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: Confirmation bias at its best. You prob dont notice premades when they play like everyone else, and only remember the ones who played much worse. I play premade a lot and rarely run into problems/get hard carried.
At least recently, (for 7 days), premade players are usually bad, and with lower win ratio. Also from my own experience, I was once premade with a diamond 2 player, and we were facing one Master + 2 diamond 1 players, and the rest are diamond 2 to 3. That situation is so bad. I got outplayed the whole game, and finally lost the game because I suck the whole game. The similar situation happens several times, either me suck or my premade partner sucks. Those help me to realize the imbalanced ranking system.
: Nope.Premades is the least here. MMR values your win as a team and not each individual's skill.It's a fact that when you lose a game in which you did your best with a score 12/3/13 while your team mate had 1/15/3 you both get punished the same. It's a fact that when you have an intentional feeder and lose the game you both lose same MMR. It's a fact that when you get a team mate who plays AP Pantheon Top or AP Riven mid and lose the game you both get punished the same(same loss of mmr). It's a fact that,when the system matches you with an FIRST TIME EVER UNRANKED premade while the enemy got last season gold players and lose the game,your whole team loses the same MMR. P.s.From my experience,most of bot premades lose badly.Premades who play in different lanes win more games like in my case.I prefer to play jungle and gank my premade a bit more than going in the same lane only to get mad at each other. Still,fact is that most premade bot lanes lose the game badly and this is why most players "remember only the bad players".
I agreed with your bot premades are not that bad. There might be premades that I did not remember in other lanes, who did well. However, Those are rare cases. Because most of premades get one man speaking for them, and it is easy to tell who is premade. Besides, some live games show the premade ones, though I don't check it every game. For those facts. maybe you are right. But every player would pray for a satisfying game environments, which requires report system to work properly. From my point of view, I gave around 2~5 reports out of 6~7 games a day, and only received 1 feedback report per day, and they are almost all about negative behaviour/griefing, instead of intentionally feed. I think RIOT does not focus on those who inting.
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