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I agree {{champion:32}}
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Febos (EUW)
: If they "run is down mid" then they aren't bots. Actually, those are exactly like me. If I just want the 1st win I'll just queue up for Co-Op and "run is down mid". If you want to practice you can do that either in Practice Tool or in a custom game. You have more control that way too. In a custom game you can chose which bots you want to face, how many of them and how difficult. With the Practice Tool you can practice (duh) specific things, like combos or last hitting. Besides, you can never test "teamwork" in Co-Op. You either get newbies or players that don't care about your testing. The best way to test "teamwork" is in a proper game (eg Normal game), assuming that you know the basic about the champion. ######I mean, why are you complaing about something so trivial?
Run down mid as in run down the lane and die to turrets once the minions go hit it. And as I said I wanted to try Kled, this irked me, cause I get bots in every co op game.
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: Looking for a Xayah player! (Bronze or lower)
I'm a very bad at the game, probably wood 10 and I do like to play Xayah, I sent you a friend request if you're still interested
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: malp is a lota fun to play, special with is ulti, you cant see it comming. moaki, is also a nice tank, or senjuani. xin, you can build him tanky aswell. cho is a fun pick as well
Thanks for the suggestions ^^ I'm practicing Maokai already and I used to play Cho'gath, maybe I should give him another go :D
MrFawlty (EUW)
: I understand that you could find malphite somewhat boring while laning, well he is, however he is quite rewarding in teamfights. I would, as a new player, try to avoid too mechanicly intense champions. Maokai is another great option, however his laning phase was nerfed a bit, but still viable in soloq. Darius is also a good option for you, he can snowball alot, deal damage while still be very tanky and not too hard to play. Sion could also work, he gets very tanky and has a ton of damage with a good ult for teamfights.
Thank you for the suggestions ^^ I'm already practicing Maokai and maybe I'll give Sion a go
: daruis gets banned a lot. try trundle, nauti, malphite, illoai, and for the fun try teemo
I started with Teemo and thank you for all the suggestions, maybe I should give Nautilus a go.
MrFawlty (EUW)
: Nautilus and malphite, play tanks until you are more aware of lane mechanics etc. with these two champions you can still have a high impact in teamfights without "faker" mechanics.
Do you happen to have any other tanks in mind that could be like that? Nautilus seems okay, but Malphite looks so boring to play as.
: Why not just play Garen? He's like the Soraka of top lane. In my opinion the best champion for starters to learn the lane. Simple Mechanics, tanky and deals damage. you can't really go wrong with him which allows you to focus more on lane specific mechanics etc and learn faster.
I should propably, he is just so boring to play I loose the enjoyment of the game.
AsherUA (EUW)
: {{champion:24}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}}
Thanks for the suggestion, I already played Poppy a bit and she seems fun, also considering trying out Jax
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: > [{quoted}](name=HaxorusHaku,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=LqzubErk,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-03T19:07:45.845+0000) > > I don't know if you're still looking for people to play with? I'm really bad though Sure, idm playing with you. You see, I am trying to level up a low lvl acc, so I thought, I may as well make it fun for me by coaching someone who wants to learn ;)
: Looking for girl player to soothe my rage problems
Why would a girl player want to join you if you rage?
: If you are new/under level 30/bronze elo, you can play some games with me to learn, I am gold 3
I don't know if you're still looking for people to play with? I'm really bad though
: Veteran player looking for 4 NEW under level 30 players
Hi, I started playing less than a half a year ago, and I'm reallly bad at league. Wouldn't mind some advice :D Also have discord, but I'm about wood 10 in my skill
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