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: Searching for an old friend
This is really nice to see, hope you find him <3
idobezalaeI (EUNE)
: The other team's adc can do the same. In the current meta many ADC's can defy Draven. I don't think it'll be usefull in soloq, but in competitive you might see some interesting stuff.
Try and "defy" a Draven hitting you for a ridiculous amount of damage at level one, there is almost nothing you can do when he next to half healths you at level one.
idobezalaeI (EUNE)
: Moving gold from a champion to a champion during the rift
Sounds completely stupid, giving a champion more Gold in the early game would completely shift the META into the favour of early game bully champs, such as Draven, going by your ADC example. If Draven started the game with a BF Sword and two compontents of Zeal he would completely annihilate the enemy ADC regardless of whether or not they got the starting 2000 gold too. Riot would have to rebalance the game to accommodate for that feature and quite frankly, I don't think they could be bothered.
: How can i see if im beeing keylogged? :D
You'd lose access to most of your important accounts, be it PayPal, passwords for social media, stuff like League. Whatever the hacker wants from you.
SinSkar (EUW)
: Can there be an Asian server ? Close to India or in india ?
: To every one "toxic" player, there are atleast 2 bad players. Idk about you, but I know how to mute ppl, so I dont mind them. What I do mind are bad players. I would wish that you one day will find that bubble wrap communities are boring and every message you send is just a pink-coloured, friendly "gj". Honors should be devided to every player then since everyone is a good person. Thinking about it we are getting closer to a safe space. I can't wait for the day people will remind me that i should not assume that they are male.
Stop it with your idiotic reasoning, you are a toxic player. You are worse than those 'bad players'. Continue flaming and you will be punished, end of story.
: So why exactly should I change my behavoir in ranked?
Keep flaming, you'll be the one punished and that's one less toxic player.
: What should i do to get an S? :(
Include the duration of the game, but I'm going to assume that you needed more farm.
: Hi im attlantic roit
Is this serious? I can't tell.
c8d8 (EUW)
: ofically nocturn dont Count as assasin hes more like a high burst mage.If you look at assasins in the champ select you see hes not there but in my opinion he is one to {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Nocturne's primary role is assassin though, lmao
Baki (EUNE)
: Well I joined a bots game and it showed up for me and was binded to "T" by default as Riot said,but just because I have the Attack Move on the "T" key I opened settings,then Communication and it showed up and binded it to "C"
I have my trinket assigned to T so I had to find out where to see the option as it doesn't appear in-game, finally found it and it was bound to T, but that would just be a hassle, rebound it to Y.
Baki (EUNE)
: If you tried it in a custom game or in practice tool it's not working there I read that yesterday.Try in a bots game or a normal.
Yeah I made a post earlier about it not working but I'd only tried it in practice tool.
: Thank you so much!
No problem, hope the emotes actually work for you lmfao
: Can you tell me where is the emote binding in the menu? I can't seem to find it. I had masteries bound on T before, when I tried champions I had mastery with it showed masteries but also emote (weird), but on champions I have no mastery with it shows nothing, not even emote. (bound mastery on C now, still the same).
You find it through the options on the client, not in-game
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: Pizza delivery Sivir
It'd be a fantastic April Fools skin, it should be done.
: Will Riot give me something for my birthday? :P
Whilst Riot can be quite generous at times, they will never give a player something like a birthday gift, because that'd result in thousands, if not millions of other players asking for stuff on their birthdays, people would lie to get free things and it'd just be a complete mess. The only times you'll get free stuff is if it's an event or something or if it's an anniversary for League, I seem to recall Riot giving some skins away in the past for League's birthday. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
: Reworked Tango Evelynn
Honestly, I hope that they'd do that, but at this point it just seems unlikely.
: sure :D but idk why it tells me that i cant add u
: Looking for friends to play flex with c:
You've just butchered the number of people willing to add you because you said you're a dude aha. Drop me an add, we can play some time
Warheart1 (EUNE)
: Is anybody buying ohmwrecker?
I have a friend who buys it almost every game on Darius, but outside of him, I never see it.
Hopy (EUW)
: Objective Control as a Jungler
20061996 (EUW)
: A new game! A new legend rising!
It would be somewhat interesting to explore the world of Runeterra
: Broken? You use that word but I don't think you know what it means.
