Câstiél (EUW)
: Did you play in the last couple of days? Pretty uneven matches lately. But overall I've got nothing against it, I just consider it worse than league.
> [{quoted}](name=Câstiél,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Av7wKdM5,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2020-01-14T08:25:37.476+0000) > > Did you play in the last couple of days? Pretty uneven matches lately. But overall I've got nothing against it, I just consider it worse than league. ha i quitted it because its "dead" they lost so much players ^^ last games i really played was 2018, 2019 just for fun with friends sometimes
DenBettes (EUW)
: Buddy... you have a 42% winrate. 42?! I've never seen that low of a winrate after 200 games. Get your shit together mate. Sorry to pop your bubble, but you don't seem to be any better than the elo you're playing with.
i currently have a 40% win rate because of trolls ints and other players and currently sitting in gold 4 after dropping from 3. I had a 70% win rate after my 10 games. Won 7 out of 10. Last season i had a 60% win rate in DIAMOND. Now im in Gold. So what now buddy my playstyle got better not worse. The first weeks are garbage in lol, so many trolls and ints especially with this missions. Season 10 is the worst season ever
Câstiél (EUW)
: > Do anything but continue to %%%% this game up with literally the worst match making system there has ever been in any game. No-one wants you to continue. I'm satisfied. Besides, have you ever played Heroes of the Storm? I'd consider their matchmaking a lot worse.
cant blame heroes of the storm i liked their matchmaking. Was Rank 1 at the beginning of heroes of the storm climbing the ladder like one of the top players with like 60 games rank 1 and first season i was grandmaster. Heroes of the storm had no mmr system that was the best. Your mmr was your rank and you didnt had to do "promotions" you only had to win 1 game if you had 100 points. So much better.
: Banned once or twice within 10 years maybe, but the more often they get punished fir snapping for obly one or two games the more likely it is they won't spend money anymore. Like mentioned, it's a matter of time. It's up to the playerbase how fast this effect will occure for riot to force a change in the punishment system. As example, pro players complained the entirr sesson 9 how bad the new ranked system was. Riot stated they did listen to them and work on changes. But besides little changes throughout the season the important changes won't go live until Season 11. It all takes time. If people have such a big isse with staying addicted. Just call your bank and lock your card so you can't buy RP anymore.
Overall i spended 400 thats all in 10 seasons. Started end of season 1, got perm banned in season 3 and that was the account with the most skins. Next ban season 4. Overall like 8 perm banned accounts. With this account i stopped beeing toxic because i finally got my name and i dont wanna loose it. Anyway i dont spend money anymore, all i cash is paying money for the passes. They give so much skins and i have to buy all champs again so this pass i got like 80 champ charts. 10 Bucks in like all 4 months i think its worth it but riot wont last long anymore with league. If Project X comes out im in there so with skins. I really hope they bring voice chat, if they dont i wont play this game. Shooter competitive without voice chat is a shutdown. Also you can be toxic in voice chat :)
Joetri10 (EUW)
: Trash as in rubbish as in not good as in bad. I defend my use of the word trash because that's how to choose to speak in my everyday. Frankly, you're chatting trash here. The sarcastic comment at the end of that though proves you're here to fill some kind of superior complex so, ah well.
dude shut up riot doesnt give a fck about anything all they care about is spending your money for skins and releasing new skins for popular champs even if they allrdy have 8 skins there is a bot checking your words if you have a lot specific "words" in your chat log you will get punished Doesnt matter what it means its a %%%%ing bot checking your logs if 1 person reports you Doesnt matter if the dude was trash and you call him trash doesnt matter if he run it down mid and u call him garbage or whatever its the bot that makes the decision programmed by a employee at riot games hq that had to programm it because some stupid monkey at riot games hq made the decission to implement the bot. Its a %%%%ing censorship but you cant do anything against it just shut your mouth in game and disable the chat this game is dying because of toxicness they releasing more games because they loosing earnings year by year and 2017 was their best year There are specific keywords for the bot, if you dont write them you can flame as much as you want because the bot cant check it
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Worst experience SOLOQ so far in 10 years.
true just had a game and couldnt carry it because of team mates https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4363784731/2130278143709440 its %%%%ing disgusting to see apes like this in the current elo
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Is it true that iit would be good to wait a month before ranked for the sake of better matchmaking?
yep its better it always was and always will and i had to smell it hard this season. Started friday when the ranked came up, made it to 7:3 BUT then it was like 1 pm and it was a big turnaround. Im was on 70%+ win rate, now im on a 40% win rate demoted from gold 3 to gold 4. This weekend were so unplayable, i couldnt carry any game as jungler. I made 2 lanes ahead, the third lane ints and game over. This happend so oft. I even tried to play duoq and we couldnt carry mostly because of 1 person. Had a game that i got autofilled adc, my sup jngl int and my mid went afk after their enemys mid god first blood at invade. Another game i got autofilled top, my jngl trolls never ganks and bot ints just wtf is this Was so tilted today that i logged into my smurf and ran it down mid If tomorrow wont get better i think im gonna quit lol for a while


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