: Can't hurt to hear some advices or opinions,i don't have twitter but ill add you in game. Also,somehow pm me your skype in case we don't be online in same time in league?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: do you mind if you add me? need some help as well. I'm not using twitter so it would be more appreciated if you invite me in game. Thanks!
GLurch (EUW)
: This is the game I was talking about: http://i.imgur.com/iYLwmBW.png --- What if they just lost the lane as well? To others, it may seem like they intentionally fed, but what if they just lost their lane and died because of stupid engages?
Wait i dont understand if im %%%%%%ed or something but when i typed they ran into him saying that its lost alrdy thats inting lol are u joking or idk wtf is wrong with u xD
SuperHornio (EUNE)
: I'm silver 5 and i need help!
Contact me on twitter https://twitter.com/disgustinginter ill assist you to get higher elo asap
: > [{quoted}](name=SuperHornio,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=T9PIsbqE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-08-17T13:06:54.050+0000) > > I'm not really new, but im s5 so bad lol and i just want to ask 2 questions 1. Should I buy jinx or caitlyn and 2. can you coach me lol 1. buy teemo 2. no
SuperHornio (EUNE)
: I'm not really new, but im s5 so bad lol and i just want to ask 2 questions 1. Should I buy jinx or caitlyn and 2. can you coach me lol
Yes sir i can coach you, can you contact me on twitter? Ill tell you what champions you should play we will make good strategy
: I have had coaching in the past. If I wanted more coaching then I wouldn't get it from someone who was complaining about his ban for toxicity yesterday. I would rather have someone mature to be coached by. You were asked for names of these 'LCS pros' that have supposedly coached you. If you can provide names then that didn't happen. I don't like bullshitters. And...considering that you are a self-confessed toxic, then why should anyone believe what you say?
As i said my toxicity in soloq doesnt matter with my coaching skills, and tbh i am coaching to help people not to help myself so i dont have to convince anyone to be their coach if they want they coaching they will type but unless i make money from it i dont have to convince anyone and as you obviously didnt see this is free and also i am in contact with best chall players and lcs players and i talk to them everyday and that is because im almost master tier and i play vs them almost every game so idk what the hell you mean by not getting coached by them its not like they are in fortress so you cant talk to them and if you wanna die from who i got coached by its odoamne and kirei so now you can sleep tight when you know that info
: http://imgur.com/a/0v5QS
:thinking: idk what the hell you want, you are bronze 5 unless you want help then idk why you post shit here bcz im trying to help people here and you are worst division you can be and yet you care if i got coached by lcs players ofcourse i did get coached why would i type if i wasnt and if you care who it was then contact me to help you and ill tell you if u still think its relevant
: The one's on youtube probably {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: LCS players coached you. Ok. Who?
How does that matter, you can ask me privatelly i dont want to type here
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GLurch (EUW)
: You had 1 game where you went 0/7/5. Does it mean you intentionally fed? Obviously not. There's a huge difference between someone doing bad plays and someone intentionally feeding, yet, it's hard to detect even for humans, because we can't look in others minds. Here's an example to demonstrate my point better: Someone dies under the enemy tower for the 5th time. Your perspective: He's intentionally feeding! His perspective: Damn, I was trying to towerdive him to kill him, but I failed.
cant find that score, losing lane and inting isnt same my bot lane ran down to draven that is inting
: Like do you not have any else hobbies? Or do you like wasting your time raging and flamig and then starting from a new? Also as most people dont get banned 24/7 for flame in your elo :/ -> not everyone feels the need to flame
trust me many ppl get banned in this elo
TTF Orio (EUW)
: My name is TTF Orio EUW . Help me please lmao
: "I know I'm toxic but..." SOLD If you canti stop with flaming I recommend /mute all command, cuz the next time is permaban
i have 16 perma's do u think i care xD
Zanador (EUNE)
: > u cant ask from high dia player to not get triggered once in a while You can not only be asked just that, you are actually told not flame even in this situation, and you agreed to it when you created your account. And no, you can't always be positive, that is understandable. But you can be neutral in the game at any point, which can and will keep any punishment away from you. I do think that there are multiple people in the match you mentioned who deserve punishment based on your recollections, and if they didn't get anything, that is a mistake.
ye i know and its ok that i got banned i mean i deserved it ofc i was toxic but ye as u said those didnt get banned for inting
osiosi23 (EUW)
: ehm im unranked and i can add u ingame or on twitter etc etc.
: Just a couple of posts underneath yours, this guy made his post: [Offering free advices to new players](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/new-player-advice-euw/8Ive471R-offering-free-advices-to-new-players). Not sure how serious he is about it, but the part where he says he's diamond checks out.
: Nevermind I found the problem I didn't put any points in my abilities.
: I enter practice tool every single day and try to hit dummies with alpha strike but when i go in ranked I always miss it :(
damn dude, do you need some coaching?
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Look beyond what you see
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: I've been farming minions for 20 minutes and now I'm stuck in gold. How do I climb out of it?! S.O.S.
iDunk (EUW)
: So you're offering advice to new players, to pass the time, as you've just got a 14 day ban? Why would anyone with half a brain, accept advice off you? Yeah, you might be of a high elo, but I would not want to take advice from a clearly toxic player, as it will just rub off on the players you're 'mentoring'.
ye i do, bcz flaming doesnt matter with helping i can still give you advice
iDunk (EUW)
: How do I buy items?
Ask guy in shop if he can give you some
: How do I hit my abilities with {{champion:11}} ?
Takes a lot of skill man you should practise..
GLurch (EUW)
: >u cant ask from high dia player to not get triggered once in a while because in every single game there is inter/flamer and ur not punishing at all What do you achieve by flaming them? Does it help anyone? I doubt it. In fact, you're just feeding the troll and you may even annoy your other teammates. Of course, you can get tilted once in a while. However, if you get punished you either get *really* mad whenever you are tilted or you are not getting tilted "once in a while". I also somehow doubt you are having an intentional feeder every single game. I checked your match history and didn't find any single intentional feeder, only a Malzahar who ended the game with 6 tears, but that was you and it was also during the last minute. >i reported our bot didnt get feedback so you are saying that they dont deserve ban for actually wasting hour from our team and for giving us stress and tilting us and actually intentionally feeding Riot does not always give out report feedback, in fact they only do rarely. One of the reasons is, that players kept complaining because there were just too many notifications, which would also distract during champion select. --- Please think through what you'll do after the ban, because the next punishment will be a permanent ban.
Then you didnt check enough you don't have to go 0 20 to intentionally feed, intentional feed can be also assisting enemy team which i have almost every game, i had 1 13 botlane etc etc, i know it doesnt help anyone but i cant stand people who queue up for rank and dont want to win
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: they will tell you that other peoples toxic actions is no reason for you to flame them. meanwhile toxic actions continue and flamer is banned. this isnt a new story.
Tbh i dont care if i get banned or not i can always lvl up and start again but my question is why they dont get banned
: Can't rank up!
https://twitter.com/disgustinginter i can help you out just dm me on twitter
Drekiigar (EUW)
: I'm stuck at Bronze 5
https://twitter.com/disgustinginter twitter me i can help you
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