: Wisual bug with lantern in skin Dark Star Thresh
I find it difficult to understand your description. Could you please separate it into 1) a list of reproduction steps and 2) a short description of the results?
: [Gameplay] Casting Pyke's Q while it's on cooldown will disable movement and attack commands
Have you tried to falsify this by trying the same with other champions?
Kalviras (EUW)
: The main issue for me here is Iron is superior to Bronze... it'd be like it going Iron - Bronze - Gold - Silver - Diamon - Platinum - Grand Master - Master -
> [{quoted}](name=Kalviras,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XbGvag14,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-13T08:35:28.543+0000) > > The main issue for me here is Iron is superior to Bronze... it'd be like it going > > Iron - Bronze - Gold - Silver - Diamon - Platinum - Grand Master - Master - By what attributes? Chemically/physically, or by monetary value?
Saif xPro (EUW)
: Why Iron is below bronze?
> And even why Riot added a new tier? They explained it in detail multiple times when they announced it, and in interviews. Have you researched it, and have a specific question about it? > It doesn't make any sense. They just added complexities to the ranked system. (especially for the new players) What complexities do you mean specifically? > We used to know that bronze always the lowest tier in any competitive game. In CS:GO the lowest tier is silver, which completely refutes your last sentence.
Rioter Comments
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Zerelous (EUW)
: Forced meta?
Nowhere does it say you have to play an adc bot. Nowhere does it force the support to go bot. The jungler is forced to go in the jungle, but when was the last time you played a game without a jungler? And it's not like you can't still communicate with your team if you want to play something else. The meta is and has always been forced by the players not wanting you to play unusual strategies. You could'nt do that before either.
: Warning when you try to ban a champion that someone on your team wants to play
The purpose of banning is to take a champion out of the pool so the enemy can't pick it, regardless whether someone of the team wants to play it. If I am 4th pick and my lastpick teammate wants to play a champion I'd rather ban, then I think about banning it nonetheless. If it's my 2nd pick teammate who wants it I am less likely to ban it. But saying you want to play a champion should not be a reason not to ban it. It just helps making the decision.
: if it is in normal games their reaction is inappropriate.
It is inappropriate regardless of the game mode.
: New Champ Select Causing Computer to Crash
Update your graphics driver and Adobe AIR.
DaWolfer (EUW)
: nerf
Nerf every champ please. Buff minions.
: About my placement matches.
> [{quoted}](name=ADC Best Friend,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Hzg1EoEE,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-27T12:19:52.769+0000) > > when i play normal games i play with plats and gold When plats and golds play normal games, they play with you.
dedbrick (EUW)
: Placement Games
> [{quoted}](name=dedbrick,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=NvfNNdJJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-27T12:08:25.480+0000) > > Riot have now put me in Bronze 1!!!! Did Riot play your placement games? I don't think so. You've put yourself in bronze by losing 2 games against bronze players.
rctboy95 (EUW)
: Roles like mid lane would never get the reward, so a huge amount of players will be against this idea since they'll never get the ip and others will.
: Dynamic Queue Complaint
Actually it already is uber super definitely clear, and I am sure that almost everybody knows it. I rather think that people tab out because they aren't yet used to the new champ selection being faster than the old one.
: i totally feel u man. ur completely right, random toxic shouldn't be permabanned.
Instead free skins should be given to them.
MaryPrinca (EUNE)
: RIOT HELP ME..Check the logs...and explain me...Permabanned????? no curse wishes words no racism....
Alluziion (EUNE)
: Sorry
How can your toplaner pick Twisted Fate if your toplaner already picked Jax?
: Do reports even work ?
Single reports rarely lead to punishments, depending on the extent of the violation. I think you only get a notification if your report directly affected the punishment, but not if you reported them a week ago, they got a warning and then got punished a week later after being toxic again.
: Im complitely mad. i Was S4, win 6 games and get a B5... WTF is that.
IN DYNAMIC QUEUE. Solo Queue will come in a few weeks.
: lol that's hard
How is that hard? What's better than being able to climb from bronze 5 to silver again with 90 % winrate? Imagine your stats in your profile saying "Silver 2, 30 wins, 5 losses". And what's more fun than being able to get an easy winstreak without having to smurf?
