biggad2001 (EUNE)
: You're low elo if you're bad, mentality avoids tilting, thats all
Nope. If you have a good mentality you know that you are responsible for your screw ups, so therefor you learn and get better.
: The age of league
Well Alice the One... It can hold anything, from League dying out to League continuing it's path, while being the most Popular Game in the world. The game can last anywhere between a year and five. That's my thought. My favorite champion has to be Vladimir. I have always loved him. Next one would be Viktor. I love playing everywhere. Adc is my least played though. I used to only play support, but now that I am better (besides against Riven whom I suck playing against) I play everywhere.
HPDave (EUW)
Can you do one of Vladimir? I would even pay >.>
Nubkachu (EUW)
: Final Boss Veigar by Sophie (Nubkachu) - incl. Speedpainting :3 ♥
LordYeven (EUW)
: So I just got the information that this issue is visual only. You should get the LP as soon as it is fixed.
Not my problem, but cool on you for the speedy replies :)
: Does Udyr needs a VU?
THrowing nachos XDDD
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: If someone makes me very angry I'd rather have him lose the game than win it myself. I don't mind losing a game even if it's ranked.
While I don't mind losing a game either, especially If i believe the other team deserved it, your attitude is pure crap. There is no such thing as someone "making" you angry. That's like saying I made you commit murder, of course on a more escalated scale. If someone angers you, that's because you allowed them to get to you. For example, I am a terrible Nasus, but I still try to play him. I had a jungle Volibear tell me to just afk and quit so I don't feed top. All I said was," Thanks for the confidence man." and never replied to him after that. Being Nasus, I farmed up and ended up carrying the team to victory. If i were to let him get to me, or in your words, "make me angry", I would have just fed or afk'd and lost that game. So you need to take a step back and look at yourself. What makes you care what others thing? What makes you let them get to you on a personal level, when they don't even know your first name?
Mirrin (EUW)
: Thanks to you, I think my mentality in this game has changed... Hopefully forever. I've had games where I could have won, with the right mentality... But that's the past. No point looking at the past, unless you want to learn from mistakes.
Exactly. I'm glad I helped you and I hope to continue helping others. It's hard at first to do this. You will fail. But if you continue to try, it'll become second nature to your subconscious.
: Something about Mordekaiser's new skin texture
For some reason, a lot of champions has had a reoccurring problem with Skins to Splash art transfer. There have been multiple times where stuff was missing from the skin that was in the splash art.
Mirrin (EUW)
: After reading this, I went into a ranked game with a clear mind and wanting to keep everything calm. Early into the game, our top lane fed, but I thought nothing of it and just said to our Akali (mid lane, who was flaming at the top lane at the time) to be calm. I kept telling everyone to stay calm, and stayed calm myself. Later into the game, it wasn't looking very good. Our Akali still had the same attitude, and I still said the same things. However, we managed to turn the game around. There was no out-of-hand flame because I kept everyone calm, thanks to this post keeping me calm and encouraging me to tell people to stay calm. In the end game screen, there was nothing but happiness. The Akali that I had in the game thanked me for helping to keep him/her calm. Our Lucian thanked the team and stuff, because we won. I managed to turn a flamer into a nice person thanks to this post :) TL;DR This post helped me turn a flamer into a nice person
People don't realize how much attitude really can affect game outcomes. There are plenty of games I could have won if I had this attitude before but didn't, simply because I let it get to me. Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad it helped :)
:, he doesn't? He didn't even mention the word or anything even remotely connected to your "gameplay".
Just ignore him. No big deal. Not a game where you have to worry about him :)
HPDave (EUW)
: The reason why you are still in Bronze/Silver (How to control your team)
If anyone would like, I can help personally. I will listen to your problems, but you have to be open minded and accept the advice I give. My IGN is the same; HPDave If you are on a different server, comment and I can arrange something.
