: Whats going on with all the bots in Aram?
3Rd game of the day, this one each team had a bot. 1 was afk 1 was feeding full speed.... Riot please do SOMETHING! http://tinypic.com/r/11qikco/9
: Whats going on with all the bots in Aram?
Yeah so, this is my first game today aswell, now the bots are even starting to just afk whole game, feels amazingly fun to play against minions for 10mins! This time i censored so this picture will not get removed. Watch Lux, Malzahar and Kalista from the other team, No masteries equipped during loading screen. And postgame scsreen you can see they afked all game. The lux onlu have 1 death because i hooked her out of fountain.... http://tinypic.com/r/14udr8g/9
Lantami (EUW)
: Either you censor the names or this post will be taken down. Riot does not want naming and shaming and does not tolerate it.
It was bots lol, i hardly think they care, and i kinda hope they take it down, that means they have seen the post atleasat, because this is a huge problem.
Ricje (EUW)
: I never have bots in my games though I do have the occasional scripter (They're usually in the other team and they're making it obvious that they're scripting as well). I'm guessing it's a "hidden mmr" thing. That aside; Riot unfortunately does not really care much about ARAM (otherwise they would have listened to the feedback regarding Dark Harvest before the joke that they call a nerf happened) though. I suggest you report those bots ingame (cheating/3rd party) and/or through a support ticket.
I report them every time, but it just seems pointless at this point and its rather time consuming as its quiet a few reports since i tend to a comment of explanation, like with this Riven with Clarity for instance..... I dont know if the game is dying or what but there usually is alot of ppl playing aram, and i NEVER wait more than 30sec in queue, so i dont really understand why the dont care about Aram when so many plays it.
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