: I would rather ask for RITO to treat trolls like this as toxic players; right now RITO is subtly encouraging inters by punishing them rarely, trolls by punishing them very rarely and afk players by giving them no punishment. Because there is no ban or even fear of ban, players take it for granted that they can int, troll and afk to their heart's content due to any and every stupid reason they can think of. Even if there is an option for reporting, the punishment bot will ignore this and the worst thing is even if we send a ticket, the support bot will send an automated message and won't take any action unless you're a popular streamer or have irl friends working in rito.
Totally agree, people who just troll and grief isnt punished but they should. I rather have a toxic teammate that plays than a person who is trolling. It also feels like people who are toxic only recieves big punishment if they said something racist/homophobic words
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