: 8 wins 2 losses - goes into Bronze 5?
It doesn't matter how many games you win or lose, if you win against players with bronze 7 MMR that doesn't mean you are better than bronze 5. And if you stop playing LoL because of your rating, I hope you don't hink your Elo is going to fix itself. If you want a higher rating, you have to earn it, and not complain and stop playing.
Black Yuumi (EUNE)
: Bronze 5? why?
If you lost against players with bronze 5 MMR you get placed into bronze 5 and have to climb out again. Your win/loss ratio doesn't really mean a lot. It is way more important whom you win or lose against.
: Is Aatrox a good champ for beginners?
I wouldn't recommend jungling that early, as it is quite ineffective without runes and masteries as well as some experience on every position. I suggest you buy and try some cheap champions first to be flexible and have one or two for each role, and try the champions that are free to pick every week so you can decide which one you want to save for.
Areonaut (EUW)
: Ranked
I would 100 % believe you if you were to say you get a flamer in your team every single game. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Last season ended d3 can only invite bronze-gold players...?
: Riot, fix your stupid champion select!
You seem pretty toxic, so maybe another punishment might be needed. You queue up for support, and then complain that you get it? Nice logic. Maybe you should pick another position then if you don't want to play it. Forgetting to pick or ban is not an excuse, since you never know if someone deliberately dodged or just forgot it. At least you will remember to do it next time.
: How to reach Diamond in 2 days
I don't get it, care to explain?
: Would you consider this op
{{champion:67}} Tumble is not a dash; it is slower than most dashes, and does not work over most walls. The percent true damage is applied only every third attack, which requires good focus and is hard to do more than once to the same target in a teamfight. Also it is the only damage she has apart from her attacks themself, since she doesn't have a damage spell. The stun must be hit very precisely, and is very situational. The invisibility is only 1 second, and usually even shorter since you want to attack with ulti activated. {{champion:86}} The ulti is good for executing an immobile adc, but since you usually fight Garen with another tank he has to get you low enough first for the execute to kill you. It makes Garen a champion you probably don't want to fight 1v1, but it is not like he runs around killing enemies with his ulti. {{champion:122}} It looks like "600 true dam on a hole team while being a tank" belongs to Darius. First of all, Darius can't really be considered a tank. Furthermore I'd like to know how he applies that damage to the whole team, since he needs to finish the enemy in order to get his reset, in which case they again have to be already losing the fight anyway. {{champion:36}} "an over heal ult while being a tank" is actually what makes Mundo a tank. Champions are not tanks because they look like it, but because they have abilities that scale well with tank items. One could even argue about Mundo's damage being too high, but since your problem is Mundo surviving, I don't see the problem since you can usually ignore him, especially if you don't consider his damage too high. One might argue about {{champion:107}} and {{champion:223}} being quite strong currently in certain situations and team compositions, but their winrates tell a different story.
MadClown (EUNE)
: Is this possible when playing ranked...
The class and division do not matter for matchmaking. What matters is the Elo and the premade status. A Silver player cannot queue with a Platinum player, but since it was a placement match they were probably unranked as well, and Unranked can queue with Unranked. Apart from that, in case you haven't heard of it, there was a soft reset of Elo (MMR), which means that the Elo difference between all players is reduced, and a Bronze 1 player and a Silver 4 player might end up with the same MMR. Also you do not know how many placement matches they have won or lost yet.
: It sounds like one trick pony´s will be the great Winners of these system. Being able to to play all lanes has been big advantage, but no more. I wounder whats is going to happen whit the quaqeing times in bronze when everybody 35% want go to go top, 35% want to go mid, 15% jungle, 10% adc and 5% suppport? Or is it possible to be placed as support even if you have choiced mid and top?
Also I am not sure, I think you will always get one of the two roles you picked, but the queue times might become very long, depending on the Elo. Queue time will always be way faster when picking fill. Also I can imagine Riot giving a bonus (e.g. some additional IP) to filling players.
Jàsuö (EUNE)
: 10 players mode
Like a simple deathmatch? Doesn't really fit the gameplay of League.
Dacryl (EUW)
: Problems with matchmaking
Update Adobe AIR, repair the client, update the graphics driver and close all unnecessary background processes.
Candent (EUW)
: How about Amnesty, Riot ?