: >Learn to control your thoughts, and you can control everyone around you with positivity. And here is what really happens: **Positive guy:** "Hey great job at drake, now lets push botlane!" **Toxic guy:** \*chases kill into enemy jungle without vision\* **Premade of Toxic guy:** \*follows toxic guy\* **Positive guy:** "Guys, cmon, we need that turret, you are so good as carries, lets go push **Toxic people:** \*feed free double to enemy rengar who just respawned with fresh items, ult ready and very baaad mood\* **Positive guy: **"Oh well that happened, lets def until our carries have respwaned..." **Toxic people:** "WTF NO HELP REPROOT XAXAXXAXA NO HELP GG AFK I FEED NOW!"
Yes it happens, quite often at that. But if you had the possibility of changing their mentality, wouldn't you try? Just calmly talking to someone helps them understand. When I played lee, I didn't spam ping, I would just say don't and pinged back once or twice. They would sometimes keep going, but would stop before they died. So a little improvement is better than no improvement, right?
ßrianna (EUW)
: I love this and it really resonates with me. I've had my heart broken recently and my emotions toyed with and it's the most painful thing that can happen, especially with my past. What you've specified is exactly how I've been managing: When I'm overcome with a negative thought that pertains to my recent situation, I counteract it with a positive one. I shift my mind's frequencies from lacking to abundance and reprogram my mentality and as a result, uplift my reality. It's a very powerful thing, but it can be difficult. On a spiritual level, I like to think that powerful, positive thinking actually has a tangible benefit on our reality and I can completely see how doing so would improve playing LoL. Silly assholes always flame and blame, when they should focus their energy on being optimistic and productive. You'll definitely go far with that mentality.
Sanivlei (EUW)
: So I'm wrong about the actual game? So being a nice guy and having shitty mechanics and not thinking what he's actually doing ,he's going to climb? You can be a saint ,this shit won't help you.
No. Your attitude is wrong. Being nice and helping will GREATLY increase your win rate. Will it win EVERY game? Hell no. But it'll help a lot.
Sanivlei (EUW)
: TL;DR Mechanics and half a brain.
Wrong. A lot of people have real life situations going on. They come to LoL to suppress those feelings, but end up making it worse. Then, the shitball just rolls down hill. You have to calm them down, without being a dick about it. Then you can win games. Tons of damage magnets science wins. If anything, TL;DR don't be a dick.
: People treating this more than just a game
I applaud your guilt. Seriously, it's a rare thing. Most people don't think twice about it. Shit, I don't. So I envy you and hope to be like you one day.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: no I meant a tanky MR item like {{item:3065}} and {{item:3102}} we have all of these tanky ARMOUR items {{item:3110}} {{item:3056}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3075}} but only 2 tanky MR items
: {{item:3504}} {{item:3124}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3023}}
: Champion select rework [Suggestion]
Hey (fe)man(le); That's pretty sweet. Did you take the time to do this, or did you find it? If you found it, would you give them credit? I hope Riot takes this format and does something with it. :)
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HPDave (EUW)
: IRL thread
Meh, I tried.
Petsho (EUW)
: Because posting pictures and other information about ourselves on a public forum like this surely can't do any harm? The internet is a dangerous place you know, even if it might look innocent.
Posting a picture of yourself and what you like (i,e I put gaming and cars) won't do any harm. If someone really wanted your info they could easily take it..
Rich (EUW)
: Shouldn't you really go first?
There :p
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Cosantoir (EUW)
: Hobbies other than gaming?
I work on cars. I buy old crap cars and fix them, then flip for cash. Also opening up a Medical Marijuana store next year. :)
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: rammus glitch in the crystal scar
Gerbie (EUW)
: Unfortunately there haven't been any 'good' strategy releases like the one you're after, the latest is SC2 really. I think it's mainly to do that those type of games don't seem to do well on Consoles and for PC it's almost as if the moba-type games (like LoL) have taken over the Strategy genre. I personally like the original Company of Heroes as a strategy game. It plays slightly different since it's more about capturing areas (which in turn give you recources) and push your way forward to victory from there. If you haven't played it and you like strategy games, then perhaps it's a good one to keep you entertained for a while. There is a steam version aswel which includes all the expansions and is fairly cheap I believe.
