: French community is the biggest of EUW that why.
any statistics for that? theyre only the most annoying and they often show the team, that theyre french.
: 2019 World Championship Ticket Information
cmon guys, we all know that the only reason for the cast to be in french is, bcs french people cant speak another language besides french. Not even english. We all know that.
Woel (EUW)
: lp gain in diamond 4?
im getting +14 -22 atm with 52% winrate
MrGerund (EUW)
: this is some downwards spiral right here, because one thinks like this, you'll only contaminate others with that though, if you were wondering why the league community has gotten so toxic... here u go.
the league community was always toxic but the game wasnt as toxic itself
MrGerund (EUW)
: i'm sure you don't enjoy getting pummeled yourself either though, but it's whatever, as long as you show some respect to people who you pummel it's all aight.
if you show respect they will bm on you and try to tilt you with all they can, why should i show respect
CJXander (EUNE)
: Ehmmm, what? Your job is to win the game. I don't know why do people take this personally, if you're a weak player then you should be abused 24/7 on the lane. Even more funny, some people think it is against the rules or moral laws to get focused on.
some people really tried to report me for that xD
MrGerund (EUW)
: pummeling sometimes just ain't fun, i get whay you're saying. putting in 0 effort just to make someone suffer is not fun
: ***
i love to stomp my enemy, am i not kind or do i just know that if i dont stomp them they try every single way to make the game unfun for me and BM in all chat?
: Riot what are u doing?!
akali could towerdive you in early game without getting any dmg, her poke was way too strong. She had too less counterplay and her kit isnt balancable. idk how you think zed is unbalanced but you can just rush armor against him and still do dmg while he doesnt do anything. Zed jax renekton got more counterplay than akali has if she towerdives you.
: since when does a cloth give 30 armor ????
im sry, my bad its 15 armor, but still you counter 21 lethality with 600 gold
: Armor doesnt help. there are items like lethality . champions who go mid lane are mostly mages and mages dont build armor. try to lane against zed when u play champions like Zoe or lux. unmobile mages without defenses like many mages. they dont stand chance against a zed.
cloth armor 300 gold = 30 armor duskblade 2900 gold = 21 lethality lethality fcking sucks atm if you play lux against zed its your own fault, its like saying zed is too weak bcs i cant lane against maokai. but still as lux you take armor in runes, you outrange him and if he ults you Q behind you in the right moment to insta snare him when he comes out, now just run away from him. If hes not fed he cant really kill you if youre good
: i do know how to play against zed . but its just a fact without zhonyas Zed doesnt have counterplay. He just presses his R button hit his E and Q which is pretty easy to do and hit 1 auto attack and u got a easy kill . and a zed doesnt even need to hit his Q to deal damage once u got duskblade
i never buy zhonyas against zed and i win against him... Armor counters him pretty hard too, but i dont even need armor to kill him. Its just obvious how they play most likely. His Q after R is easy to dodge and he doesnt oneshot you with R AA E if he has duskblade, only if youre far behind and hes fed. I never need zhonyas to win lane against zed. And killing one person over and over wont win you the game. he also falls of hard in late bcs hes almost useless in teamfights after he uses R
: lol zed need no buff. he deals too much damage already and he doesnt have real counterplay . u need to buy a item to counter him {{item:3157}}
never saw such a dumb comment, you can counter him pretty easy, and you can find it out if you guys dont permaban him everwhere, if youre first time playing against zed ofc youre fcked
Everous (EUW)
: I got falsely banned for mmr boosting. Played on NA a bit last preseason leveling up an acc by just playing ziggs after I got enough BE for him. Then I moved back over to EUW and played Ziggs a lot and ventured into ranked. Ziggs got me out of both Bronze and for the bigger part of low/mid silver. Ended the season in G5 with around 69-71% winrate with ziggs over 72 games this season. Also trying to play a game once in a while to not get LP decay. Before this I have never got any bans at all except for those small 5 min dodges due to my shitty internet. Could it be that I logged on from 2 different devices in Sweden since I move back and forth between girlfriend and home..? Kinda like taking it as two people playing on my account. Which is completely false. Never handed out my password in my life. Last 2 months of the season were just Arams and drafts trying to gather honors for the last checkpoint until level 5. And now this. Worked so damn hard to even get up above silver 3, which was my first goal for the season, to later get banned for something I didn't do. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
you dont get decay in gold xD
: UPC Provider Problems
i think i got the same problem, it disappeared after closing the epic games client xD kein scheiß
teemos (EUW)
: None of these people are relevant wtf riot why not pick someone like tobias fate
tobias fate? the low plat gangplank main? who actually got banned once
lulumacia (EUW)
: a Patchnote that tasted purple :o
giving everyone 9 armor lvl one will screw up lethality even more
Ðequñ (EUNE)
: Can anyone explain this?
what was his rank last season
lonaceGR (EUNE)
: well last game got 19 lp what happened?
youre enemies were better than the ones at the 17 lp game
lonaceGR (EUNE)
: does inactivity affect the mmr?
no but a 39% winrate does
lonaceGR (EUNE)
: well i have the same mmr as my elo https://www.lol-mmr.com/profilev2.php?summoner=lonacegr&region=eune
you cant lookup mmr on the internet, a 39% winrate and 17 lp at win isnt a silver V mmr if youre silver V its more like bronze 2 or smth
: Cant open shot
maybe he has an other hotkey for it?
lonaceGR (EUNE)
: LP Points
bcs after you get ranked you have a higher mmr than your elo is, so you get much lp but with a 39% winrate you cant keep that mmr ^^ so your mmr gets lower= the lp are getting lower
House x33 (EUW)
: Draktharr
singed was bugged btw

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