: Pretty sure this was supposed to go in the "Games, Contests & Jokes" section {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
nah this was supposed to be in the 'lol players are trash as always' section there is just ain't one
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Mada (EUW)
: I see you have and/or are trying to build an opinion about the story of league so I think you might be interested to know that I have my own story: There once was a group of 5 who just f$%&ing _HATED_ another group of 5. So one day they decided to go over to the other group's place to trash their stuff. And if the game is not over yet, they are still busy trashing each other's stuff. Also: Ashe is Tryndamere's wife. The end.
I have my personal opinion on the LoL lore, the reason I'm creating this thread is because of a paper I'm writing about Ludology vs. Narratology which is and interesting but redundant subject and this is the point I'm trying to prove. Getting some poll results from the reigning number 1 video game and how its players don't care for the story very much would be great to support a few points I'm about to make. (I initially assumed most people didn't care much for the story and from the results of the poll so far I can tell that I was correct)
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Sorry but you're wrong, they can't simply favor one region over the other and then what about other regions?
Well, it's not favouring one region, It could be all regions except Korea. At some point, they have to state the obvious and do something about it, or the Korean hegemony will be complete in a few years
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: You're actively working against yourself by cursing and insulting the Riot employee, mate. Through your last message you portray a clear toxic attitude and will to use rude words, what do you think the Rioter thinks? Obviously they're convinced you lied, a cheap way to get out of your punishments. I'm not saying this is the case, albeit this is probably what you make it seem through your messages. Be polite and friendly, your angry attitude won't really make them want to help you any further. Be content it was just a chat restriction, and play through them. There's not that many. ;)
I started polite, but when they simply copypaste the 'say this when the guy is whining about chatban' without even reading the message I get very pissed off. And they STILL refuse to react to what I actually wrote and just copypaste standard messages without even reading my stuff. 3 riot employees refused to acknowledge the word 'hack' at all. And THEY KNOW I can't lie about this because they could investigate and find out exactly what happened, they just need to take me seriously for 10 minutes, look up the history of the account, and figure out that somebody from fucking Albania or w/e was in that account for several days, playing ALL the ranked games of the preseason on my account and flaming the crap out of everyone. It would take them 10 minutes and a bit of consideration. And I'm not getting it. And I'm pissed off about that.
: But it doesn't make sense.
well it happened anyway. Like I said, it's not like I can lie to riot, they can just look through THE FUCKING DATA, and could tell exactly what was going on. But instead, they refuse to do that because they won't take me seriously.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
So when you buy a skin, what did you pay for and why is it not yours?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I paid for my account, it can't be their property. At least not completely. That doesn't make any sense. Did I basically buy nothing? In any case, they can't just ignore the fact that somebody hacked my account. I CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS KIND OF SHIT, HOW COULD I? Where is the justice in all this?
: But who spends weeks, maybe even months running a program to crack your account, just to get you chat restricted?
He didn't think to himself MUHAHA I'm gonna chat restrict this guy. He just decided to do hack my account and play on it. When my mate confronted him on chat while he was on my accout he claimed to be boosting me O.O Which is weird as fuck. Because I never asked for it. It's not like there is a point int me lying about this, if Riot just so pleased they could check the IP adress and they could tell it wasn't even in the same country (educated guess) as me. I have nothing to hide and I can't cover anything since it is completely translucent to the company I'm complaining to.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
That's bullshit. I am innocent. I did nothing wrong, and someone raped my account ,and now you are telling me it's no excuse? If this is no excuse, than what IS? SOMEONE BROKE THE FUCKING LAW HERE!! And all you can say is 'well, sux to be you?'
: Who would want to hack an account to only get someone chat restricted?
He was playing on my account and he was a toxic person. Simple as that.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
BUT THAT ACCOUNT WAS HACKED!!!! Can you not read either? If somebody stole your car, ran someone over and you told the police what happened, at least they will take fingerprints from your steer wheel before they try and jail you for life. I am completely innocent here, I had no ways to prevent someone to hack my account, and now I am left here without anyone even ACKNOWLEDGING what happened? Is it some conspiracy? Are all of you united in an effort to drive me insane and simply ignore the word 'hack'?
