: Who Was Your First Main Champion!
Xin Zaoh - with the old black cleaver (bf + att speed). Good old days (S1)
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Sian (EUW)
: Platinum 5 LF Duo/Friends?
Maining supp since S2, finished P1 last season, switched to Jungle/Mid and, so as you, i have not bad results (pretty good tbh). I'm belgian, male, pretty good in english (even if i need to practice to be better but who cares), if you wanna duo some time, i add you. Bored to play alone too. Currently G1/G2. Trying hard. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Support Mains help me please
Just play one champ : {{champion:12}} Heal, Tanky, Play maker, Funny to play {{summoner:31}}
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Hey Moor (EUW)
: [Support] [Plat 1 S5] LF Team
EDIT: i can speak english fluently but not perfectly. If you want to talk with me just add me and introduce yourself, otherwise i won't talk back. Ty for you comprehesion. C ya to kick ass IG
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Hey Moor

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