> [{quoted}](name=Candent,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3AzUgViW,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-20T09:45:30.955+0000) > > I don't know, even prisoners will once released, even they will have freedom. Even prisoners have a chance to correct themself, to become better. But i don't have that chance. Do all prisoners get released? No, only those who are charged with a certain amount of time in prison. You, however, are sentenced to life imprisonment. You might be right that you don't have the chance to improve your behaviour, but you definitely had it.
Candent (EUW)
: How about Amnesty, Riot ?
> [{quoted}](name=Candent,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3AzUgViW,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-20T09:45:30.955+0000) > > But i think it was 2012. I was like 14 or 15 years old raging kid. Now i'm 19, very soon i'l be 20. Nice math skills.
Kirz1 (EUW)
: Are you being serious?
Nice "screenshot". {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
MadClown (EUNE)
: But still holy fck the fairness is unreal
If he won 8 against ex-bronzes and won 2 against ex-silvers, as an exaggerated example, it's completely expectable.
: but mostly in this situation, health does not has so much value compared with amor. so health is basicaly just little sense.
Actually your armor only gets its real value once you start buying hp too.
: Trolls saved only for my promos nice :/
I've got bad new for you: You were lucky to get carried to promos, but you are not ready for the next division yet.
: Matchmaking for fresh 30
Learn from the best, become the best.
wh0 r u (EUW)
: Rammus needs a Nerf...
So you are telling me that Rammus is a tank? Thanks, finally I know.
Trollas (EUNE)
: Zed-deadeye?
I don't get it. Zed's icon has an animation now, so people conclude a new champ is being announced?
Holdstrom (EUW)
: I'm Really toxic
If you don't want to be toxic, just DON'T BE. The chat is not writing itself. You can scream at your wall all you want, but don't let it out on others. There is no way to completely disable the chat, but you could change the key bindings so you can not open it.
: false ban and nerf vayne
1. Tumble deals 0 damage. The next hit delas bonus damage, which you would have done anyways, so the additional damage is about 30. 2. The true damage from silver bolts is 10 + 4 %, which is about 46 at level 2, assuming the enmy has 900 hp. 3 attacks are needed for this, which is about 3 seconds at level 2 (already considering a tumble reset). 3. Vayne is strong in late game with about 3 - 4 items. Vayne struggles a lot in early game, and is far from op at level 2 - 3. 4. Chat bans are usually deserved, and I have no doubt in your case.
: left ranked game for unbalanced games
Imagine everyone would ask for being placed higher than deserved. Everything players achieved would be worth nothing. I carried myself from bronze to gold 2, until I stopped playing ranked because I had less time to play. Maybe you misunderstood the purpose of ranked games. They are not about for everyone to climb from the bottom to the top, but for players to compete with each other and see how good they are. You see how good you are now, which is bronze 3. If you want to get higher, keep practising and improve yourself.
: What exactly does this mean? Should I be worried?
One report is enough for you to get that message. It is just a warning so you can think about your recent behaviour and change it if needed, because some people don't even realise that they are doing something wrong. However, if you didn't do anything wrong you have nothing to worry about.
aknas (EUNE)
: reporting for nothing
So since you got reported for nothing, Riot knows now that you did nothing. What's the problem again?
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Make some changes to Tahm Kench!
> Where he belongs Thats exactly what should NOT happen. As long as a champion is not too dominant in another lane, he should not be forced to be played in only one specific role. If you say he is too strong on solo lanes, I agree that he would need a nerf. But diversity is what makes a game fun in the long run.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
Report for picking my main position, because it lowers my chance of winning. {{champion:48}}
: >Don't tell people how they have to play. I don't. I just report them if they deliberately lower their own teams chance of winning. >If someone wants to challenge themself and play with handicap, that is fine too. No, its not. Because that person isn't playing alone, hes playing in a team of 5, and thus is making his handicap the handicap for 4 more people.
He will lower his ranking to the point where he plays as well as everyone else, in his and the opposing team. You cannot blame anyone for not playing as if their life depended on it, just like you cannot blame someone for being bad or inexperienced. If someone you could (hypothetically) reach gold, but plays like silver because he doesn't try too hard, he doesn't hold anyone back from winning, because a gold player trying their best can still win against the non-serious gold player.
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