: Make a rule to talk english in team/all chat
Don't like it, mute it. It's that easy. Riot can't just force people into PM's during a game just because they are using " bird language" that would go against people's rights don't you think. You have the right to communicate in the language that better suits your needs as much as they do. Maybe english suits you better but for others maybe it doesn't. If they aren't communicating in english it's because it doesn't concern you. Probably it's just some friendly banter between mates. Who cares if they are flamming you, you don't understand it so it's not hurting you right? you aren't forced to read what they are typing, if you know that you don't understand the language just ignore it and focus on the game.
: Hey ! Add me ingame if you ever need help with supports ;) I can answer anything you need
I'll keep you in mind if I every need anything, thanks a lot!
: As a former support main, I only suggest you one thing: get ready for being reported almost every match, no matter what you do. Indeed, if you are innocent won't get banned. But ADCs and other lanes will bully you to ward and etc, while you don't have trinkets or CD. Other suggestions are below. Many people wrote good suggestions I think.
I really don't mind it, I'm not weak minded and couldn't care less if people are upset with the way I play, I'm playing for fun and I think games shouldn't be taken that seriously. I just started playing and already had to deal with a bunch of flammers and toxicity. I get a laugh out of their crying tbh.
: Alright, here goes. A lot of a new support players think all they have to do in lane is look pretty and not take any farm from the adc. So they sit in the bushes and practically afk for the first 10 minutes, unless a gank happens. You need to be more proactive than that. You need to have presence in the lane. Let's say you are playing a support like Thresh or Leona or Alistar. The key to playing these champions well in lane is in their positioning. Since they are melee champions (thresh is so low range he is effectively melee) they are vulnerable to harass. You need to position yourself in such a way that you can't easily be poked, but so that you are always threatening an engage. After that you need to know when to engage. Just because you can engage doesn't mean you should. There's no hard or fast rules when it comes to this so it's a matter of instincts more than anything else. All of this requires you to not only know your champion well, but to know the champions everyone else is using. You need to know when you are stronger than your opponents, what skills they can use to stop you, skills that you can ignore, or dodge.
This is actually really good advice and will help me improve a lot. I'll keep all of this in mind while playing. Thank you!
: There's really no rush at all. My advice is to get really comfortable with the champions and the controls first, then worry about the more advanced support specific stuff. I could give you a whole slew of things you can learn to become an amazing support player, but you need the basics down first.
Throw them at me so I can take notes and use them once I have all the basics down.
Marcua (EUW)
: I would say that until at least level 30, warding and protecting your ADC is the only things you really can do. Things like deep warding, all ins at level 2 in lane and roaming, are stuff that requirers both Support and ADC to know what they are doing, and know what to do in certain situations. I would advice that you learned a big support champion pool. Maybe 1 from each "Playstyle" Alistar or Braum could be your tank, Brand or Zyra your Ap support, and Janna or Soraka your healer/Shielder. Champions like Thresh, Pyke and Bard are also fun, but they are hard to learn and even harder to master :)
Roger that, i'll work on that champion pool! thanks a lot! {{sticker:katarina-love}}
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
thanks a lot for the great info really appreciate it!! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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