Wen294 (EUW)
: While it absolutly does, it's not going to happen. Riot already stated that the resources it will take for death recap to function is so big that they're not willing to do it.
There will probably be 5 new Ahri skins released before this gets fixed.
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Pørki (EUW)
: I think people cant tell her E and R apart atleast the guys in my last ranked did
I once flashed to dodge her E because i thought it was her Ult{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Never gank a losing lane is the worst
Never gank a losing lane because you are not getting your team ahead, you only medigate some damage. It is better to just tell them to play safe and focus on other lanes. If other lanes are winning, they can carry the losing one. If you know that the laner does not have the cc or damage to pull off a succesful gank, you just should not gank, because you are just wasting your time and risk dying to a countergank. Yesterday I made that mistake, I got my Yasuo top first blood, then he roamed for whatever reason, lost his lead, fell 2 levels behind. Then I ganked again, got him another kill and a third one and he was in the game again. Then he made more stupid decisions and threw his lead again by overextending, invading with no vision etc. So i wasted 3 ganks that could have got my other lanes ahead. If I would have focusd on mid and bot instead and got them snowballing, it would have been a lot more beneficial. Sure there are some exceptions. If you can rely on your laner to get back in the game of a gank, then it's worth the try, but if your laner has already died 3 times to his opponent without the enemy jungler helping you know it is not worth it. And winning lanes often have wards placed and vision controll, so your gank is more likely to be spotted.
IHopeShe18 (EUNE)
: Impossible to get an S or S+ with a support?
Okay, here is one thing i can see from this end screen: you have a relic shield item but only 28cs, that means you didn't realy take much advantage of it. it should be at 40 at least.
: You say you constantly ganked, meaning you didn't farm much right? Especially since you didn't even mention it. This leads me to the conclusion your farm was horrendous.
I can't be everywhere at once. It was decent. The game ended at 24 minutes and i had 72, but I still had the second most gold.
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Owyn (EUNE)
: a PIE chart would be nice there {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I'd like 2 pie charts. One that shows which champion did how much damage and one that shows how much of it was physical, magical and true damage.
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Chaeor (EUW)
: This needs to stop !?
Please use punctuation and the enter key from time to time.
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: His R CD was too short ( 100 seconds is still too much tho ) but i have no idea why riot increased the mana cost too ...
Riot makes all non-spammable ultimates 100 mana for whatever reason.
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: Why do the french get "the most hate" in this game?
It's not all of them but many french players deny communication and if you ask them to write english they insult you in french.
: Stop benching the Kench...
He is worth the ban because you don't have to be permaslowed, you don't get eaten and you don't get screwed out of kills. And you are guaranteed to not face him in toplane where he can never be ganked due to his double HP.
: rek'sai i larger lore wise yasuo uses wind to enchance his range and i dont know if fizz or jax has the larger range
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kurnubego (EUNE)
: So, list your hard counters. From your experience. : )
{{champion:78}} vs{{champion:59}} You can't E->Q because of the W and if you use ult you just give her a wall for her slam. It's the most frustrating matchup i've ever played.
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Almighty (EUNE)
: Nocturne needs a rework.
I think he just needs a small buff to his mana costs. He should also get a small QoL-buff so his Q sticks to monsters so you can scout for enemy jungle camps and do Scuttlecrab better.
Frightpest (EUNE)
: Your Opinion: Most Boring Champion
{{champion:54}} Strong kit but so boring to play. Whenever i get him in Aram i know he's insanely strong but it will be 20 minutes of snooze
Ýones (EUW)
: Any tips for playing Kata?
About the Build: Don't buy mejai's unless you are snowballing realy hard already. Rush Ludens and sorc boots, then Zhonyas or Rabadons and a Guardian Angel for the late game. About the Playstyle: Don't pick her if the enemy team already has 2-3 champs with easy hard cc like Alistar or Janna. In the lane try to get as much cs as you can but don't make yourself vulnerable. Your w helps to get creeps you would have missed with your AA. Be aware of the map. Once you hit level 6 try to find an opening to roam and get a kill in another lane. And very important: Don't be the first person to jump into the fight.
Vumsy (EUW)
: My review, thoughts and suggestions for Poppy
Poppy is fine. she has some good and some poor matchups, as any champ should have. She beats champs that rely on their mobility to deal damage (Riven) and gets wrecked by any ranged or sustained champ (Vlad) that knows how that walking near a wall is a bad idea. If you try to deny her buckler and then get slammed into a wall, you deserve to take a ton of damage. Her passive is fine imo however i would like to see the shield drop closer to walls instead of the middle of the lane. Not a fan of the changes you recommand for her Q because buying AD early would be worthless and forcing you to use Grasp of the Undying every game(which I like a lot, but i don't like to be forced to always use). However i like your idea to make some of her damage magic. Maybe the first hit of Q should be physical (because she slams a hammer into the ground) and the second one magic (because it's a magic explosion), but that would make BC worse on her. I realy like the state she's in.
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Agidyne (EUW)
: The new AD Assassin Item. Thoughts? Source Inside.
This Item sounds super busted and it will have some of it's stats lowered. It is already super easy to 100-0 someone as Talon and this will add ~300-500 damage to the combo which is just stupid. If this is also amplified by Lord Dominik's Regards, playing HP tanks will become unviable. Building Yomuu's and this will give you 30 flat armor pen, you probably have another 15-20 from runes&masteries, so unless your opponents build at least 50 armor each, they will die instantly while having 2k hp.
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Pizzazz (EUW)
: The Neverending Support Dilemma
First of all: people don't like to play support because adc's tend to blame supports for their own mistakes and it can be pretty frustrating. If your adc is bad, you can't do anything for the first 15 minutes of the game because you have to babysit them every second. Unless you are a Mage support like Annie or Lux, you have almost no build diversity because if you don't buy the 4 main support items you, people call you stupid or useless. Out-of-the-box support picks are there because people don't like to play the same 6 champions each game. Trundle support is good because he brings a lot of controll to your teamfights. If you play Vayne as adc you are happy to see Trundle because he can set up an easy stun into an kill with the pillar and his high base damage and therefore zoning people harder than Blitzcrank/thresh because it works through minions. With other adc's, he's not that amazing and he doesn't win you the lane but he can still make you win the game by getting a good pillar on an out of position champion or simply shredding the enemy tanks armor and mr.
Vudubro (EUW)
: Tanks being too powerful
First of all: Yasuo players are not allowed to complain about any onther champion in the game. Go bully some Midlaners, because in top you can not use your windwall and dashing into a bruiser without having a single point in the resolve tree is generally a bad idea. Bruisers are strong in lane but in teamfights they can be kited. That is their weakness because if they can't get close, they deal no damage.
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