No, he clearly meant it's OP, drawing Amumu twice in a row? That's disgustingly overpowered.
JayCoww (EUW)
: Evelynn's New Voice Acting is Unneccessary and Inappropriate
Why do you care, why does anybody care?
: no , you havent had worse,EUW is riots favorite baby,if you claim EUW has it worse you are ignorant little **** and OBVIOUSLY havent played in EUNE for more than a week because these problems are on a weekly basis in EUNE,have a nice day
I've played on EUNE from 1-30 and then climbed to G1 on it, there was literally no issues for me throughout the time I played.
skinTDM (EUNE)
: top laners help me
Wukong is a fairly strong carry top-laner, extremely underrated.
: New summoner spell idea
Could also be used to tank towers and what not, it's an interesting idea but seems rather useless compared to other summoner spells.
Careful (EUW)
: Need some flex buds :3
I've put off Flex for a while, starting to play it so I can get to Gold and get those juicy bonus rewards. I've sent you an add in-game. I prefer playing mid/top/adc
: Season should end in november. And RIOT haven't said anything about "Extra" rewards.
Yeah, you get extra rewards if you place Gold or above in both SoloQ and FlexQ
Mada (EUW)
: Through the volume mixer and since it's a new executable it will be back to its default value. That has nothing to do with league but with the guy playing with settings that are more complicated than they seem. Pro tip: adjust the volume in game and keep the game on max in the windows volume mixer or learn to live with the consequences.
Yeah, I used to alter the volume via the mixer and every patch I'd have my ears destroyed, finally learned to turn it down in the client.
Are you doing it in the client or through the volume mixer?
: I have replied this in another post, so enjoy it: No. What I am saying is that Riot took off her most unique ability until lvl 6! She is an freaking assassin that needs to get advantage early in the game. This characteristics will remain, despite of charm and short teleport. Her Charm only works as proper charm if the enemy stays with this for a period, but she needs to get close to cast it. Once she show up, obviosuly the enemy will retreat, unless she can cast unseen - after lvl 6 (again). It doesn't make any fcking sense! Her charm will be freaking useless before lvl6 (it will be a short slow), unless she jumps into a team fight, what is her weakest point. All that Riot did looks great, but it completely changes Eve. She is not unique anymore. "After staying out of combat she regens hp(which is pretty fast btw from video) so she has a passive from lvl 1" About this: Ok, she gets this from lvl 1, but Evelynn is extremely squishy early game (and this regen is not fast as she regen within a period, by the way) and knowing that she needs to get lvl 6 for the stealth, WHO IN THE FCKING WORLD WOULD BE CHASING TEAM FIGHTS INSTEAD OF FARMING TO GET LVL 6? Again, it doesn't make any fcking sense.
Again, you're basing this off of old Evelynn
Grips (EUW)
: Current Evelynn relies entirely on her passive to be even somewhat useful in the early game. The new Evelynn seems capable of performing ganks pre-6 even without her stealth due to her actually having CC now. You're basing the change as if she's keeping all of her old abilities, but only unlocking stealth once she hits 6.
Also, there are two parts to her passive, she regenerates health whilst low in the jungle anyway, so she'd be able to stay there longer and therefore farm longer. Did you even read anything?
: EVELYNN Reworked: The new Master Yi game style
Current Evelynn relies entirely on her passive to be even somewhat useful in the early game. The new Evelynn seems capable of performing ganks pre-6 even without her stealth due to her actually having CC now. You're basing the change as if she's keeping all of her old abilities, but only unlocking stealth once she hits 6.
: you are supposed to plug in 1 more mouse and use your, umm, 3rd hand ;) now seriously, she seems interesting. some youtubers should post pbe gameplay soon after release
I've always loved Evelynn's style of gameplay, it just sucked that she was practically useless at sucked ass at the role she is meant to do. I can't wait for this rework
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: Advantages of winning a lane. Psychological > actual game impact
It's the "I have to carry" mentality If somebody loses lane, they make attempts to get themselves back into the game so they feel like the ones carrying, which results in what you just explained.
Grips (EUW)
: So you're completely abide by the meta and standards of the community and have no room for change, no wonder you get annoyed when junglers aren't perfect in your eyes.
You're so deluded by your idea of "meta" that you are completely against people having fun and playing in their own way? That really is pitiful.
