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TaigaT (EUW)
: Oh, man ... after 2 weeks almost they're still moaning about this. When EU got the teambuilder test first toghether with Russia nobody had problem with that (excpet NA at that time ofcourse). 1. Yeah you got the point, good job. 2. Then you realize you didn't see Lyte's statement, he explained everything about that.
I think you might have to go back to school, or you're just new to League of Legends. EUW has had **many** server issues, I'm using **many** here because there have been so **many **issues I can't keep track of them anymore. And if you even had the slighest bit of math on school you should know that **many > 1**. Since you're basically saying that; because we had 1 test on EUW first, all the lag issues, ranked disables and so on suddenly don't matter anymore? Now I can also start b*tching about the fact that NA has gotten RP when problems occured in the past and EUW did not, but lets skip that part, shall we? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Ymir (EUW)
: That burns so hot my screen is melting. When the time comes for turning back on we'll let you know.
EUW has a bigger player base than NA, NA gets stress test, EUW does not. Stress test might have revealed the issue earlier. Guess NA is the preference for RIOT games, that's really depressing you know? Equality for all servers and players, f*** me right?{{item:3151}}


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