mhkiler (EUNE)
: is darius noob champ?
Of course, he's late game champ and he can 1vs1 everyone in every minut if they are same fed. And takes no skill at all it doesn't matter missing Qs or Es you can kill anyway with basics, passive, W, and R.
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: Yes of course, you won't play him, beacouse he is broken and overloaded, instead you will cry about how strong and unblanced he is, but if you were to pick him up and play, u would went straight to challenger, beacouse of how easy and broken he is.
Yasuo is so easy omg. Skill? It's Q is like a basic and to miss that is that you are blind and the Tornado is the only "difficult" to hit. And even that he can do E + Q to Knock Up with point click so: he takes no skill. You don't even have to click the player when ulti, he will go to him. The Q is a 1 scale ability of damage!! Omg. And he has a shield and a wall so you can't low him in lane.
JME333 (EUW)
: Is Yasuo a noob champ?
OMG! Yes he is. He can move fast with the lowest cooldown without items of the game. It's damage is not normal even at beggining of the match. He has a shield to protect himself from the first attack! He can avoid ultimates like Jinx's pressing a button, and if his "W" is on cooldown he can "E" to anyone to avoid it. He can knock up easily and its ultimate is like a longer knock up doing 3 "Q"! And wait!, because its one quarter of HP ability is like a basic; I mean, to fail that "skillshot" (its a noob shot) you have to be blind! Please, to all the people that thinks that Yasuo's hard: don't waste time playing that champ, is like playing a less life and more damage teemo. Play Azir, THAT is hard.
: Yeah, i get your point, since it is a automated system it doesn't filter everything. It sucks having priority queue, best you can do is to send a ticket to them. Not sure if they are going to do anything about it tbh.
Well I don't lose anything tryinig. xD
: Hey there, even tho lagging is not your fault it still ruins the game for the others pretty much, so if you are having connection problems might check it out before you join a game or something. I had 20 mins priority once, best thing i did is to pick tryndamere and go to bots games to end it fast. Other players will have a bad game 4v5, that's the price you have to pay aswell. Otherwise all the people would go {{sticker:sg-shisa}} You get that problem often?
When I played it was a computer problem, because I was playing with 2500 of ping and my brother was playing Fortnite (with the same WI-FI) at 80 of ping. So it was impossible to determine why happened that. Then I restarted my computer (leaving the game) and then all was ok, but it took so much to open and to load League of Legends so that the battle was over. Would they go? Yes, but if you play with 600 or more of ping the only thing you can do is die. And die feeds, so Riot wants me to stay at base while I move with 2500 of ping, because of not getting a Low Priority Queue, that's stupid. 2500 of ping, not often, but I have brothers and playing with 150 of ping is quotidian.
: If that happened after some patch wait for Riot to fix. To put under 600 or You wanted to say to put guys in low queue if someone have above 600ping?
I mean that if you disconnect having 600 or more of ping, that they don't put you in a low priority queue; but if you had less than 600 of ping and you discconect you get the low priority queue.
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