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Ivikus (EUW)
: The Winds of Runtera
i read it till the end {{sticker:vlad-salute}} liked the detail of the poro being thrown to the yordle and licking it etc. Still felt a bit odd to be told gragas is the light of runeterra or whatever without a proper explanation or proof
one of his basic skills is an engage/cc hability which can br useful on bot lane. He also have a slow. And his passive is extremelly strong on a lane in which is usual to get beaten
Pixelbits (EUW)
: How do you solo carry a game as ADC when your support is a complete potato and there is no peel?
ashe is the answer. Play as you are alone on lane, just farm all the minions you can nd if you lose some or the rival hits the tower doesnt matter, just farm and be safe while scaling and acumulating gold and items. You can copy my guide, it works really good for me, won 2 rankeds out of 2. Its important that ashe has a usefull kit of abilities and easy poking. Take a look at my runes/items/sums with her.
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Gr1zmo (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=HamiltionjFrEiG,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=hcOOdyU2,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-22T21:07:31.529+0000) > > ¿Why do you have to learn to play vs "14-1 zeds"? Because thats how you climb. In any strategic competition or sport, there will be different type of adversaries and obstacles to win depending on the rank you are playing. In this case one of these obstacles is a "14-1 zed" Because thats how you climb... and i have to climb like that in silver when even golds find it hard to 1v9 in lower elo. So why should a player that hasn't learned the game completely and far from mastering it have to learn to beat that fed zed?
u dont find a 14_1 zed in every ge, its just a minor situation and not representative of the silver rank.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Find a way, to express yourself... not to change yourself. Tell me what do you want to achieve when you flame people. DO NOT LIE. Speak the truth...
normally i start by poining out other players mistakes or defending myself and it scalates into flame. But sometimes i flaame coz im angry...
: Nope. Winning the lottery is a miracle. To lose 20 games is the same as sleeping 30 minutes after your alarm goes off, then forgetting the keys to your work place as you're in a hurry, then having to drive back home as you were about to leave your car. I would say losing 20 games is the same as having a bad day.
in that case it would be an extraordinary bad day. Becoz i have had many bad days and weeks and never arrived to the extreme of having 20 loses in a row. It only shows how little interest and effort this person puts into the game.
Gr1zmo (EUNE)
: The real reason people can't climb out of silver/bronze.
you rarely see a 14-1 zed. And if he is 14-1 you probably participted in the situations that brought him to this score. ¿Why do you have to learn to play vs "14-1 zeds"? Because thats how you climb. In any strategic competition or sport, there will be different type of adversaries and obstacles to win depending on the rank you are playing. In this case one of these obstacles is a "14-1 zed" Also, if a player can get 14-1 and you can't, it means he is good and deserves win, while you deserv to stay in your rank.
: I have 2 stories for ya. 1 time I got into silver, managed to stay around the middle area of silver 4. But then really bad luck kicked in and I got 20 defeats in a row... 20 defeats, stopped by few victories that honestly felt like weren't worth cause of toxic players, only to then get another 15 defeat streak. I started to cry cause in 1 week, all my progress to getting silver was instantly taken from me all cause of bad luck.... This bad luck included, junglers who never ganked, never ganked my lane specifically, mid laners who never informed their opponents were missing, mid laners who just aimed for kills, botlane just being botlane and most of these teams always pinned their blames on me. Of course I did defend myself by pointing out the real problems but you know how toxic players are.... So I went and played dota for awhile. The second story is more of a positive thing. The team had 3 toxic players. I was playing top and the non toxic player was support. Basically long story short, jungler never helped lanes that needed help, mid and adc just pin all blame on support and top. It was a hard fought game but we won in the end and let me tell you. That victory was not worth it... But the thing is, me and this support won that match. Despite the 3 toxic stooges, we did our parts and then some and we managed to win the game. All the while toxic players just spew toxic stuff and call us idiots for having the items we had. I had a zz'rot portal in my kit but I don't remember what the support had. After the match, me and support get the basic speal from the toxic trio that they will report us. Well we also reported them. Just as I finish making my report, the trio had already left, the support asked me, "How are you in bronze?" I gave him the answer that I just didn't play much ranked games cause I kinda hated ranked. The support then tells me one of the craziest things I've ever heard. "You played like a Gold, or atleast Diamond 4 player" That was the first time someone from an higher elo told me that my play style resembled something from a higher elo. They even pointed out that in this match I was held back by the toxic trio. I know I don't have proof and just relying on memory. So believe it if you want or just ignore it. Your call.
its impossible to lose 20 games in a row coz of bad luck. It's more probable that you win the lotery.
