: Is there a big difference between gold 1-2?
I don't think so. Maybe because every time you reach G1, this is after a winning streak. Then your MMR is matching you with Plat ppl, not Gold ones. Idk...
: I just hard carried a game then got promoted to s4 again :D Are there feeders and babies who start to cry in 10 mins at PLAT? I don'T want to play another online game like this. I spent my entire childhood with playing Knight Online and Silkroad. Those were addictive and this one is giving cancer. I don't know if there's an online game which gives you only joy..
> Are there feeders and babies who start to cry in 10 mins at PLAT? If you expect to meet grown up people the more you climb the ladder, then stop playing. There are whiners in each tier. An "open mid" call is for example common in diamond/master/chall. And before 10 minutes.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Thats what I said. They will be playing against silvers with platinum MMR. You just repeating my words, u probably didnt get it but we saying same thing.
No we didn't. "Platinums in Silver won't play against Bronzes/Silvers" Platinums vs Platinums. Not Platinums vs Silvers/Bronzes. And you said: "Playing vs Platinum while you were bronze last year?" aka Platinums vs Bronzes Anyways :p
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Champion and role doesnt matter. Player does. About the rank. You better wish to stay Bronze, bcoz everyone is moving down. If you will be placed in silver, you will most probably play with Platinum players from S6 as they get placed Silver aswell. Is that what you want? Playing vs Platinum while you were bronze last year? You better pray to stay in Bronze.
Platinums in Silver won't play against Bronzes/Silvers normally. MMR isn't truely affect with ladder reset. They will play against each other with goldies sometimes.
Putio (EUNE)
: Haha i feel your pain man.I just got rekt like you.I was silver 1 with 60 lp in s6 with MMR for gold.Every game on my placement matches i was with gold / plat players.i scored 7W 3L and got into bronze 1. The climb bothers me too.If im bronze 1 to achive silver 1 i would need like 100 games with 50% winrate because im matched with gold / plat not real bronzies.
> The climb bothers me too.If im bronze 1 to achive silver 1 i would need like 100 games with 50% winrate because im matched with gold / plat not real bronzies. That's a really good point. Everytime I'm saying "Don't worry if you're placed lower, you climb faster if you're not in your real division". But the fact is that I'll be placed lower and keep matching with same MMR people, which is actually twice harder.
HappyAsian (EUNE)
: Cant Riot install some PING/MS/LATENCY check before join a game ?
: 2 for 1 Rune Pages now available! :)
Still really too much imo. Runes and rune pages should be ten times cheaper since it's like as much important as masteries / items. 4 years playing still stuck with my 3 shitty rune pages. And I don't have all champs :p {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: why lux sup is op i do more dmg than anyone in the team xd is the only sup i find that will sup build and still do dmg
Play Zyra or Brand then. Lux's a bit weak (well at your elo, not in Bronze/Silver :p).
: A clicking question
Have you tried attack move click? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56oan7GNopQ Maybe this can help you.
: Here are some good summoner names
KittenOnKeyboard, best one. http://i.imgur.com/OMDijQQ.jpg
: ''Its easy'' Maybe that's because your not a competitive player?
It's easy even when you are a competitive player. Yell at your screen, not in chat. Easy.
ScreamisT (EUW)
: you are making assumptions that are not true, first of all from management prespective, it is not easy to just not count a game for somany players, It is big. Second the season start was not scheduled to be today / tonight, and unlike previous seasons, there was no prior announcements from riot's side on when the season will start, usually they will tell you approximatly when the season should be starting and then when the the time's close enough they announce exactly when the ranked will be reset, AND THAT IS EXACATLY MY POINT. you seem not to understand that what happened here is a huge mess up from riot's side and currently they are working on a fix, Season 7 should not be starting today or anytime before 2017.
ScreamisT (EUW)
: I know but nontheless i'm playing to climb in the preseason, I was already gold in solo and managed to get to plat in the preseason. I have been playing since season 3 and consistently getting to gold/plat so I know what preseason is tho, but my problem is the sudden reset, now somany players have played one placement game and those who lost will complain about that. riot have fucked up again.
This game will probably not count. But anyways, I don't think it's a good idea to play ranked right before the season reset. I mean like today / tonight. Still they are / will disabling that queue to prevent reset while everyone's playing.
ScreamisT (EUW)
: Ranked have reset and even flex got reset
If you are playing promotion / placement games right now, you're doing it for pre-season. Tomorrow, S7 will start and every rank will be reset. So you'll have to play 10 placement games.
Ridiator (EUW)
: Season starts at?
It normally starts this night. Your ranked stats will be reset, indeed. S6 stats will be saved (if you go to op.gg for example you can find your stats for each season) but yes, while you don't play any S7 game, your Alistar game counter will stay at 0. EDIT: Champ level will not be reset.
: what to do (vent )
If you hardwin botlane, then abuse it. Go for T2 and T3, it'll release some pressure for mid and top. At your own risk still, but it'll help weak lanes. EDIT: Also don't play Lux support.
: New season
http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/ZhlLnkJx-end-of-season-faq-reward-distribution-complete "Q: When does the new season start? The 2017 season will begin during patch 6.24. This is aimed to be at around the 7th of December but can change!" It can be wednesday, thursday, even friday, etc... But most likely Wednesday morning, with patch release. I guess.
Zaklo (EUW)
: but it's quite rare no ?
It never stops. It's even worse in it's own way (-> egos over 9000). Well it's like 30-40% of the time, instead of 99% but it's still there. God bless /mute all.
Práedyth (EUW)
: that is total bs. i played over a thousand normal games. and i still get matched against full silver/gold teams, here and there maybe a plat and im currently diamond 4
https://euw.whatismymmr.com/Pr%C3%A1edyth Yup indeed.
bestibi (EUNE)
: Thanks, now I get it! ^^
You are welcome :)
bestibi (EUNE)
: Matchmaking is unfair?
MMR is different between normals and ranked. Some ppl only play ranked games, so they are maybe ranked Diamond but their MMR in normal didn't change. For example I'm P1 but my MMR in normal is around S3. And of course, there are premades. But in that case, you should have high elo players in your team too.
: At its finest.
Like 100% pure and perfect code :D
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: Insane lags still hapenning
Does lost prevention works on promotion games?
Ryùuzaki (EUW)
: EUW server ? hello ?
1 Promotion game failed thanks to that. \o/


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