: i think he needs to be added to your friends list for about a day or a week before being able to gift him anything, and what level is he?
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iTzAvatar (EUNE)
: Experienced mid and jungle player Looking for duo/trio!
good jungle lee sin here, with good insec
Infernape (EUW)
: You have to win games. And when you win there's a chance that it will drop. You're probably just unlucky. Some people get them somewhat frequently. others from time to time.
I win 7/10 times
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: Putting it this way. If you aim for 10 cs per minute, and less than 3 deaths per game, you will eventually improve and begin to climb from those 2 points alone (lets be honest hitting 100 cs in 10 minutes in bronze will get you to silver almost immediately)
but what if i play jungle with less then 2 deaths? cause in jung you dont get fast cs{{champion:64}}
: Youl better start playing Darius , Veigar or Nautilus , or just a team combo with Malp , Yasuo , Nautilus , Oriana and Kalista x)
it wont work that good in this elo, i had much times that i gank and i ping 3/4 times and he isnt going in lol sow then i wont gank , or i say stop push, then its easier to gank, but nope they push push push and when they die they flame me xD
: 1 - Stop saying Elo hell. It makes me cringe. There is no such thing as elo hell, the only hell is your mindset. 2- Once you have accepted that there is no elo hell, begin to accept your current position as your current skill level, if you can't accept that you will never look for ways to improve and only expect you should be climbing (when you could be missing the point) 3 - This game isn't just about k/d/a (although it certainly does help), it's about gold, momentum, morale and objectives. (you dont down your enemies nexus just by going 20/0 in lane, you have to take towers for that to happen silly) ;) 4 - Understand that even if you do play above your current elo bracket, you'll most likely be climbing at a rate of 60-70% if you're having a good streak. This means you WILL lose. No matter what, period, end of, no discussion. Accept the fact that you will lose, have a break of 15 mins between losses to cool off and in the words of Al Pacino "forget about it" tips tips tips: 1 - Hit level 2 first in lane, you do this by pushing hard. The second wave gets you to level 2, if you hit 2 first and you know for sure you can trade before your enemy hits 2, engage immediately (there are very, very few scenarios where this wouldn't be working) Once you've put your abilities on cooldown and got a decent amount of damage traded off, back away and wait for another opportunity to harass. 2 - Hit level 6 first in lane. Anytime you have ultimate advantage, use it. If you hit 6 first, you can ult and overpower your opponent. Boom, easy. **Be wary of yours and your enemies summoners** 3 - Item advantage is key. If you b, walk back to lane with a BF or something and your opponent is still in lane farming, thus having no items yet (or less than you), it means you have the advantage and a better chance of winning a fight. (by this point their jungler will be ganking so ward please) 4 - Defensive items. I see people even in high plat that still don't do this, (only a minority of people in normal games that have this rank) it's soo soo bad (i bet it happens a lot more in bronze) Don't underestimate the value of defensive items. If your opponent is ahead of you, and you build something defensive or that allows you to sustain for longer in lane, you can eventually flip around your deficit into a profit if you play your cards right. Starting e.g. cloth 5 as malphite vs a Riven will make her early game a nightmare for trying to snowball, sail your way to level 6 and by then you can turn the tables. 5 - CS. Learn what this is worth!!!!! cs accumulates more gold consistently than kills do. Sure kills are nice, they give you more pressure in lane and on the map, they may even spread gold via assists etc. But you can't rely on k/d/a k/d/a/ k/d/a every single game. Learn to cs, even if you're 0/3, if you get 100 cs ahead of your opponent, you may end up destroying him and walking your way to a legendary. 6 - Towers. They give GLOBAL gold. this means you benefit, you team benefits, your chances of winning go up. Once you've pushed a tower or two, go help the other lanes (keep an eye on your tower also)
thanks man ! i go try this tips!
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