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: DirectX Bug Causing Players to be Unable to Reconnect to Games
Great patch! I tried everything on the internet and looks like that i cant fix this error.......
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: There you go False report strikes New players(New accounts) have strong reports because they didnt judge yet You were unlucky and got reported bymultiple of them in that game But then again why are you playing at smurf anyway? Thats unfair for new players and makes you look pathetic
Yes, you are right. Im not sure if i should send a ticket, this is a ivl 7 Acc and people on this post said strong reasons to this ban, although is not that well deserved and suport reply probably will not be anything new. Maybe in future this post can help someone. I played on this smurf because is more relaxing (in my main i only play ranked) and sometimes even more fun, the main reason of all smurfs :P
: Tribunal Jokes. Realy funny Ban ....
Hum, btw i might send a ticket to suport. Im just confusing because this acc is not my main and it is only Ivl 7, i have played about 12 games +/- ( only played 2 days on this acc ), so i dont understand why i got a 14 days ban and not a chat restriction. I dont know what i did wrong, because 14 days ban is realy severe, is the last "hope" before a perma ban. I think something is missing, because a insta 14 days ban and not a chat restriction is realy weird. Im curious.
: You're wrong, yes. It's based upon multiple games, not just one.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > -IF in his reform card he only got log from 1 game then He was banned for only that game and you said its possible if his behaviour is insane. Is this behaviour INSANE? No, that's not the case. You can be banned due to the behaviour you display over the course of multiple games, but currently only one game is sent to you as an example. I believe the game that is sent to you is the final game that triggered the ban. It is, however, not the only game that you were judged upon, unless the violation is very extreme (homophobia, death threats, etc). --- > -This is maybe worthy of 10 games of chat restrict at the best not freaking 14 day ban That is your opinion, which you are entitled to have. --- > -Now in case he is not banned because of this game game then riot really needs to send more evidence Not really, because we can see based on these logs alone what the player is doing wrong which caused his ban in the first place. He's been getting a lot of advice on how to improve, but everything just boils down to: don't retaliate. --- > IF this deserves 14 day bann then I deserve Like ULTRA/PERMA/MEGA bann from this game because in that 1 game I was 560 times more toxic then this guy Then perhaps you were banned based on a single game, and he wasn't. --- > This is the most insulting thing he said > i hope riot perma ban you from your IP, your atitude is the worst i ever saw, you are sad kid I actually react more to the following statement: _dude if i found you in real life you would not say that again trust me_ This is a threat. --- > Tribunal hasnt been up For like 3 years A little over one year. --- > Everyone would expect a clean start So past crimes are forgotten because they were never punished?
If there is some possible way to see the hole chat that would be realy nice because the way i was "speaking" to him was realy respectfull, comparing the way he "spoke" to me and the things he said to me and my family.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: No, I don't believe that. Bans aren't just for single games. Bans **can** be for a single game if the violation is very severe, but it can also be issued for very negative behaviour displayed over the course of many games. Based on the log, it doesn't take very long before OP start threatening with reports. I don't know what the other people said at that point, but it doesn't really matter: report threats are never ok. However, that alone isn't enough to instantly ban a person, but the whole log is very negative. I'm sure there wasn't 4 people in his team saying bad things to him, but his behaviour also ensured that the other members of his team that were trying to win the game wasn't going to have a fun game. Everyone can have a flamer in their team, and it's easy to mute them and just keep focusing on the game. There's still 4 people playing and focusing. However, once you start retaliating and fighting, suddenly the team only has 3 members left trying to focus, and it's much worse having to watch 2 people fight, than watching 1 person flame by himself. By retaliating, you're further ensuring that the game will go poorly for the rest of your allies.
Another question, that im kinda confuse, why did i get 14 Days Ban and not chat restriction? ( if was being "toxic" ).... That was "insta" 14 days ban...
: Its likely that you were banned due to multiple reports over many games, just this example listed was of your most recent report worthy offense. Retaliation and Defending Yourself are not the same thing. You were doing the former, not the latter. Defending yourself is muting them. The ban is valid as far as I can see. You can always try go through Riot Support if you feel it was unjustified.
I might be worng, but it looks like Tribunal ban due to the number of reports and not the chat content or report reasons? They copy pasta the chat logs from your last game that you did before you got banned. I think i was not toxic on this game, if you would be able to see the hole content of the chat. But i see your point, maybe they consider that i was "flaming" on previous games.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Retaliation is not the same as defending yourself. Defending yourself is using the mute button, and reporting the player when the game is over.
When someone is desireing cancer to me and my family, im sorry but that is a ofense that i cant ignore.
: Tribunal Jokes. Realy funny Ban ....
I just cant get it. A player ofend me and my family and i try to defend myself without disrepect him and i got banned. Some people dont take it to serious but i cant suport people who have fun about cancer. I was being realy friendly to him, trust me ... That kid made me realy sad...
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