: Support LF team
Hello there. We aren't exactly a team but we are 3 guys that have started playing lol again. Atm were in silver. In season 3 we were gold but we de rank cause of not playing. We could maybe play a couple of games togheter if u want :)
: Suport looking for ADC
Yo, me and my pals play all the time when we have time. Im mid/jungle and we got top but our adc is looking for an support.
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YC Helios (EUW)
: Silver, looking for mares with vocal
Check this post http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/bos7N0il-looking-for-our-team
: Im Looking to play some ranked Games.
Hey man, we got a team with 5 players atm and still expanding, We are playing with TS and we play everyday
iMóón (EUW)
: Looking for people to make a clan and become good friends and chill in normals or ranked..
Yo Imoon! Me and a couple of other guys made a team a couple of days ago, we are around silver 1 - bronze 1. We made the team cause its just to hard to solo que elo. Climbing in low elo is rly anoying we thought cause of you can be silver 1 and still be matchmade with bronze 5s. We are playing with TS and we will soon make a discord server so we can chat when were not ingame :)
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Flamîe (EUW)
: Looking for new members
Hey, are you guys like a team playing?
: Yes you can go to the Website to access the forum and signup there. Also you can add our recruiter IGN: Capt4in Sw4g for an invite
Okey, i have signed up on the forums but i have never rly used IGN befor... so i dont rly know how to find him :P
: we have several members that are all ranked from bronze to platinum. So finding people should not be an issue
Well then that sounds perfect :) How do i join ? Via the website or do you need to do anything.
: We currently have over 40 members. If you have any other questions our recruiter IGN: Capt4in Sw4g can help you out as well
Well that sounds like the perfect solution for me i guess :) Do you have any people that needs to get out elo hell then im glad to help.
: Hey. You're more than welcome to check out my group at fortifiedgaming.com We do have a forum, facebook, and other forms of media. We are a new group and its open to all ages and ranks.
How many are you in the team atm?
: What is your current elo?
For only playing a little while with a couple of friends that are new to the game i placed bronze 2 cause they coulnd't keep up in the game and we lost alot :) Back in season 3 and 4 i was gold. I know as i said in the text want to work my self up with a team to higher elo's
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