: Only advice i can give you as someone who've played this game for 10 years, is that leave the game, it's not worth your time nor is it as fun as it was back then. You'll become more angry and eventually will start flaming for no reason at all. I stopped for about 8 months and came back only because of a friend and now that he got banned, i'm thinking of leaving the game for good too and maybe start playing another moba.
I never flamed my teammates , i only got mad at myself cuz of my mistakes ^^
: Riven main omegalul pa:sry it just had to come out
haha its ok man ^^ i know RIven mains are the worst people ever. Because our characters takes so much risks to be played good and if we fail we get angry thats why i changed my lane from top to bot this time lol
dobbson (EUW)
: What happened to your old account?
If i say maybe i will get banned because its againts ToS xD
: u did really good for someone who hasnt played for years, i take a break from league for a week and ill forget everything xD
Thank you so much :3 <3
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