Hmph. I just re-downloaded the Warcraft games. Gonna play it soon. I'll look at COH. Might petition for Blizzard to make a new Warcraft game {{champion:201}}
: Skyrim. {{champion:102}}
Beat it. Well I mean you can never beat Skyrim. But I got bored of it after the main campaign was over.
: The girlfriend "game" if you know what I mean.
I'm overseas and am going home in less than 5 months. Don't want to get attached to someone here and have all those emotions and shit when I leave.
Petsho (EUW)
: I just finished Valiant Hearts to get a small break from LoL. Tears have been shed.
Never heard of it, I'll take a look.
Gerbie (EUW)
: What do you like about WC:TFT that got you into it? It sort of depends on what you feel like playing and what kind of gametypes you like. If I'm with a group and we're bored of LoL for a while we usually play some other Multiplayer game depending on who joins. For us it's usually something like: - Company of Heroes (WW 2 strategy) - Magicka (odd co-op game) - Prophunt (hilarious with a bunch of friends) If I'm by myself I usually do something other than gaming unless I happen to be in progress on a game like Dragon Age or the likes.
I like the the Strategy type gameplay. The 2v2/3v3. For some reason cannot remember the name of it. Like SC2. Create your buildings, create army and try to outplay the other players on a map with resources. Prophunt is hilarious, but I don't have any friends that play Gary's mod. I also love Risk.
Rich (EUW)
: I'm feeling generous. Free skin?
I don't want, but good on you for doing this. +1
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Ergo Law (EUW)
: Finaly Gold V, can I drop out to Silver 1 ?
HPDave (EUW)
: GOld V Experience
It's like playing with wet noodles
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Julka2008 (EUNE)
: What about no cast time on Vladimir's abilities !
It's only his early game that is tough. Other than that, he's fine. Don't touch. No. Touch.
TCU Dushi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=HPDave,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=g5jJVWy7,comment-id=002a00000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-03-11T15:25:01.979+0000) > > Will do. > Mind if I add you, that way we can set something up later when you guys aren't so busy? Yo mate, Add me. got some time right now
Great help and advice. Overall good. Much thanks to you
: Answer my Questionnaire, Win a Skin!
Did both. GOod luck brother!
LA Losty (EUW)
: Awesome! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, also i added some tips n tricks further down my post, id recommend that you check them out if you havnt already!
Will do. Mind if I add you, that way we can set something up later when you guys aren't so busy?
Moonleaf (EUNE)
: Good tips. Glad to hear that they worked for you :) > I tried to compliment people more often if they did something well, no matter how big or small the impact. I especially agree with this one. A 'gj' costs nothing but can boost morale and lower stress.
And a chat message because you didn't control your anger before. ;) I don't mind the limit on chat stuff. Makes me play better because I have to choose what I want to say.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Hey Dave! Im a bit busy and i think Lycanthrope is busy aswell, but luckely more people have volunteered to help. I suggest you message Vonspacker or maybe JANA, im sure they would love to help you :D
Cool, thanks. Doesn't have to be right this second! Just whenever, I'm free for the most part of the rest of the day, and then any time after thursday!
HPDave (EUW)
: I would like a coach! I'm from California, but live in Germany. Only speak English. I started in SIlver V and now am GOld V (but stuck.) I won the first 4 games in GOld V, and have lost ever since. My W/L went from 75% to less than 45% Would definitely love the help. I play mid and support
Also I can use TS but that's about it. Others make me lag
LA Losty (EUW)
: Coaching low/mid ELO for FREE! :)
I would like a coach! I'm from California, but live in Germany. Only speak English. I started in SIlver V and now am GOld V (but stuck.) I won the first 4 games in GOld V, and have lost ever since. My W/L went from 75% to less than 45% Would definitely love the help. I play mid and support
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