ta16vl (EUW)
: Is it a bad thing I only play with bots?
If you truly want to get better, play against/with people. Bots wont show you complex actions, or show you possible lose conditions that do not exist in bot games. Bots won't show you how stealing jungle camps can hinder every lane, or how invades are so solid as a support. Bots dont show you the problem in giving up drakes. Bots dont show you the true power of a baron siege, or pushing every lane just right for you to force a fight. Basically, If you enjoy bots play bots. Nothing wrong with that. But you won't get as good as you would playing against humans. Bots have a flat skill cap. People do not.
Spearki (EUW)
: most games have weekly maintenance just to let you know riot also does this once in a while most of the times they add small files for feature game modes etc from time to time so when the full patch comes out it's not that big
They wouldnt take 4 hours for that man. this is different. League takes like... 2 mins to do that stuff. but this is a big maintenance
Doomley (EUW)
: remake was supposed to come 1 week after the patch to other servers. Now is one week from that. I think this might be about it.
Why is NA then also being updated, even though remake already exists there
Doomley (EUW)
: remake was supposed to come 1 week after the patch to other servers. Now is one week from that. I think this might be about it.
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: Can just people shut the fuk up and wait for the patch with keystones rebalance coming next day? -_-
You can also ignore the comments. I'm just reading the boards and people comment all the time Thunderlord's is broken. It isn't.
: Grasp of undying is best for tanks having benefits from building mass HP (Like {{champion:113}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:98}} etc) or its a good option for cho gath (Who can stack huge amount of hp). But for every tank grasp of undying is a better option than thunderlord cus well, tank doesent build much damage so grasp of undying procs better than thunderlord even in early game.
Mmm... not necessarily. I would argue that Sejuani works better with Bond of Stone. You have to consider what type of champion they are. Sejuani is a hard engage champ. In teamfight's she is the initiator. It depends on the champ you play. Champs who focus on engaging and peel, especially in the jungle, work best with something other than single target focused. Remember, Grasp of the undying takes a portion of the enemy's health. This is great for sustain in lane. But when you go into teamfights you only use it once. Bond of Stone makes you extra tanky in 5v5s. Strength of the Ages is great for extra hp but eh. dont like it.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: What's easier? - Buffing all keystone masteries to the same level as Thunderlord's Decree? - Nerf Thunderlord's Decree to the same level as the other keystone masteries?
It's not about what's easier. Stormraider's Surge is useless. The problem is the Tier 5 masteries for Warlords, Fervor, and Deathfire aren't as strong as the ones for TD, and TD deals bonus burst so you can win trades earlier. Thunderlord's decree isn't the only thing that isnt right. People are quick to forget that the tier 5 masteries also affect your final choice in the keystone mastery. Precision deals more pen than any of the other masteries. Thunderlord's in that sense seems extra broken since it's closer to true damage. I personally don't use thunderlords on anyone except burst champs. Malzahar doesn't benefit from the burst. Soraka definitely doesnt. Mundo is nicer with Sustain in lane and teamifghts to make his healing extra broken.
HdtvTh (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xenos11111,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yWntP0pU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-13T02:12:20.784+0000) > > The thing is, Warlord's, Fervor, and Bond of Stone were ALL good on release (well Bond of Stone not as much as the other 2). So they got nerfed, and now they suck in comparison. Thunderlord's on release was bugged so it only worked with one person per team and the rest were playing like they had no keystone, which then got fixed. So basically Thunderlord's got better (bugfix) while the other 3 got nerfed (Windcaller also getting nerfed makes 4). Not really, bond of stone should be deleted and replaced, it's a shitty mastery designed for bot lane, and that just removes choice. Warlords was fine but they nerfed it very wrong, and now they plan to buff it again, wrong again, they should just nerf the stats around 60% and make it work on everything. Fervor, again ultra bad design, doomed to fail from the beginning, should be reworked. And the rest just need some balancing, but Fervor, Bond of stone and Warlords are doomed.
Bond of stone is strong. Very strong. As a tank. Not just for botlane. People confuse it with the botlane only because it gives more tankiness the more allies are near, but you forget one thing. It works best in teamfights. Ergo I think LCS will make some potential use of it, but it's useful for the likes of thresh, sejuani, amumu, or any tank that can engage. Wardlord's wasn't nerfed incorrectly. That was a broken mastery. I apologize but if you can sustain yourself on minions every 2 seconds you shouldn't have to buy lifesteal, and instead just get another item. It denies the usability of items, which makes it broken. Thunderlords requries items, the old Bloodlust didn't. Buy IE, and every 2-4 seconds you have 60% chance of healing. That's stupidly broken. Yasuo in lane could take a beating, go to scuttle, come back full hp. level 4. broken. Fervor is great on AA reliant champs, so i got no idea where you're getting this. It's strong on the likes of Jax, Yi, Shyv, Xin, Kindred, just to name a few. The stacks are just too high atm to compensate for it, so you need to chase or auto a LOT. It also works well on people who do AD DoT, like Wukong ulti. You're... well... wrong.
: I'm going to point out that you gave reasons why Thunderlord's is superior to most of the other keystone masteries. Thunderlord's being stronger than the majority of other masteries makes it unbalanced. Now, I'm not saying it's broken, but by the grace of the alternatives being weaker (aside from some niche picks), it is not balanced.
