Smartarsioh (EUNE)
: This was the best %%%%ing read I've ever had in my life. You my "man" have become a new meme! Please uninstall System32. You'll be doing everyone a favor.
these comments really hurt my feelings man :(
Giojun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=H3ph0,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=HuYE4FsL,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-09T19:54:40.382+0000) > > if I played normal and not ranked, I guarantee I wouldn't have been banned. Also, the "ban bot" doesn't take into account apologies. Game mode doesn't matter. You know what you did. It's not Ranked. It's you.
: Frankly, I agree with it. I got banned myself on the other account. I disagree with how the system works, a lot, but I also agree with it. It's better to have a game where you're fearful to even say a word than to have a toxic game. Every game, 8/10 people are toxic, there's no going around it. 4 on your team (maybe even you), 3-4 on the enemy team. Always. You get 4 reports on each loss, you give 4 reports on each loss. It's a ruthless system made to keep in check teenagers who can't control their feelings. The only way is the stick.
ok turtles so what if you have a mordekaiser and hecarim bot lane and the hecarim decides to run movement speed around their jungle causing a massive 5 man chase for him all game. this loses the game and is a match after 2 losses ok riot sure I will keep my anger really well
LVinCi (EUW)
: My advice for you my friend . just quit this game it's made for p**sy's you can't trash talk someone who's really bad because in their opinion and community is inappropriate and bla bla bla just take a look on comments on how those kids are happy you got banned because this isn't about being good and try harding its about to troll and being braindead player. its a dead game anyways find another game who isn't stress-full and where you will be valuable as good player no matter how you will act better than be a part of a community named lego legends . the game was great now its so shitty and don't mention riot policies made everything not fun about it no competitivity no gameplay you will just capture some disease with those base players or with that play-style game {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
I already play a lot of games cough fortnite hahHAAA cough but I only play the LoL game for the fun and friends. if I am playing with a hecarim who goes around the map baiting the enemy in all chat to chase him and I have to contain my rage for him for losing our game (we had mordekaiser and hecarim bot lane - in ranked)
mAdhAt (EUNE)
: Probably you talk like that in EVERY SINGLE GAME, not only in 3 games. So you should get banned, but I m not sure about perma. I mean I have several chat bans I was toxic, but I never got account susp. or perma ban. I believe the main reason is that even if I flamed and had been toxic I was able to carry most of these game and in a lot of them win or at least play very good to make my team come into victory, so I guess in that way I have avoided so many reports I was deserving to get. So I bet apart of your flame, your performance is bad too ;p
I don't talk like this in games. I swear its only in ranked it affects me like this. I need to mute all in ranked straight away
: you are toxic af and 100% deserve this ban
: Decent novelty: _**"I flamed for the whole freaking game but come on man, i apologized at the end! The system should take it account!"**_ Not supremely amusing like others i readed, but still acceptable.
yes and in one game I apologised and the dude was like thank your for apologising and he didn't report me
Giojun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=H3ph0,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=HuYE4FsL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-09T19:33:48.893+0000) > > what is reform card? > > and I was reformed for a long time but do you know the mistake I made? I started playing ranked again. Reform card is this box with a message saying you're permanently suspended and the chat logs are down below like the ones you posted on here. And I don't think your mistake was playing ranked. Your mistake was the way you behaved causing negative experience for the rest in your team. THAT is your mistake.
if I played normal and not ranked, I guarantee I wouldn't have been banned. Also, the "ban bot" doesn't take into account apologies.
Giojun (EUW)
: Gonna assume you had a 14-day suspension with the reform card. You had your chance there, and you chose not to take it.
what is reform card? and I was reformed for a long time but do you know the mistake I made? I started playing ranked again.
Rioter Comments
: He looks like what? Did you even watch a single instalment of Scooby Doo? And, I showed this thread to my wife because it's a bit silly and guess what - all she cared about is that there's women to play in this game. And I also showed her the characters a bit. Especially Taric and Ezreal and of course the hot chicks. That the female champs are hotter is without a doubt but the point you are trying to make isn't any really. They design the champs to be good-looking and they aren't all about booty and boobs. In fact, they aren'teven dominant in the game. Just look at the recently released female champs: Booty and Boobs: {{champion:145}} Not: {{champion:142}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:222}} "Monsters": {{champion:203}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:421}} Male: "hot": {{champion:497}} {{champion:245}} "Monster": {{champion:516}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:268}} And this dude is so hot he has to wear a mask because we couldn't handle it: {{champion:202}} I don't even see why this would offend you besides that you are very selective with your analysis of the champion pool. If you were just some ignorant SJW that doesn't know the game really well I'd say: ok, whatever - I get the point. But you are playing the game, so you should really know better.
so you show recently added female champs but not recently added male champs? and what is the point at looking at "recently released" in the first place, we're talking about in general.
