: WTF are these idiots even allowed in silver?!
heres a prime example of what i mean.. i have been knocked down to bronze1 from s4 and lost my last game 2nd death occured while defending the nexus how are we ment to progress an i lost another 17 LPs from this : http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2466018860/209564474
: WTF are these idiots even allowed in silver?!
Ok fine so now i know that s5 is trash but im not.. i play safe i try to guide i learn everyday i get better but whats the point when the team i get just dont want to listen,learn or play right? i know there are ways about it.. duo.. but still leaves 3 players that well.. suck like my last game i pinged like crazy for enemy baits an still the rene an braum just dived in chased an got ganked with 3 team mates pinging like mad to warn them.. this is why we shouldnt be rewarded as a team.. cos we are not a team at that tier we are just an individual trying to make it with idiots that have no drive in the game!
Solash (EUW)
: Implying that silver is some kinda high standard :L
no but theres still a standard to expect.
Kageryu (EUW)
: Strange... In your Matchhistory from the 7th i only dound 1 feeder. Everything else looked normal.
you should be in the matches to see what goes on.. easy to steal kills an come in at the end an make it look like you did awsome (or ok) when really you do next to nothing in the match an claim all glory trust me... its call trolling
Your Momm (EUW)
: dude you are fine i really agree that u deserve something better but this is how to get out of silver +find duo partner +dont play when you angry +never ever blame duo for his shity mistakes +play champions that are strong late game +DONT TRUST YOUR TEAMMATES CAUSE THEY ARE SILVERS WITH 300 WINS IN NORMAL (i was bronze 4 then i got out of bronze then now im bussy with my engineering stuff and when i go league and play ranked im not ready to lose now i got 86 points in silver 2 ) (my father is a successful businessman and he knows nothing about gaming i asked him something like that infact he gave me a great answer it was like this always be nice to them appreciate their works and if they make a mistake go easy on them BUT WHEN THE GAME ENDS show your shity face and report them you dont need to be nice to them anymore cause you no longer need them but do this only for gaming ) OH YEAH MY DAD IS SAVAGE but he said the truth
I actually like this thinking.. i will try it!
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Positive Player: it's up to us to make the community better, not RIOT.
You should have a "try to be" for a poll vote.. its hard to stay positive when you get people that feed or AFK in like 4-10 games running.. we cant change Riots ranking policy there fore can not stay as happy as we would like to be with this game.. i love playing an i do well but when others dont care, flame hard (when they are the ones that are bad), feed or AFK in multipul running games at a higher tier than they should even be in, its hard. riot needs to look into this. we should rewarded LPs or subtracted LPs based on KDA and damage output not as a team exspecially in solo Q where idiots reside to annoy people (on purpose 80% of the time) im almost sick of this game to the point where i would happily uninstall but reaching deep to keep playing. Should also be allowed to have 3-4-5 man teams enter ranked to lower the risk of these trolls an wrongfully ranked players.. you cant even help these players cos they think they are god.. rant over im still P***ed off as you can tell from the BAD games ive had due to this ill be in bronze by sunrise if i dont get atleast a half decent team!
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: Could be better but dont take the game too serious LFT
in duo with iDxstroyU right now but will add be nice for a 5 man team eventually we're playing bot
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