Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: You bring DToast as example... So what... You consider trash like Hearthstone more fun? Because its a game that he was playing for months if not years 🤮 At least TFT is not a P2W card game... Yet.
I find Hearthstone fun :P But yea, it is true that, it is pretty p2w. That kinda sucks. It also sucks that players in Hearthstone, are basically more toxic than "League" players. But atleast im not falling asleep every 30 seconds :o
: I enjoy it a lot. Completely stopped playing summoners rift ranked since I found out about it, TBH. Finally, no more monkeys who ruin my game intentionally. No more people flaming me. It's all cool.
Ye, i get that u don't have to deal with apes... But there has to better chill-games than tft, no? I mean, i feel i don't have to do anything in tft. In Hearthstone, i atleast get to think of every move. Here, the game kinda plays itself. Which is boring imo
: Best Gamemode ever. 1. I don't need Teammates. 2. I can't get trolled. 3.I dont have to wait for picks and Bans, i load and i Play. 4. You need to be actually smart to Play in high elo. 5. I have 2 Kids, and between the Matches i can actually do something and i'm not hard forced to have my Hands on my Keyboard. 6. Don't Play the game if u don't like it. bb
Good point m8 ... Idk, i might just think that the style of league, has become more cartoonish and childish.. The art theme of League used to be kinda medieval-ish, with monsters, swords, bows, and magic... Today it's more like anime pink snuffy puffy cat powers... Also, u don't have to be smart to play tft, eh? That might be why SO many people play it.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: As an avid real life chess player (and golf, I'm into slow things) this gamemode is awesome
I like slow-type games too, but tft is like d&d for weebs... I think at card game would make more sense.
Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah I can't understand why people have different tastes than I do. Really weird seeing people enjoy screaming people and deafening drums instead of classical music. Or people enjoying Superhere movies. It's just a bunch of cgi bs. JUST STOP HAVING FUN PEOPLE.
We're not on the same road m8
: maybe he just wants to get those free emotes idk :shrug:
Free emotes? What are you talking about?
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: thats his issue i don't feel obligated to play starcraft to get the cosmetics in diablo and im not gonna go shit on starcraft because i don't like it and i can't get the cosmetics in diablo for it
Haha, i don't feel obligated to play any game at all.. I was just curious what the whole tft shazam was about :P
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