: >if you don't hit your minimum expectation of stacks on Nasus by 20 minutes, are you all of a sudden shit? Yes, I am. Because when I play Nasus, I have ONE JOB in the early - midgame...not dying and building stacks. **If I fail at that job, then I failed, I suck, and I contributed nothing to my team.** And yes I have such games. I won't even try to tell you otherwise. And after such a game, I tell myself:_ "You just played like shit and lost the game."_ I expect nothing from my jungler, that I do not expect from myself as well.
So you're completely abide by the meta and standards of the community and have no room for change, no wonder you get annoyed when junglers aren't perfect in your eyes.
: [Resolved]Does it take time to give me my Riot Points?
It's usually instantaneous, drop support a ticket if you're concerned.
: Thinking about Veigar
I did play tank Veigar once, and whilst it still worked, your damage is ridiculously pitiful until the very-very late game once you get your stacks up, maybe building with a ROA and perhaps Rylais then going tank would be better but honestly, AP is just the best option
: Do you not think your post was quite extreme for something that is just "kinda boring"?
: Deleate this %%%%ing invasion mode
You do know it's optional to play it lmfao.
: Strawman Arguments will not help you win this discussion. No one who is complaining about junglers here, said they should gank 24/7. **We are well aware that junglers have to farm, just like every laner.** We are complaining about the Master Yi however, who spends the first 26 minutes in the jungle, somehow deluding himself into thinking that he will, at some point, maybe, eventually, come out the immortal god of teamfighting, and will turn around the game by himself, carrying us poor noobs from the brink of defeat. Newsflash: No, he won't, because at that point, the enemy Elise or Lee has taken our team apart, and the game is lost. And that has nothing to do with stupid laners, that has to do with the simple numerical truth that for the most critical part of the game, one team effectively had 5 players, and the other had 4.
If you're going to take one specific example from top-lane (Nasus), I'm going to take one from the jungle, quite frankly, I'm fine if a Nasus farms and splitpushes all game, he therefore brings attention to himself forcing the enemy team to act upon him otherwise they'll lose their towers perhaps their inhibitor, hell, he could even end. And once they decide to dedicate multiple people to stopping his farm fiesta, the rest of the team can focus on securing a dragon, Baron or perhaps towers from other lanes, whilst he is being a nuisance. Farm junglers that do similar things to that, such as Udyr, or Master Yi in some situations are fine to do that, as long as they do it well. You completely misinterpret my argument and seem to think all I want a jungler to do is farm, that's wrong. I want people to stop whining when a jungler doesn't gank all the time. Obviously ganking is an extremely helpful thing, and apparently that's what makes a good jungler. But you, and other people saying that a jungler is shit because he isn't ganking is just plain pathetic, if you don't hit your minimum expectation of stacks on Nasus by 20 minutes, are you all of a sudden shit? If you take Nasus midlane and abuse his damage on E to harass instead of stacking are you all of a sudden a shit Nasus player? No, you are simply playing the role/champion in an unconventional way or not hitting the expectations of the community, which sadly isn't particularly accepted by the majority. That's basically what this boils down to. YOU expect junglers to play the way YOU want them to, whereas they want to play their own game and do what they want to have fun.
: I am a Nasus Main. I could, potentially, spend all game farming, freezing the wave, never coming to any teamfight, never trying to kill my lane opponent (even when I have kill pressure on him), never try o invade their jungle (even when I know that I am stronger than their jungler, never join any teamfights, never pressure my lane. I could just keep stacking my Q all game long, and not do anything with it. Tell me: Would such a braindead playstyle be acceptable? Because that is exactly what you defend here right now...Junglers who do sh1t all for winning the game, and delude themselves into thinking they contribute, by playing PvE Adventure all game long. Sad.
Alright, I'll just take a farm heavy jungler such as Master Yi and gank 24/7, provide nothing and get no farm and become useless in the mid-late game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Grips,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=IYkqiz6H,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-09-23T13:50:49.360+0000) > > You were calling her shit and flaming her because she went Camille mid, excuse me? > > Wonder who tried to add me again after I&#x27;d unfriended you. lmao. tried to add u to tell u this... do u think i want someone disrespect people by one game. even if u are a master, i dont want someone disrespectful like u in my friend list.
>I'm disrespectfulful Wonder what being a flamer makes you?
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