: What's a costum skin?
a Selfmade Skin that is not from riot u Change the normal Skin with ur costum skin
: They won't do it for at least two reasons. Reason 1: It's a business decision. Riot make money from skins. It's their primary source of income. As such, they don't want free skins available that people courld use instead of buying theirs. Reason 2: It can be used to cheat. Although skins are processed client side as the guy in the video says, they can still be used to cheat. He goes on and on about how it didn't affect anybody and was just an innocent source of magincal joy, but he's a bit short sighted if he thinks they can't be used to cheat. Still not convinced? They can be used to cheat mostly when used to change the skins of other players, not your own. Since it's all handles clientside, the models and the drawing and texturing of those models is done only on your computer and is easy to fiddle with. I'll give you two really solid examples.... You see that "ambulance" soraka skin? You see how it doesn't stick within the model or hit box of soraka? Well, how about I change the skins of every single jungler so they also have an enormous neon yellow halo that surrounds them. No need for wards on botlane, I can see a big yellow ring arriving long before they come to gank me. Great! Or lets say I find getting ganked by invisible champions annoying, so I change the skin for the "camoflage" state or rengar, kha'zix etc to now be bright pink. Advantage me! There are probably so many other ways these can be used to cheat too, mostly around the idea of making invisible or hard to spot things easier to see and avoid.
yes good Point. Ist just sad for People like me, who wanna Play with their own Skin that you feel good playing with
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