: So basically you want a system where you can flame a lot of times without suffering any real consequences, right? Well, that's not going to happen.
all this game needs is perma ban trollers and flamers wont flame cus most of flamers are sportmanlike players who wana play game 5 vs 5 without any trolling cheating and so on.. it doesnt matter we lose or win if we didint had these retards trolls its GG but ofc someone like u never understands it...
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Yishak343 (EUW)
: Grading
https://s31.postimg.org/jobinu215/report.png Team Riot comparing 1 game to anather is noinsence.... egz my situation i didint had time to farm cus i was killing enemie and pushed lanes.... this system sucks!
: If you cant counter irelia,thats on YOU. She might be strong as fck compared to the other champs,but im sorry,if you FED her,she WILL cockstomp ur team. Thats not (omg irelia power),thats inability to play safe or counterpick her. If you cant understand that and believe that im an idiot bla bla bla,then delete this post and keep on crying for your inability............
100% you are irelia player who mains her.. compere irelia with ather top lane champs and u will findout that she is more then powerfull in late game she just gives no f and kills ur adc and apc... cc is not working on her stun+lifesteal is rly op cambo compered with ather champs but u are hater who just posted with such hate.... i created this post cus i can see tons of imbalance in this game.... in s4 this game was nicly balanced if u ban yi trynda sion..
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