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: >It DOES feel like a lot of worhwile contect to explore, and you get it for free So? I get a lot of stuff for free when I download mods for skyrim. What's your point? >And I do believe we can objectively state that SC is a better game. No we can't, because so far, I have not seen any arguments for that, just an opinion based on your personal preferences. To state OBJECTIVELY that a game is "better" (by whatever metric you would decide that), you need an argument that is completely independent of opinions and based purely on evidence instead. This for example: >Which game is better than? Of course starcraft, the amount of stuff that gets done there in a certain amount of time will always be superior to what happens in league of legends. Is again an opinion. APM don't decide how good a game is. Its again a preference. The APM of a FPS for example is extremely low, yet if you like FPS better you like FPS better. Doesn't make the game OBJECTIVELY better than another one. >These are not opinions Yes they are. And you even say so yourself... >if you actually bothered to take a step back from your OWN opinion ...because you require me to see things YOUR way in the first place, because again: You present preferences, not arguments.
They are arguments, you choose to ignore them, not much I can do about it.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: You probably should start playing less games, you care too much about them.
Can't, I am isolated in a country foreign to my birth, making new friends is proving to be difficult as I have to work a lot.
: Hence why advised like 4 times already, GET A COMPETETIVE TEAM. You sure look like a player who does not play for fun much. There is a competetive side for LoL. It is not solo or duoque in ranked. It is the 5 man premade ranked team mode. This is the only time you decide your teammates, this is the time where you eliminate all random noobs that might cross your way. Just man up and search for 4 more guys like you. Talk to each other during the game. While YOU might not know what happened in a teamfight wrong, one of you has to know. YOU will not carry anything alone. YOUR TEAM will.
That sounds amazing, but you know what will happen then. 'oh you are silver, get lost'. Even though you just need to look at my match history and you can tell I played against people above my rank all the time.
: TvT is litterally like watching 2 walls with wet paint to see which one dries first did swarm hosts less stupid yet? before HoTS was better some of the new units are disapointing i dont know what new units came with the new expansion for zerg but giving us lurkers would of been smarter than swarm hosts
Lurkers are a new Zerg unit, or old new rather. All the new units are actually used and pretty cool, Cyclones fell out of favor for a long time but are now coming back.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vajrajina,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=hkVuzlj5,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2016-01-06T15:07:46.728+0000) > > Well no. APM is nice and important, but it's much more important what you can do with it. Just because I can click around like crazy doesn't mean I can macro well, scout well and make the right calls. > > Micro is very apm intense, especially early game Zerg vs Zerg (that shit is crazy), so you do have a point there, but then again, where do you click? Do you stutter step move your army forward and try to focus dangerous targets down in the back or do you just stand and fight and try to flank with a fast unit? There are a lot of decisionmaking involved as well, you don't just click like someone with a seizure. you think ZvZ is crazy? Please trying playing as the marines v Zerg, and focusing bailings, roaches, zergling, etc.... Terran are by far the most difficult race to micro when playing bios
because putting a line of marauders to the front is oh-so-difficult. Marines need 2 baneling hits and are ranged units, zerglings are extremely fast melee units that die to 1 baneling hit, if you don't move command them constantly they will jump a baneling and immediately die.
: If you want to be good at a game, play single player games. Every game where there is a team required, the team is as strong as the weakest part.... or in LoL's case, as strong as the team can support the weakest part. You are a competetive player. Get a ranked team and practice with them. Normals will always be a disappointment for elitists. There will always be the time when you get a bad player. That loss that was not your fault but you just couldn't avoid it. That hurts right?
Hurts like shit man. But you know what hurts even more? When it was YOUR fault that your team lost. That feeling is like insects crawling out of my pores, it's horrible. But you know what's EVEN WORSE than that? Not knowing why we lost a game. In great many a game we would loose a TF and I'd be like...BUT WHY? We would be loosing a game, and why? I don't know!!! Was it my fault, was it my teammates fault? Is that guy who is complaining about lack of ganks right, or am I right for denying them for whatever reason? So much uncertainty, even when I try to detach myself from my emotions and try to see what I have done wrong, it gets tricky because most things I do involve another player.
: Inb4 swarm hosts zerg used to be highly mobile and that was really cool swarm hosts are the worst unit to be introduced besides sc2 had some of the worst situations in professional play now im not against optimal play but i'd rather stare at a brick wall for 2 hours than watch a TvT litterally most of the viewers auctually went afk for TvT matches
TvT is shit, you are right about that. But thankfully, it's one of the 6 matchups, the rest are all very good at the moment. Especially ZvZ
: I can't enjoy Starcraft. That game is just about who can make more clicks per second.
Well no. APM is nice and important, but it's much more important what you can do with it. Just because I can click around like crazy doesn't mean I can macro well, scout well and make the right calls. Micro is very apm intense, especially early game Zerg vs Zerg (that shit is crazy), so you do have a point there, but then again, where do you click? Do you stutter step move your army forward and try to focus dangerous targets down in the back or do you just stand and fight and try to flank with a fast unit? There are a lot of decisionmaking involved as well, you don't just click like someone with a seizure.