Eh. What I meant to say is that Thunderlord's isnt OP, the rest are UP.
: >Thunderlord's Decree is balanced... Of course it is...if EVERYONE is using the same Keystone, naturally its balanced, the same way a summoner spell that can 100-0 someone across half the map with one click would be balanced if EVERYONE is using it. The question is: **"Is this still fun? Is there the promised meaningful CHOICE?"** And here the answer is a big big big **NO**, because either you use TLD on 99% of champions, or you are outmatched by people who do. It doesn't matter what style of play you have, it doesn't matter how you build, it doesn't matter what you play: TLD or you are at a disadvantage. And THAT is the problem we have with this keystone mastery.
The thing is that it's the only EARLY viable choice. If you wanna do a lot of damage in trades, TD is the way to go. What would you want, in lane sustain, or extra burst damage? auto attack reliant AD buffing, or instant burst with 3 damaging attacks? Yi doesn't synergize with TD, Jax neither, many top laners neither. FYI, TD is countered by Grasp of the Undying, which is perfectly viable on anyone. Within 4s of combat, you regen some health, so all you gotta do is auto minions, then get one poke off, and insta lifesteal at level 1, which is quite good. I ALWAYS use it in 1v1s. Thunderlord's isnt broken at all. It really isnt. the damage early is mediocre at best, but it's bonus damage with an early guaranteed effect, and it helps you win lane. Fact. Stormraider's Surge is great for assassins, but since they want that early burst TD is better instead. Fervor is great for teamfight auto attack champs like Yi and Jax, so that they consistantly build AD. Windspeaker's is SOO good on ANY FORM OF SUSTAIN in lane, so heals, shields... so it is broken on soraka nami taric sona, hell anyone planning to build locket mikaels or face of the mountain too. It's not the only meaningful choice, you know, but in lane as ADC or midlaner, it is one of the best. ONE OF THE BEST. Not the only must have viable mastery. one of the best choices.
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kiwishrew (EUW)
: So call me crazy...
No. :) Jhin has poor AA range. He is a mix of graves, MF, Lux, Zyra/Caitlyn, and Varus/Morgana. Graves in the sense of his reload passive and bursty/caster playstyle, MF with his Q, Lux with the ultimate and the snare, Zyra or Caitlyn with the traps, and Varus or Morgana with the snare as well. He is gonna be an interesting champion to see where he fits best, but imo i see him as an ADC, but with a weak early game like jinx.
: Rengar will always be able to jump to you. TBH as long as your ADC isn't splitting alone, it's the skill of the team that decides whether Rengar gets nuked while killing your ADC, or he goes on to get a triple.
The only thing that counters rengar is hard CC and grouping up in that case. Rengar can punish anyone out of position for a fraction of a second, but if you are always grouped up, rengar is forced to split push or farm jungle. if he tries to assassinate, he will burst anyone down quite quickly unless he is stopped. The way to counter him is through good ward control, constant updates on vision ward placement (so moving your one ward over to where you are now trying to play around), staying grouped, and hard CC (amumu ulti as soon as he jumps in for example). I will be honest, rengar's build paths are super strong now. You can go crit, lifesteal tankiness, juggernaut, or pure damage, but CDR and Crit work SO well on him, and randuins just wont be enough to stop his burst. I see him banned in lower elos for one reason: the risk that someone can ACTUALLY play him well. I have played rengar frequently in lower elos, and found the following: they just run in. I'm personally not afraid of another rengar player, cause I know him well enough to realize nobody takes armor pen runes and rush CDR and crit builds. a build like Warriors, Ionian, Youmuus, RFC, IE, and a final situational item (Triforce, BT, Botrk, hydra, steraks, merc scim, lord dominiks....) makes his burst stupidly powerful to every squishy. If you're that afraid of him, pick janna, amumu, alistar, malphite, yasuo, velkoz, azir.... anyone with CC, peel, or the ability to itemize, and don't be alone ever. Or pick a tank.
: Looking for active top laner
Im a solid shen in top lane, silver 5, with the ability to zone in a team fight. I main gnar shen and olaf top but i am a capable all rounder, much like in other positions. With understanding of champion abilities i can play anyone anywhere (except jungle)
brea19 (EUW)
: Gold IV Ad Carry Looking For a Serious 5v5 Team
heyy Im silver 5, but have been suspended due to a streak of poor games. however, i main top and mid, and i do my best with shen. i have never had a kda lower than 1 with shen ever.
InDeaD (EUW)
: LF Team 5s EUW
IGN: helltoken Role: Top/Mid (can also adc) Div: Silver 5 Mains: **TOP** {{champion:98}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:57}} **MID** {{champion:3}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:82}} (I can play any champ mid quite well though) **ADC** {{champion:133}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:22}} **SUPPORT** {{champion:89}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:117}} **JUNGLE** (worst here) {{champion:131}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:24}} Playstyle: As a top laner i focus farm with the occasional poke. When i outwave the enemy i poke more heavily. I am great at punishing greed, so they rarely tower dive without dying to me if i even die. I focus farm, and occassionally roam. As a mid laner, i focus farm as well, until 6 when i prepare for a kill. im good at dealing with ganks, and can function well without much farm. As an adc i focus to push the lane a bit, to the point the minions meet just between the river and turret, so i can poke the adc and supp well.


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