: But she's pretty curvy for a humanoid grim-reaper-furry-thing though... and apparently gets plenty of lewds on the internet... a scary amount of lewds. I dared to check on release, and was actually scared how fast the amount grew.
kindred hot though
: How is GP ugly though? Besides the monster characters the male ones are pretty much desirable too. Just look at Ezreal, making out with him wouldn't even be considered gay.
ezreal looks like shaggy from Scooby doo being a male I don't know how females view the male champions but I am very confident that the level of hotness is not in favour of the male champions
: Except I can... it would make no sense for a character who is constantly doing physical excersise to not be fit, to not have this kind of figure... making them have the kind of body you want them to have wouldn’t make any sense. All of these women are warriors, they aren’t going to have a realistic normal body shape because they are abnormally active. Trying to judge champions for this while ignoring who the champion is is frankly wrong... so long as the champions look fit their character it’s fine, whether that’s being a shape shifter, being a seductress, or being active and fit...
so why do we have more (much more) diversity in male champs than female mate
: Except you can’t design game characters how you want... they have to make a character with a unrealistic body type then you’ve failed the character development... every aspect of a character has to synergies, having a character not make sense ruins them. These character are active, so they’ve got to have body shapes that fit that life style... if you look at pictures of women who have extremly active life styles like these women then you will see a very similar figure. It’s no different to the male champions, a lot of them have idea body shapes, because that’s the realistic body shape for people with their life style... hell the only one without an ideal body shape is probably gragus, and even that’s realistic for him. So these body shapes are realistic... they are exactly what these characters would have in real life with these life styles... this is what you have to think about when talking about this issue... if a character is sexy for no reason other than fan service then yeah it’s a problem, when their body shape is an extension of the character’s overall theme then it’s excusable. So again only 4 of them are without excuse.
so because someone is physically fit and is a girl means they can't be ugly? but we have males like singed and gangplank hauling ass who don't look like handsome gods
: And do you have any idea how many physically active champions are in the game. There are extremely few champions without an ideal body shape, male or female... the way you get this body shape is litterally healthy eating and constant physical exercise... that’s something that most of these champions are going to do regardless because they need to be in good shape to survive
lol get your head out of the clouds its a game I don't care if they eat healthily or whatever the %%%%, you can design game characters however you want the main argument I'm posing is look at the variety in male champions, then look at female champions and they have a much more similar shape and e.t.c JUST LOOK at the list I sent, then JUST LOOK at all the male champions USE YOUR EYES LAD
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: no ... i did not see the beauty in dota's girls .. and i don't have time to masturbate when i have a gf and a job .. kid !!! get out of here pls
I find that hard to believe especially since the way u type lol eune
: Thicc {{item:3157}} ? Unless Riot decides to buff {{champion:203}} cup size, we won't achieve true thicc {{item:3157}} . Hilarity of that idea amuses me.
there are things called exceptions. surprised that you didn't include yordles in your comment
: How else should they design the champs anyway? I understand your point of course but the male champs are pretty much all perfectly shaped as well. Especially Urgot :D
i also understand riot is stuck in a place that if they make an "ugly girl", like how singed or gangplank are considered "ugly boys" they would be hated by the community and not played as much.. all of the girl champs have desirable traits in them (obviously we can make an exception for yordles)
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: get out of here dud ... why you are soooooooo like " why there is beautiful girls out there in the game ... this game need to have only male champs and monsters " just go to dota they are good in making the game monsters like game .... if dota ever made 3 girl champs like zyra vi mf ...i will leave lol to dota ... but there is no beauty playing dota .. and spending money on any of there skins + riot know what beauty is and they are doing it ... well not in the gameplay XD + there is a good nerf in my head for zoe ... just slow down her q speed .. so we can dadge it or lower the sleep time on her e or w what ever it is ... i just don't %%%%ing like this champ ....
judging by your ign u just want to masturbate all over these champions if you are being serious if you actually took your time to look at dota champs most of the girls have desirable traits and that. same situation
: Poppy, Tristana, Lux, Annie, Zoe, Vayne, Illaoi, Lulu, Janna (at least in regards to boobs), Jinx, Sona, Soraka, Riven, Camille, Lissandra, Quinn
all of them are hot (exceptions for yordles) and have desirable traits
: We talking bodyshapes here not what they wear tho, Kai's suit doesn't really seem to have a practical reason as to why it's so open, but in irelia's case there's absolutely nothing wrong there she wears normal stuff that's absolutely not sexualised, well exept for frostbutt irelia but that's kinda like a meme :v
yeah but irelia is still the ideal body and shit here, if you look at the male champs as a girl, I can say for sure you wouldn't say most of them are hot. but looking at the girl champs god damn
: Yeah... because that’s how mf works... she knows she is hot and uses it to her advantage. She can get what she wants by using her body to infatuate men which lowers their guard letting her get where she wants, get what she wants, or get the first shot. GGMF is the same character as MF, just sci-fi instead of pirate... even has the same back story. So she is going to user her body in the same way... when fighting men a lot of them are going to get distracted even for a second which lets mf dictate the fight, and those who don’t well she has an exo suit with an advanced ai she likely has a trick up her sleeve for safety and can shot faster and while on the move making her a hard target. Miss fortune isn’t stupid... she knows it’s risky to have a cleavage in armour... but she knows the reward is worth it and will know exactly what to do when it doesn’t work.
