: You're so fking boring and annoying in the thread. I can only imagine how disturbing you were in game. Get out and stay out.
Be careful of what you say otherwise you might get the ban hammer.
: > I did have chat restrictions last season So why did you claim you "had no no previous offenses at all" ? That is a blatant and direct lie. I appreciate that you are honest now, but you directly lied to us and the entire core of the topic, your supposed "instant" permaban is based on that lie, because it's not instant at all and you know it. Why did you even create that thread if you know that the main topic is not even true anyway? I don't want to argue with you, I just want to understand why you did that and waste everyone's time ( including your own) by leaving out this crucial fact. > Do you think support would be useful? That depends on what "use" you have in mind. If you want further explanations for your ban or previous punishments, sure, then it's useful. If you want to get unbanned, then no, it's not useful because they are not going to lift your ban. You are guilty and your perma is not "instant" so it's not a bug or mistake. It doesn't matter that you picked Nunu, your ban is based on your chat and your previous history only. Sorry for being to so blunt/direct. You seem like a nice guy and I have no interest in attacking you personally (and I hope I didn't), but I think the best way to help you is to make you realize your situation. This ban is not a bug or a mistake and it's not instant. And that part about lying...that is just personal curiosity. I am sure from your perspective you didn't lie to us...but I would like to understand that perspective, because I am sure you understand that, from my perspective, it certainly looks like you lied to us when you claimed to have no previous punishments at all while you obviously had multiple.
Calm down.. It was not a lie since your comment just made me think beyond this season. I have several smurfs and it is quite difficult to keep track of things such as chat restrictions.. Anyway 5 games chat restriction or ranked restriction to permaban is still not really a good progression and again, it was over a YEAR ago. That means I spent 1 year with no further offenses. From chat restriction of 5 games or 20(that means not really toxic but I should tone it down over a YEAR ago to perma is quite a leap) Most of my flame was saying disgusting elo, and enjoy staying low and just questioning what the hell they are doing and why they are doing this to make us lose the game. I did call people trash, and toxic but honestly none of this deserves a PERMA after a chat restriction from last season of 5 to 20 games(not more than 20 for sure) Just look at the chat above. Is that a perma ban worthy chat?? It isn't and you know it. It is not perma ban worthy. It is chat restriction or ranked restriction worthy at max. I get that boards and in general players always go like " good job riot get this toxic piece of shit out of here " but be honest to yourself. From chat restriction or ranked to perma ban is a massive leap especially when considering the time line.
: > Instant about it is that I had no previous offenses at all on this account. Are you sure? Because that is, as said before, basically impossible. If you are 100% sure, I recommend you write a support ticket, because this is not how it's supposed to be. > It seems like I was banned cus I said I will not get banned Don't get lost in conspiracy theories. That is not why you got banned, that's not how it works. > I don't know if you will believe it To be perfectly honest, I don't. It's possible that you are not intentionally lying, but I consider it almost impossible that you ACTUALLY didn't have previous punishments. Maybe you don't know about your previous punishment (bought account or "borrowed" it to a friend or something like that) or you forgot it, but I am damn sure this previous punishment existed. So, no, I don't believe you. It's nothing personal, it's just a matter of experience. Hundreds of players here on the boards claimed that they have received an instant perma without any previous punishment and none of them was correct. Well, except for that one guy, but as I explained before, his chat log was a whole different level and it wasn't a surprise to anyone that he got an instant perma. Your case is different.
I did have chat restrictions last season and maybe 5 games ranked restriction but not more.. That is the most i have gotten. Do you think support would be useful? I just figured they normally say you cannot appeal perma bans so I did not bother but feels like it is a false positive tbh, cus I picked nunu and said will int (clairovoyance clarity nunu, remember that) Anyway I will check with them and update you. Thanks for the feedback. :)
: Ok, so about your chatlogs: I think it should be clear to everyone, including you, that you are guilty. You threatened to int, you threatened to go afk, you spammed, you blamed, you asked for reports, you trashtalked, you insulted. In other words: You broke pretty much every rule you can break in chat. Sure, there are worse chatlogs than yours, but this is still quite a lot and EASILY enough to justify a punishment. The threat to int alone would already be enough. > All in all, I do think I am worthy of some sort of punishment but an instant perma ban is in my opinion a bit too much. Define "instant permaban" please. What exactly is "instant" about it? Are you trying to say that you never had any punishment whatsoever before? Because that's how it's usually defined...and that's not possible. Instant permabans basically don't exist. They are theoretically possible, but in my 8 years on the forums/boards I saw exactly ONE of them, and that players chatlogs were beyond evil. So I am 100% sure this is not what happened here. > Opinions? I am looking for more of a critical discussion on the weight of the punishment relative to what has been done That strongly depends on your previous violations and punishments. Impossible to say just with those chat logs alone. > It is fine if it is perma-banned, I am just kinda surprised since I [...] mainly flamed based on reactions to other players. Doesn't matter. The rules don't change based on circumstances. You are not allowed to flame. Period. No matter why you flamed, no matter who flamed first, no matter how bad others flamed, no matter anything. It's always forbidden. The rules do not become invalid just because others are breaking them.
Yeah I am guilty of maybe a misdemeanor but not a felony :D Also, it is the first thing I said. I was toxic due to frustration. Anyway, I didn't spamm, I did not threaten to afk is the 2 things I did not do. The rest, I agree. Instant about it is that I had no previous offenses at all on this account. This is why the perma ban comes off as a surprise. They do exist, cus that is what happened to me! Also notice how a part of the game chat is in italic. It seems like I was banned cus I said I will not get banned, cus I get banned on actions(whether I int or not) rather than saying "God damn it I will int" I was similarly toxic in other games saying "disgusting elo", have fun in "low elo" etc but I think that is nothing worthy of an INSTANT perma ban. I understand that rules do not change based on circumstances, I am just providing some clarity. Anyway what I am exactly trying to tell you is that I had no previous offenses and I instantly got perma banned. That is why I am surprised. I don't know if you will believe it or not but that is what happened.
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: Is this satire?
Nah it aint in the nunu game I did my best but vs cassiopia it was quite a difficult matchup since she can harass so easily. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=have%20me%20babies Did more DMG than rengar but anyway it was a lost game from all lanes performance and not my own. I understand it was toxic but again, just like I wrote in the chat I believed riot banned mainly based on actions and performance(Yes I said I will int, but I did not.) So the perma comes a bit as a surprise.
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