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: Can Ornn Please Have a New Skin? Considering that he's gaining popularity.
he will have new skin soon called elderwood
Chalamana (EUW)
: League of Bots?
its not dead but they dont do much against bots nether but bots apear just more on co-op vs ai begginer dont have much on normal games
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: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
question is only from microsoft paint or can be done on other program to?
: Riot Promised Us More Game Modes But They Have Not Delivered!
i guess now riot is focus in all on tft and dont care create new modes
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: Nerf yasuo pls
i have ban him all time is worst champion even created on league so unbalanced especially with hes movements over minions and the annoying wind block all spells {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:-1}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
iSneez (EUNE)
: If you send a ticket to support you can ask for the 3 free skins and champions, garen, tristana and alistar. I think you need to be bigger level then 1 but im not sure.
what you mean garen? there just tristana and alistar right?
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SubZole (EUNE)
: As a Singed/Sona main need advice what champs should i main next
will say fiora carry games sometimes and for support lulu many use in hight ranks
: what is the propuse of the forum
: we need WWE warwick... see pic for details
: S+ and no chest
you sure dont got chest on those in this season or in cool down ? never heard thet problem before
: You get your cool flair on the loading screen and im pretty sure the capsules are randomly given to honorable players notable reasons the capsules are awesome is they reintroduce a method of getting grey warwick and medieval twitch both pretty rare skins
ah ok I have honor banner a long time, but did not know what could earn more with honor if it is random as capsules ok then thanks awnser
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Džankšn (EUW)
: Stolen account
good luck
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: Reporting him ingame is enough and you wont find any "admins" here.
: Greetings. There are no admins that manually ban people on demand. This game has millions of players, it's not feasible to have a person look through every single report manually, that's why the automated Instant Feedback System exists. I hope you reported the player, because reports do a lot more than you think!
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: Ofcourse i have a smurf account lmao what was your dumb comment about ? i just said im not quitting lol.
so dont make sense what you told was excuse saying you will smurf " please save the low ranks cause will smurf remove ban" its almost you saying this like riot care about that since allot players have smurfs im not the dumb dumb was you got banned and you deserve
: We do those every few months, though there's no fixed schedule. Usually our contests are based around the big events in League, Snowdown, Valentine's, Pool Party, Harrowing and all the other events are great occasions for us to do something fun with the community. We're planning to launch more contests for things like Champion releases/reworks and skins as well :) --- Not all of our contests are art contests though. We even make sure that some of our (smaller) contests have random winners, so professional work isn't always required to win something ^^ --- Our next contest will not be art focused! The Wrenchmen had an idea for a contest we have never tried before, and we'll look to launch it in July, or maybe even in June if we're really fast. A lot of our Wrenchies are currently busy with RL stuff though :/
ah ok make sense > We even make sure that some of our (smaller) contests have random winners, so professional work isn't always required to win something ^^ that is awesome
: Story and Art contest - Xayah & Rakan! [Closed]
have just quick question art contest is often or is rare? dunno if can participate this one but will like participate in future that why im asking
: Can't purchase RP?
they are working on it
swtos2015 (EUNE)
: you only get a pop-up if the player gets punished (banned,perma muted, chat restricted), otherwise you just help for future bans :D i've reported tons of feeders and i only got back 3 Pop-ups saying that the player has been punished, it depends on fame, reporting frequency and rank as well, bronzes tend to report everyone so most of the reports aren't taken that serious
"bronzes tend to report everyone " i remember someone report for soraka heals xD
: Has anyone been actually punished for leaving a game?
already had box feedback notification and mostly is toxic or afk so i guess yes they got punishment just dint know how was the punishment dunno if he got same punishment of leaver buster wait x time for games but if is is good nobody like wait for play
: Permanent chat ban over account.
i think you deserve ban , you much be very toxic for riot make permanent ban means you not belong in community anymore, and you are making just excuse about low players in rank for them avoid you if you are telling know how easy it is obviously you have smurf account already {{summoner:14}}
Freyhion (EUW)
: I Can't buy RP
same here
Infernape (EUW)
: You need an S- S or S+ to get a chest. But you can only get chests once per champion per season. If you've already got a chest with Galio, you won't get any more until Season 8. Also check your Summoner Profile to see if you have any chests available.
ah nice thanks allot, ye have 3 available will play with other champs in normals then
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archerno1 (EUNE)
: Considering Yasuo has almost 300 cs, game was probably close to 40 min. Meaning u had around 4 cs per minute. Also u placed least wards in entire game. U need to aim for 7+ cs per minute and 1 ward/ 2 minute
ok i see thank you
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HavickPT (EUW)
: Help admins purchase rp but cant buy legendary skin
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