of consistent damage output from other ADCs. The idea behind the upcoming marksman update is basically to give them their distinct identity. Quinn being so well rounded with her playstyle varying from ADC to dueler to assassin IS her current identity, which is pretty damn unique for a marksman already. By catering exclusively to the ADC playstyle, and not even successful at that, Quinn loses far more of what currently makes her fun and viable then she gains.
: Xerath has his passive, so won't need mana pots. If you have Anivia you can start with manamune and you can build it very fast into tear.
1. Tear builds into manamune, not the other way around. 2. Manamune is an AD item, the one you would actually buy on Anivia is Archangel's staff. 3. Xerath's spells are very expensive, all skillshots and not that strong early game. This means that spamming them, which you should, becomes quite the problem regardless of your passive. That passive only has any impact if you proc it on your lane opponent anyway, which you need to get into aa-range for, which isn't that great a plan as Xerath. So yeah, he definitely needs those early mana pots as of this moment.
: Favourite Quote of Favourite Champion
"I see the forces that hold the universe together."
NoobHunter5 (EUNE)
: Favorite Champion
{{champion:110}} As someone who has "mained" ADC since I started and now enjoy the midlane just as much, I just love the mix of power between auto-attacking and skillshots in his kit. His lore is also quite nice.
Raentwo (EUW)
: Are Jinx mains as hated as say Vayne or Riven mains?
Though a top-tier adc in my book, definitely not as despised as Vayne in general. I'd say she's quite similar to Tristana in those regards.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: When Leona steals baron with her ult.
I actually managed to steal Baron with a long range ult from Lucian last monday. That was also pretty neat.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Which adc will have the victorious skin ?
As a Varus main, I would find Victorious Varus pretty neat.
: State of ADC.
Yup, this describes the current situation pretty accurately I think. With the meta shifts last season I feel like it's more important then ever to have a support/your team peel for you, as you will usually lose a 1v1 from quite a lot of assassins, bruisers and tanks regardless of potential leads you might have amassed. Well, more important for the ADC that is. Like you said, the ADC is hardly ever a carry until the late game anyway.
: varus essential items
I usually follow these build paths on Varus: Mid: {{item:2041}} > {{item:3070}} {{item:1001}} > {{item:3004}} {{item:3134}} {{item:3158}} > {{item:3508}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3035}} + one last item This way I get plenty of mana sustain and Cdr early on along with a bit of AD and Armor Pen, which increase significantly after the next items. Bot: {{item:1055}} > {{item:3508}} {{item:3241}} > {{item:3006}} {{item:1038}} {{item:3142}} > {{item:3031}} {{item:3035}} + one last item Essence reaver is a great item for sustaining and dueling through the early game as Varus. Since you are meant to function as the team's ADC at botlane this build includes a bit more attack speed and an Infinity Edge in favor of Cdr boots and a larger mana pool. You are still able to do a significant amount of damage with your poke alone however. You just can't spam your Q as ridiculously often. I kind of consider Varus to be my main nowadays, so the least I can assure you of is that these builds work for me.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What's the longest winning/losing streak you've had so far?
I got about 14 wins in a row previous season, which got me from silver 2 to gold 5 in 1 go.
: Which champion has the closest play style as xerath?
: mid varus on botlane?
I get what you mean, caster Varus can work quite well on botlane as well. Problem is that instead of having to poke down just one opponent you'll have to hit two, one of who's main task is protecting the other. Another problem is that come lategame Varus' pokecomp unfortunately isn't as strong in extended trades as your typical ADC. Even so, don't let me discourage you. I play this kind of Varus to decent success myself, just with a different item set. My final build usually looks like this, with a defensive item like guardian angel as a last item. {{item:3006}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3035}} This grants you the CDR, mana sustain, AD and armor pen to poke away at your enemies, but also some Crit chance and attack speed to deal some sustained damage come lategame.
Rioter Comments
: Most Fun to play ADC?
{{champion:110}} :/
Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: How can you play, as a skillshot mage, against yasuo?
Predicting where his dash will end and aiming for that is about it, not much more you can do really. An early Seekers Armguard should also help to prevent him from chopping your face off for a while. You could give Xerath a try, usually works for me. Still quite the pain to land your skillshots against his mobile ass, but at least his windwall is only able to stop your E stun, not your Q and W poke.


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