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: Why did you call it useless wiki? Its the last thing I'd think of for a league website :P
I started the project without a purpose or name and just called everything in the project useless-x. e.g. useless-website useless-api useless-database At some point I was trying to think what I was actually going to call it, and i just thought it sounded catchy. The site is going to function for many games at some point so the useless part of the name is not to do with LOL. etc...
: Like it so far {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} i understand it is still in very early shape, but please pay attention on "similar in genre" tab. everything had "League of Legend" tag under it. i really wanna know what games are from some of those guys lol. anyway, best of luck. really loved the idea. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Oof ye my bad, i was aware of that bug. forgot to fix it yesterday. Ill get that fixed today.
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Borbland (EUW)
: Dawngate :( The feels
If any of the abilities from dawngate are at least considered for new champions I believe my missions is accomplished. Shapers like Kensu and Mina were genuinely unique and interesting designs.
duckarp (EUNE)
: I don't know, I somewhat fail to see the value. Matching algorithm is weird, there are some interesting bugs present (COSTTYPE:Manaplus@Effect3Amount@ManaPerSecond) and I'm not sure how do you intend to keep the site updated. Even you say "these values change with nerfs/buffs and will often be out of date.", so it's useless to even post them there. If I want to find a similar champion in some other MOBA, the easiest way is usually just to go to their website and check few out. Also most people usually don't have time to play multiple MOBAs, so.. yeah.. :/ Anyway, good luck, maybe someone else will find some value in it.
Hmm well thats unfortunate, this is the first place ive posted this with any negative feedback buts thats fine. The above isnt a bug, thats the way the League API presents the data, I was originally going to have cooldowns / mana costs but as you say its not maintainable so im removing that section. For someone who doesn't play LOL its not really important to know the small details like that. > If I want to find a similar champion in some other MOBA, the easiest way is usually just to go to their website and check few out. So your telling me you could go to right now with no background of the heroes and figure out who is similar to x champion..
ThePikol (EUNE)
: idk man. I clicked Ahri, found out thet she's similat to Janus (Smite) and in his page Ahri is not even mentioned to be similar to him. Also, looking at his spotlight I can't see where do you see similarities...
Ahris comparison ratings are super low. +50 is really low on my site. Janus on the other hand has much higher values (almost all +100 >) If you are an ahri main please let me know which of the tags on her page you consider to be central to her kit, they are currently ordered by importance in matching but they might not be correct. The comparisons are also not mirrors so one can match strongely whilst the other way round this is not true. Janus matches with Ahri on the basis of "High Mobility". This isnt the first assassin ive seen who has some issues with matches, I was going to implement Leagues Sub-classes to make things abit better in that area. EDIT: For clarity I have changed the scoring color on things below 75 to help indicate a low score. Please have a look around some others and you should see better matches.
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