: Your position in queue: Over 20000!
People don't remember the queue right before the EU server split
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: i cant enter game ???
ok, i will do anything to fix your problems!{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: ***
+ i couldnt care less about grammar
: ***
I'm actually impressed that you can answer to my deleted comment
: You talk like its hard for them to make profit. Last rear League was the highest income online game if you didnt know. It beat other not-free games. And the last part of your comment is really personal so I dont think its fair to say anything similar, regarding the fact that I might even be a girl.
so what? if you really think that you're addicted seek for help. stop letting a game control the quality of your life. Can't women meet other women? It's 2018, be openminded
Airbend (EUNE)
: Well it's a basic principal.You want money yyou will keep your customers happy. :)
then try to get a job at riot and perform better than them
Igfotz (EUW)
: Why u dont know grammar?
: How long will it take to play a game?
go out and meet a woman ffs
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Alajmi (EUW)
: Stuck in a game?
its a free game, you aint entitled to anything
: Riot Has Lost It
man if u really are that dedicated to rant about a FREE game, from which the developers HAVE to make a PROFIT without actually making the game p2w, you should really think about getting a girlfriend
: The good thing is ..
comment unqualified af
karvin (EUNE)
: Shitty players that flame and troll all the time


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