: it's not like you're playing 5v1 when this 1 fed enemy exists XD
With team mates like mine? Sure it isn't 1 vs 5 it's 1 vs 9.
: I’m pretty sure if you put LL stylish against your enemy laner, he will go 5/0 easily, since he's a high elo player. So again, isn't it your fault?
I said that you can't solo carry unless you are a smurf from CHALLENGER or something like that. I am not a smurf from challenger so yea. Read the whole post and then say anything thanks.
: > I don't think i can do any real thing against a 5/0 Drav that literally oneshoots me as a Zed What stops you from being 5/0 on a solo lane, then roaming to bot and one shotting that draven when you're R is off cooldown ? I tell you what, you not being better than the midlaner - while the enemy ADC being better than your ADC. Better team wins, if you have no impact, you also don't have the right to complain about your team. You can't seriously expect everyone being better than the enemy in every game.
Enemy midlaner stops me from being 5/0. Some people just know that soloing a champ that beats you isn't a good idea. But my team mates aren't that kind of people. I can't 24/7 dive the enemy midlaner and my botlane doing 0/2 is still fighting enemies on lane. See the difference now?
: I have the only advice you will need: Play Master Yi jungle. You will win almost every game. Edit: do you main support? Because you have played multiple roles in your history. I wouldn't suggest playing support to climb unless you have an adc duo. That is the worst role to carry from. You have to rely on your teammates to kill the enemy.
Well playing support makes me win a lot more than any other role. Maybe i don't do damage but even with an useless team i still win if enemies can't do anything.
: I just went from Silver 3 to Gold 1 in less than 2 months by only play Pyke, Zilean and Nunu support (Maybe some Shen top as secondary) completely solo. Also right now I'm playing against smurfs in gold 1 and it's almost impossible for me to climb any higher, but at least i reached the thread of the edge to high elo, right before all toxic players exist. My point is, low elo is easy to climb as long you have the time and will to do it. Who cares if you lose 3 games in a row, you won 3 games back didn't you? Oh now you are in promos even if you won equal amount of games that you lost? That's why it's easy to grind in low elo.
Maybe you had better luck with your teammates. Mine just literally run around and feed everyone. It feels like playing with bots but at least bots aren’t doing ARAM on mid in 10 minute. Trying to play support cuz I have better luck to players on this role but still adc’s that have brain lags and randomly stop in the middle of the lane happen.
CJXander (EUNE)
: I think it's quite the opposite, you cannot carry solo in high elo. In low elo you can basically soraka mid.
Well yes you can basically soraka mid. But only when your team isn’t feeding everyone. My point is that I’m always playing with people that feed a lot. No matter what you can’t win a game with like 3 kills against 8/0 botlane and enemies that do everything to protect them. Unless your team mates in the worst case go 0/2 you can’t do anything.
: u say u cant carry solo yet complain about 1 fed enemy. seems legit.
That one fed enemy had 4 team mates that actually protected him and saved his ass every time. I couldn’t kill any of these fed enemies cuz of that. He wasn’t solo carrying his whole team was at least not feeding everything that moved.
: Looked up ur History. In nearly every Rank game u also fed the enemys. Search for ur own mistakes
Maybe like 2 games i went negative stats? The other deaths were simply because my team feeded and i couldn't do anything about enemy team oneshooting me. If you are looking up the match history at least inspect these matches before saying anything {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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