Hajrulla (EUW)
: Can you get banned for chatting with your friend on the friend list?
: > [{quoted}](name=CJXander,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AA9YJBJy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-05-25T09:26:47.070+0000) > > Actually, Riot does not get involved with PRIVATE MESSAGES unless it's a death threat. Stop spreading misinformation :). > > If we're talking about post-game lobby, then RIP, that's completely bannable. Not even in death threats. Effectively by law, private chat in League is covered by most international privacy laws, even as a private company they are not allowed to read it. Its the same as Facebook chat or work email.
Oh wow thank you dude. didn't get banned or anything
Matadon777 (EUNE)
: Serbian Language on EUNE
WHY DON'T YOU JUST SIT DOWN AND ENJOY THE GAME? Like if you understand Serbian, you can also read Hrvatski, Polish, Czech and Russian. Why ask for more? You also have a nice English?
Cypherous (EUW)
: Still waiting on a citation
Private chat not the lobby one. 2 days, a response has been made but no bans at all or any punishments.
: Was it in the public chat in the post game lobby or was it in the privat chat. The later one afaik doesnt get moderated.
Private chat not the lobby one. 2 days, a response has been made but no bans at all or any punishments.
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Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Dodge does not count as losing. Not where it actually matters. You may have failed your promo and lost LP, but your MMR did not suffer, meaning you're still ahead in the climbing. Higher MMR => Faster climbing => Skipping divisions => Skipping promos
So if I actually dodge my MMR won't be affected? Isn't LP all about MMR? I don't understand this at all
V31751 (EUW)
: Chat restriction
contact support
: Does riot give you bad teams during promos?
Well I just won 5 games in a row, reached promos to s3 and you know what happened? I had to %%%%ing dodge, mid picked Sona, Top picked Vayne, Adc pre-picked Vayne but went nuts when Top had the chance to have it, Support trolled with Urgot and I had to %%%%ing dodge. Then I realised that if I dodge it counts as a %%%%ing loss... now I'm 1 L for no REASON. It's simply Riot. Riot is screwing everything.
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: Let me introduce you to my mother!
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Mute them, report them, move on. The irony of this community is if you havent worked in customer service where you meet much worse and straight out %%%%%%ed customers(yes, there are those kind of people you can write a whole comedy on and it still wouldn't have half the stuff in it), you will never understand how this game is just the tip of the iceberg. Problem is, you can only stop yourself from getting frustrated, you can't stop others from being %%%%%%s.
I work as a receptionist and I know how real life works. Just a game but this game is unfair.
Pega (EUW)
: The games quoted on your Report Card are randomly selected, usually it takes a sample size of 20 reported games, and selects a random one of those. To even be eligible for getting a Report Card you need to have at least 100 minor issues in your reported games, or just 1 with sample words which are prohibited to be even mentioned on the forum, since even once mentioned gets you banned. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} I hope this was helpful information.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: This is not we discussing here. And we are gay or not, it is not the topic either and not your business. We discuss here if you deserve ban or not. About Ezreal, yes, he deserves ban too.
There's the problem with League players. Ezreal wrote that down to me and Zilean, not me to you guys... But ok, appreciate it.
: Exatcly. Here I see only negative attitude and if this guys has been warned about it on previous games, then this mute is legit. Otherwise no
What about totally carrying them and Ezreal trolling? Calling me a feeder and flaming me and Talon for trying to get first blood, he also flamed Zilean the whole game for the reason he picked Zilean as a support. Mocking me the whole game calling me is Zilean your girlfriend, are you guys gay or what? Doesn't he deserve a ban? Impressive.
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: [Patch 9.4] Extreme gamebreaking bug happening every single game. please fix asap.
: Disconnecting in-game, in launcher etc.
same here in Kosovo/Albania. This is weird, I'm tired of afk bans..
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SepharU (EUNE)
: What i learned from League!
: Am I doing something Wrong?
try duos, you lower the chance of having bad teammates. Team game is all what you need.
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: I´m about to quit lol..
It's the same bro. Sorry but don't even bother playing ranked. I dropped from S1 to S4
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samikill (EUW)
: hardstack silver 3 for 2 years and a half
I failed Silver 2 promos 7 times in a row now but the thing is that I play this game since May or something like this so it's not even a year. If you want we can duo if you can use voicechat. I'm tired of having to carry everyone so now I'm pretty much playing for fun on ranked not for winning. Only if I have a premade. TIred of flamers and inters
N o (EUW)
: Aram Doding needs to be punished harder
IS it that hard to change runes again and adapt to another champion? Or you had a Veigar and you want to kill the guy who dodges? Life is not fair!
