: Onslaught impossible to play
Anyway... Still haven't been able to find a team... riot it's ridicilous
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: Ranked Games (Surrender voting)
So what I see from all comments is basically - High Elo would be affected as games are determined within 15 mins if one loses. Fine but make it then that when you promote to gold it is possible to surrender from 15 minutes on and when playing in Bronze / Silver you can only surrender after 25 minutes? How do you guys think about that? Love to see your comments.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Many people seem to have adopted an idea of "if I lose this game sooner I can play one I could win sooner". Sadly not respecting how hard it is to judge a game's result and the chance of still winning this one. I'm it's straight up silly and when climbing they should do everything they can to not lose. Playing more games is only considered good because you just spend more time playing and improving so this idea doesn't apply here. And taking a basically free loss just... even if you win the next, you'll just even out! Q.Q Ranked should (almost) never be surrendered, cus it's soloQ - throws happen and that free loss is so much worse than any time 'wasted' on this game. "Oh but we'll lose anyway" no, shush, you don't even know how this game will end! .-.= Edit: And I personally just wanna play. So I much rather not surrender than having to spend time queuing again. v.v
I want you in my team! I so agree with you!
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: Mundo is indeed a very hard champion to play mechanic wise :)
: League is very slow
Hi Riot, League is unplayable everytime I use an ability of flash or get into a teamfight I can't see what is going on untill im dead. BIG PROBLEM which needs to be fixed ASAP.
: Extreme lag in EUW client and ingame.
Also experiencing big lag spikes even though i'm constantly having a nice ping on 27ms
: Cannot connect to the Authentification Service
Saturday evening and you can't log in.. that is depressing..


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