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: why should i?
you gain absolutly nothing by starting a new acc. Only thing that changes is that ur mmr gets reseted. Unles u ar from diferent setver ok... nvm
JustClone (EUNE)
: Man there are pretty people and there are ugly people. There are smart people and there are stupid people. There are good people and there are bad people. What I have noticed for my lifetime is that you cannot change people.
its ironic that by one side your message might suggest to me to stop trying to change my team mind, but at the same time ur messages implies that I, as a person neither will be able to change the way i act PD, ive read all the answers from anyone, i appreciate everyones intentions
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Febos (EUW)
: That happens because those players are not trying to climb. That or they don't know what the hell they're doing and are still trying to find their champion to climb. I don't play Ranked all that much, but when I do I stick to 2 or 3 champions. Two seasons ago it was Taric and Zyra. It helps to choose a champion that isn't picked/banned often.
when im playing on platin it gets really anoying, you have people on your team with copied builds from the internet who have no idea of what they are donig with their champion. Then after losing the game i search for their history and i see they only have 2 matches with said champ in the entire season.
Kubajz (EUW)
: Whats wrong with being flexible? Then can person avoid stuff like "aUtOfIlLeD, CaNt pLaY jUnGLe, pLz swAp" or when someone bans their champion, they instantly dodge. Being able to play 1-5 champions does say a lot about one and their skill. On the other hand there are those who can easily adapt and play tens of champions to fit their team/counter the enemy/destroy the meta. Kudos to these people as their skill in gaming is above average.
noone can easily adapt and play "tens" of champions, not to say 20 diferent champions. I dont know how this works on low elo, but on high elo people only play few champs with which they know everything.
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: Fun fact. Tanks get also oneshot and aren't even able to fight back because they literally deal no dmg anymore.
yesterday i was playing taric, a tryndamer would jump to me and kill me in 1.5 seconds
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What is the logic behind refusing to cooperate and helping out your team?
: > [{quoted}](name=Yraco,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QOOvfRTw,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-04T13:53:00.488+0000) > > Some people, including me, are happy to get suggestions and if you see that we are doing something wrong we would like you to point it out because sometimes you don't realise the mistakes you are making. > It can also be helpful to suggest safer play if you are jungle and want to gank someone because then they can prepare for you. > > Typically, if someone keeps losing 1v1 before you say anything, your comments are not the thing that causes someone to die 1v1; people don't die 1v1 multiple times, have an ally make a polite suggestion, accept that it is a logical suggestion, and then keep going in to die 1v1 just to spite their ally for asking them to play safer. League is not often played by polite people, you're dreaming if you think that naive. People are often toxic and instead of giving 'polite' suggestions they act toxic. If you die the first time to a laner there's a big chance you'll die again. Saying '' Don't 1 vs 1 '' and sitting under the tower while the guy who is already ahead getting all the farm to stay even more ahead is hardly a helpful tip. Sure it's always smart to play safe and less greedy, but if you do that then you shouldn't constantly die to a 1 vs 1 in the first place. And like Humpelstilzche wrote: So regardless of whether this is toxic or not (I think it is a bit), it's simply not smart to ask this kind of "Captain Hindsight" question. We are all smarter after something happened. No one likes people who say stuff like "Why didn't you..." or "Couldn't you have done...". It's pointless. There is no use to this questions. They only serve the purpose of blaming someone for something bad and make it feel bad about it. No one likes a Captain Hindsight. If you have advice to share and you absolutely have to share it, share it BEFORE it's too late. After it's too late, every monkey can do it. Because it's easy and useless. So you should ask yourself a few question and "Is this toxic" REALLY isn't the most important one: Do you want to be Captain Hindsight? Do you want to rub salt in peoples wounds? Do you want to get yourself and others distracted by discussing their mistakes? Do you want to lower your teams chance to win? So basically what it means is, focus on your own game instead of how others play. Give suggestions -before-- shit hits the fan, instead of saying '' don't 1 vs 1 '' go help them or something, do something other than moaning about it.
This is a team game, theres absolutly no reason to focus on your own. Because the result of the game dpends on your entire team.
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