: his farmed perfectly.. look at the levels
dude he wasn't getting any assist even tho I killed the opponent no kill for me, no assist showing up on the kill!!!!!
Rºbin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Hello dear, Summoner name: Hajrulla Skin: Thunderlord Volibear and King Tryndamere. Thanks.{{summoner:52}}
: A funny one
Too many bugs lately, game is totally broken at the current state
: Looking for a Udyr Main Name
IamWearingTibbers. Beary deadly. Godyr. One Udyrection. Pentudyr.
mini pyke (EUW)
: A number of bugs i want to report
I also posted one Nocturne gets no assists! https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/KtZ7YElA-nocturne-bugged-a-lot-of-champions-bugged-since-the-last-patch
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: I think Tryndamere actually has quite a bit of skins! Though it has been 1.5 years since his last one.
They are really bad and their prices don't match the skins. Nothing special
: Another Yi skin?
Tryndamere :(?
: > [{quoted}](name=Hajrulla,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=drWml96J,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-14T08:05:10.601+0000) > > Well for some reason everyone loaded on 100% and I thought that it was some kind of bug or something but the game already started and I didn't realize that. After 5 minutes of waiting I force the client to close and reconnect in the game and it happens to be that 6 minutes of the game have already passed and my team didn't remake. I was the jungler, so is it my fault that top and mid had to loose lane and be 0/3 before I did? Is it my fault that I get blamed and shamed, while my mid goes 0/5 in less than 10 mins? Why am I flamed and why do I lose LP for this kind of bug. > Also for that I had to restore client to a newer version. > > > Can Riot at least implement a warning that we are stuck in loading screen and the game has already started or something like that? when this happens, when your champion spawns he's in the middle of that spawning thing. but some people doesn't seem to understand that.
What do you mean? In the middle? How come
Penyü (EUW)
: you lose LP because you lost the game, it's not complicated .
So next time I shouldn't even bother going in-game if this happens at least I lose less LP and I don't get flamed for something that's not my fault.
Player 123 (EUNE)
: You act as a child. First off, your laners probably went like that because enemy jungle did pressure their lanes and ganked them, also pretty sure they tilted and didn't care in the end before you reconnected. Second off, yeah it's bugged . It's known that if you alt tab and come back it would sometime still show like you are loading while others are in the game. That's why when you tab out make sure you not just tab back in but with a cursor click on your game. I think its a bug with a borderless screen. Until they fix it, nothing you can do about it, i've lost more games than i can count because of this bug. So write a ticket or something to ask for a fix, but you will NOT get ur LP back.
They had an option called remake. They didn't for some weird reasons. So what's your solution because I play FULL-SCREEN most of the time? I'm not supposed to ALT+TAB or what's going on with this? And no, my teammates just inted straight away. I think they were very tilted since they already lost lane and I guess they invaded 4v5 with me being afk and our ADC died but whatever...
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: At least learn to spell the champ's name, and not mistype it 4 times in a single post ?
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: Leave at min 2, come back 30 minutes later and win the game
: 1st off i dont want to sound like a liar but It just hit me but I'm tired ^^' i am silver 4 not 3. I reached silver 3 and demotend However if you still want to duo ill hit you up tomorrow
yup during night time I'm available because I'm working night shift. Just add me as long as you can communicate throuigh discord with voice chat we'll be okay. I usually carry!
Hajrulla (EUW)
: Looking for a duo SILVER with DISCORD, to get Gold in 2 days. I'm Silver 3
: always ban yasuo, followed by yi Also what is your role? im silver 3 main mid and jgl
Anything but adc. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Hajrulla
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: play safe you say, under your OWN turret while she is untargetable by it? How much more safe can you freaking be if not under your own turret?? {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
wait for jungler ganks maybe? so your jungler and you can kill her. You + Turret + Jungler = Dead Akali
: I'm dying, and League is all I have.
Just so you know, I almost have the same story as you but I recovered after not being able to play computer 24/7 for like 1 year and a half. And my parents weren't rich and are not. I also started with AQWorlds which is the best game I ever played as a child, and I'm just 19 too. Try to take care of yourself, quit gaming for a while. Start a normal life, 3 course dinning everyday, go on walks with someone you like and enjoy your time with and take care of yourself so you don't have to be a pain in the ass for everybody else and ruin everybody's else life. IF you want to take yours, tell them, let them know and just end it because you've been brought here for a purpose so you shouldn't die without one. Hf gl
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: So Ornn
play champs like Jax, Urgot. champs who counter him :)
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