again, this is %%%%%%ed. you cannot use their lore as an excuse
: DID YOU JUST ASSUME THEIR GENDER?!?!?! Eh for real though I'd say it's half and half. Hourglass shape still doesn't make spider leg elise or knife leg camille the "ideal" body
Camille and elise are still hot and that
: Lulu is a child by yordle standards, but the other two aren’t poppy and trist as they are adult yordles. It’s taliyah and jinx... both are only teenagers, thus are still in the realm of under aged. And Zoe while being ancient still has a child body and mind... so under aged for this discussion... same with Lulu
lol %%%% off by using their lore as an excuse to have many ideal bodies in the game
: yes if shes proud of it!
no because I am graves boom shoot in the exposed armour spot no more boobs for you
: Well, play Rek'Sai then
oh great boys 1 exception to the whole lot
H3ph0 (EUW)
: big bobs thicc characters 24/7
here is a list of all female champs {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:143}} now I can safely say more than 3/4 of these champions are hourglass ideal girl bodies now I cba to post all male champs but as you know they have so much more %%%%ing variety.
: For the mf skin it's only normal since that's how they designed mf's body way back when they made her so it's a bit too late to change now For irelia and kai'sa they have normal athletic bodies, none of the attributes are blown out of proportion, it's the kind of physique you'd expect from any female that leads a warrior's lifestyle
what are you kidding me does a female warrior have her breastplate have a massive open section to show off her cleavage
Rioter Comments
Coraanu (EUNE)
: Huh, last time i heard people were claiming that west is the less toxic EU server, go figure. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Coraanu (EUNE)
: I have a weird feeling...
u mother%%%er play on eu west %%%%% then u gert flamed 120/24/.7
: To make support more fun to play
ya riot should do this with all types of effects
: I got banned for somebody else charging back
Why don't they just take back the skins/RP from the accounts? PROBLEM SOLVED EY BOYS
Shiwah (EUW)
: So... let's assume for a moment that the money comes from a stolen credit card. How would Riot be able to claim that money from the original account, since the very act of using a stolen credit card means that he user can't, or doesn't want to, pay with their own money?
this was a good read just look how many of these lines are on my left here <---------
Vênên0 (EUNE)
: Fiora Runes
pff fiora main what happened to press the attack. i think u normally use klepto vs tank matchups since you can just keep poking em, and fleet for the other situations.
: how to "cheat" legally
you just clickbaited a forum post to a clickbait video
Rioter Comments
F1 Rammus (EUW)
: Same with the flash paradox, You flashed and got stunned by timbers in different area, but how did u get stunned if you flashed, and how did you flash if you got stunned, both are instant.
the full taunting sequence has to go through, same with a lot of other abilities in the game when your about to attack then you lose vision and it cancels
Quinzley (EUNE)
: Yes, I just changed the email on this account.
so you literally went into your settings and changed the email, and it removed the perma?
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: As stated, no.
i presumed i just hurt your feelings and you were saying dont come back to the community because you got perma'd you don't deserve a place here {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: No. Perma shows that you have no part in the community. Go on. Well fare.
when did i say me myself has been perma banned.. and its a well-known fact you can just make another account and keep playing, but im wondering if it can be done with the same email.
Rioter Comments
: Simplest assassins?
u only mentioned one assassin. play all the other ones then mate
: The {{item:3071}} {{item:3078}} hurts my eyes
sorry that was ment to be a steraks gage
: Hmm armour penetration doesnt rly work with darius's build since he already has flat armour pen in his kit plus is a burden to his builds Plus if youre stuck in low elo with boosted people then sometimes youre forced to take out the minions yourself as darius plus they may not always be available(Dead)
{{item:3142}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3053}} build for me i used. worked wonders. {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:12}}
: Isnt it obvious? Why would someone take their account why not target a much bigger fish. Then why would they post it on boards? Then the lack of detail just makes it a blatant lie. Also why would he say he has no refunds, wouldn't you just leave the account alone and send a support ticket to riot straight away. Yeh I don't have proof but how much times do you hear that someone stole someone else's account (complete stranger not a sibling or anyone he knows) and it was true? Not very often in fact I have never seen it. Let's say it was true, then why would they not gift themselves with the RP they have the access to but use it on that account that they know they wont have for long
: well if someone thinks they can lie like that pffff. I lose all respect for them
you have no proof they are lying
: Problem with darius waveclear against superminions
darius doesnt do damage late game? pff. build armor penetration. also, darius doesn't kill superminions. you leave that to your adc or other high attack speed/good waveclear champions on your team.
: Path to Victory: Kled Jungle!
we need more posts like this. seriously. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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