: Worlds 2018 Tokens
Same, last day was yesterday.... I got in an accident over the weekend and couldnt make my last tokens.. have now 2287 tokens. Just because of this car accident i wasnt at home.. Only yesterday evening i could play some games but now... it is over.
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Meriipu (EUNE)
: flex queue: premades
4 player flex is not allowed, 5pre is allowed. its about the **_amount of Team MMR_**
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Teckie16 (EUW)
: WOW this is a REAL 1 in terms of matchmaking failures... this EASILY deserves the 53 LP if not more... Ranks as of current, taken from op.gg (might be slightly different as to when the match happened) Flex 3v3 Rankings of YOUR team: Gold 5 (89 LP) - Silver 1 (100 LP) - Platinum 5 (0 LP) Flex 3v3 Rankings of the ENEMY team: Master (89 LP) - Platinum 2 (35 LP) - Master (157 LP)
Wait... xD they were this High ?? hahaha {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} seems like Elo is not everything what matters.
: but how?
Don't ask me, I just play the game {{champion:59}} with this guy here c:{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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Halsey x Sorry

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