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: I have had 10 min queues BECAUSE of auto fill. This is because a lot of people dodge the queue when they are autofilled, leading to me having times with 10-12 champ select with no game. Other times people try to make your game less fun, by feeding or, as i've experienced, deliberately banning the champ you want to play if u get their main role and dont swap with them. Every other time people are fine to support and don't (deliberately) feed.
Exactly. That is my point. People HATE auto fill and i'm certain that disabling this feature in populated ELO s would be a great thing
Fajerk (EUW)
: I find autofill to be excuse to "play bad" most of the time. Or to genuinely troll the shit out of your team. I have seen autofilled players who were doing fine, sometimes even carrying, then again I have seen terrible "mains" with hundreds of games on their champs intentionally feeding the game. Ideally it would be the best option to have players who main their role, but that does not guarantee that they will play any good. Honestly I could not care less whenever player is filled or not, as long as they are somewhat decent and actually play the game instead of flaming afking or just straight up feeding. If someone can guarantee me that if I wait longer, my teammates with their main roles don't go full %%%%%% I would take it, but I doubt that has anything to do with autofill, as it is often just used as excuse.
I agree with you to be honest, there are people who EXCLUSIVELY play yasuo and we all know how the play :^) . i mean, i don't know if the queue times would go THAT high i just said what i think of it. But it is a fact that it brings a lot of toxicity in game since people tend to LOVE to intentionally lose games when they are playing with support for example
Perilum (EUW)
: There was a short time were we could block roles. Q times went up into 10-15 min range on EUW Silver and Bronze. The situation was so serious, that in high Plat, Diamond and Master and Challenger people wait for 1-2 hours for a game. Autofill is necessary. Beside that 1 time in 10 games is not a serious issue. Beside you can always dodge once for 3LP. If you're not able to play any role, you shouldn't play ranked. You've to understand the roles anyway if you want to be higher than Bronze. And there is no difference between all roles. Laning phase - midgame - lategame. You play the map the same after the first 15 min of the game. Doesn't matter which role you play.
As i mentioned above i am a support main and i dont have that issue since i always get my role but that's not the case i meet a lot of people who just autopilot that's what i said
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sutora3 (EUNE)
: ***
ffs.. i said it so many times and im gonna say it once again.. STOP HARASSING ADC PLAYERS !! :^)
Tarolock (EUW)
: >there are people , who will get auto filled and they will be like I DON'T CARE IM JUNGLING TELL ME WHATEVER YOU WANT ILL GO JUNGLE OR ILL JUST TROLL. you made a post about it so i guess you are one of them btw this season is the best for support mains, freelo all the way :D
Not really.. when im getting support first of all i'll ask my team if anybody wants to play support but if nobody wants to play support ill do it. im just complaining :D
Goperod (EUW)
: you should be able to play all roles. and just change roles with people who get autofilled. win every game
To be honest.. i was once maining support AND i can play all roles :^) AND if i am queued up with adc main I MOST CERTAINLY WILL PLAY QUEUE UP AS A SUPPORT. but in solo queue i will not trust anyone but myself that's what im saying :P
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