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=hkVuzlj5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-06T05:05:27.008+0000) > > Start craft is dying. Very slowly, its still really active you know, hell queue times are about the same for League in the bronze /silver/gold division as far as im concerned..
Queue times are way faster actually. In league you have a choice between having a proper teamcomp, but waiting forever for it (teambuilder), or having a shitty teamcomp instantly (blind pick). In SC you just click, and 10 seconds later you are in a game.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Start craft is dying.
That's what I'm trying to work on. People are scared of SC because it demands so much of you, it's not as comfy as lol where you can just mess around. It is cold and unforgiving, if you die you don't respawn. That's not what the masses like. Masses want to have an easy time without much effort invested in their fun. SC becomes TRULY enjoyable when you get good enough at it, when you both keep each other occupied with constant harassement, scouting, trying to figure out their strategy... But you need to get there. However, people think it's way harder to get there than it actually is. My point in my post is that the learning curve of SC is way better, it starts way sharper but then it gets smooth and rewarding. In lol, you may not have THAT hard of a time when you start out because you only control one dude (or gal), BUT THEN you start soloQ and regret ever playing this game.
Irrsinn (EUW)
: Yes, as in every 1v1 game. What's your point? That you can't handle 5v5?
My point is that LoL is inefficient when it comes to your time invested in it. If your agenda is to be GOOD at a game and feel SUCCESS then SC is a better choice, simply because you can improve faster, and feel much more rewarded for practicing hard, watching youtube videos of pros playing, builds and whatnot. I invested a TON of effort into League and never actually got anywhere with it, I couldn't even match my rank with my MMR, which was very frustrating. All because of teammates. The feeling of your team ruining your game is one thing, not being able to improve because of that is another.
Kageryu (EUW)
: So basically you have realized you should not play Teamgames. Wonderful. But why should we follow you?
What I'm saying is that you don't HAVE to put up with that crap. Please go ahead and name another 1v1 game you can play competitively, and is actually fun to play...? Chess? And Starcraft. That's pretty much it. And don't say 'hearthstone' because that game is a joke (and very manipulative too). Beat-em-up games? That's for console. Of course there might be something I haven't heard about, and if so, please let me know. And my major point was not the team component, it was how you improve in both games, and how those games pay off for your time invested in it. Those games I invested in LoL now feel like a TON of time wasted, because of my teammates I can't improve as fast as I can where I can just have a look at what I've done and clearly see what I need to work on. If you want to be 'good' at a game, like me, then don't waste your time with LoL, it will take WAY longer, and it will be a lot more frustrating. This line is pretty much my message to you all.
: >The game is overall more balanced and interesting. Can't talk about balance in Starcraft, but LoL is pretty well balanced. As for interesting: Thats a personal opinion, not an argument. I find the cheese-tactics in Starcraft very boring, both to watch and to play. >You are in control at all times. That could have something to do with the one being played 1v1 most of the time and the other one being a teamgame. >Let's be real, it's way cooler. Another personal opinion, not an argument. And yeah, building that Proton Cannon into the enemy base or destroying SUVs is reeeeeeally cool...except its not. >You get more than just 1 game. Not an argument, because most of these minigames are not widespread in any competitive scene. If your argument is "SC2 can give you more than one game..." then I should inform you: So does my PC. >I know it's kinda an 'apples and oranges' argument 1. No, its a DISCUSSION. Because what you call "arguments" are your personal opinions. Its like saying _"Apples are more tasty than Strawberries...BECAUSE I SAY SO!"_. 2. Its not "kinda apples and oranges", its EXACTLY apples and aircraft carriers. You are comparing a MOBA and an RTS game here.
I never said those mods were standalone megagames with competitive scenes and whatnot, but they have enough content to make you appreciate it. It DOES feel like a lot of worhwile contect to explore, and you get it for free You make cheese sound way more common than it is. Simply keeping track of where that probe is prevents cheese most of the time, and I haven't been cannonrushed in a long time. I also had a very fun game where he managed to get a pylon with a mothership core in my base and started pressuring me, and I ended up winning anyway. And I do believe we can objectively state that SC is a better game. It is my opinion, true, but I thnk it is very easy to tell which is better. In one game you farm for 15 minutes, then you loose 2 teamfights and you suffer for another 15 minutes until the game is finally officially over. The other game you need to be on your toes from minute 2 onwards and constantly be doing things. There is back-and-forth, there is constant scouting, harassment. In lol, you last hit for 10 minutes. Which game is better than? Of course starcraft, the amount of stuff that gets done there in a certain amount of time will always be superior to what happens in league of legends. About interesting, that's pretty simple too. My dia friend told me that at that point people pretty much only play 20-30 champions, and those champions usually build the same thing. You just SEE stuff you've seen before so many times. These are not opinions, if you actually bothered to take a step back from your OWN opinion you could easily tell that it's blatantly obvious which game has more going on.
