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: Trying to push rating..................
I dont want points to be removed, i just want them to be reduced for the loosing team. the winning team gets full points its fine. Those who leave the game will get full leaver points if they do not reconnect to the game "same goes for duo que" lets say they/he/she loose 20lp and those who stay in the game get reduced points lets say 10. I can see on the scorebord after the match, that the system has recognized the leaver by marking them with and x over their icon. so it seems that the system already know that person has left the game and they/he/she should get punnished harder. But those who stay in the game and suffer should be spared. Or make leaver points bigger lets say 50 for leaving the game before time. that will make people think a bit more before entering a game. I know that some people can loose connection and stuff that is not their fault but i have played many games and its rare that i encounter that issue. I would be totaly fine with knowing that the other team who plays 4v5 would get reduced points. Loosing full points is just even more demotivitation when you know you loose anyway.
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: huge FPS Drops after patch 8.4!!
Same Problem for me on Geforce GTX1080 Strix 8GB i went from 300fps to 160fps and some strange lag spikes now and then ingame even with 160fps
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