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alasarcher (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vajrajina,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1qFU2MfI,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-12-15T00:39:42.906+0000) > > I guess people want their games to end in 5 minutes. Let them have it, the fools. Its novelty. All these new things attract people. Also, some people like shorter games, especially those that study or work (and there are alot), new champions, reworks, new items, new skins, events. Also this preseason made alot of champions viable. Game is more competitive and more exciting, no more 30 min farm fest then few teamfights. Also Riot is massively getting rid of toxic garbage that plagued lol (all these perma ban threads :D). Expect more and more people.
I don't see how anyone can enjoy loosing game after game because 2 of their lanes die before he finishes his first jungle clear and from there on it's a roflstomp. It happened too many times in a row and I feel like I have no control over my games anymore.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Nah. Since preseason changes population even increased. Alot of players returned and it keeps growing.
I guess people want their games to end in 5 minutes. Let them have it, the fools.
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: Boy gamer looking for
Boy gamer looking for the lost Swag of Baron von Swagmüller, which containts the ultimate Prophecy of Warlurd (P.O.W.). If you smoke weed, that's a plus.
: Hmm {{item:3725}} Tanky {{item:3110}} Tanky {{item:3151}} Damage {{item:3116}} Damage {{item:3001}} Damage {{item:3800}} Tanky That's how I see my usual choices... pretty balanced if you ask me. {{item:3151}} {{item:3110}} When these two start to interact it gets interesting.
Those are cheap, hybrid damage items that give him very ittle raw AP. Did you check his ratios? HE HAS RIDICULOUS AP ratios my friend! His ult deals more damage than the flipping Command: Shockwave. Now think about how game-winning a good shockwave can be, now consider that with 20% more ratios and an even better CC component. (momentary displacement vs. a massive stun, I vote for the stun unless you have Yasuo). It is incredible. With your build, We only have 220 AP. Not bad, but nothing to write home about either. However, what happenns when you have that times 3.5x can't be described in words. The destruction is amazing.
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Andy Ten (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hairyloco,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8cxY9fzP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-08T02:16:13.009+0000) > > Below gold team compositions mean jack shit. Gold is as garbage as silver when it comes to team comps.
Before this post I would have said because everybody is egocentric and wants to carry. Now I would say because people are desperate :P
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lmmôrtal (EUW)
: That happens because probably , your team feed him so much :\ thats normal if you feed a rengar
You did not answer my question. He would do that with just a warrior and a brutaliser.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Depends what role and champion u play.
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: Ist not like People start warding just because they have 2 now.
Encrux (EUW)
: What? Why do you think about the enemy jungler shutting you down, but not the other way around? They made these changes to support and establish **proper** vision control in the game. Fighting around vision and creating opportunities to create picks is one of the key methods used by riot to make league of legends more team reliant. I also think that creativity about ganking paths, timing wards and shutting down your enemy jungler should be rewarded even more.
= If you aren't at least plat and your teammates won't help you with any of that, just farm your jungle until the first dragon fight. Do you seriously expect any of them scrubs to help you with these complicated tasks? Timing wards? Don't be silly, botlane won't even tell me if the sidelane bush is warded (even if I ask), let alone time them? :D I don't welcome any changes that make me rely more on my plebeian teammates.
: Get a sweeping lens, upgrade it so it follows you, then go clear out the wards (also lets face it... how many people will remember to use all of the wards...). You also have dirt cheap pinks so get yourself some (and get your laners to do the same) and pink the important places so you have got spots of true vision where you can skulk around. And raptor buff.
=Waste of time while I'm not accumulating any gold but desperately try to clear wards (and spend money on doing so) aka.: If you don't get a good early gank off you will fall behind SO HARD, there is no coming back. This will make farm junglers rise so hard like a boner in the morning, mark my words.
Keiffo (EUW)
: Riot are building a friendly league where nobody kills each other and they just farm until a team fight decides it all.
I'm actually cool with that! I always preferred farm junglers, I only play aggro stuff because people are bitching at me all the time. All hail Shyvana, Master Yi and jungle Jax!
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