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: I guess you're right, but I don't really want to learn how to play with her. I prefer tank supports that can stay in front all the time
In my normal games on this account i have gold silver mmr... And usually i can poke the enemy botlane down to 50% solo while my ADC Is farming. And this is whit Janna... With a Nami or syra i can solo kill bot lane without extra effort put into it... How ever You have a lot more tools with JAnna for mid game / Late game... you just have to pray that your team is capable of pressing QWER and do some damage. :D While alistar or something is strong, IT also require your team to be capable, how ever you have less tools to deal with the enemy team if your team is totally "Retarded" But while janna you can enable the worst people to play the best given them the right circumstance.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Yes she is. Janna really excells at what she does best: peel and disengage. While at the same time bringing Tools to punish enemy engages (as you mentioned, splitting them with your ult). However, she does struggle in certain aspects. Being proactive generally is one, she relys alot on the enemy engaging to do something. With ranged supports and many Controlmages on mid being meta lately I see why she isn't played as much: She won't do too much against enemies that don't fully have to commit. But as Janna is my One Trick Support for whenever I get the role, I can say that she surely is worth more than People think. (The again, in Diamond it isn't too uncommon to see her banned. At least it wasn't a while ago)
Well now that there is an "Assassin" meta as they call it (more like Tank meta) You have champions like Kha'Zix, Talon, Akali, even katarina... I Feel that if you can play a competent Janna, you can almost single handedly Disable the "Assassin meta" Even tho if they touch you once, You are obviously dead.. But with a Disengage Ult, a slow on W and Movement speed, That shouldnt really be possible... And with a instant activation on Tornado to slow them even further. I Feel that she is really strong in the current soloQ At least. I mean you have champions like Darius, and Trundle and AP nasus roaming the top lane atm, and i dont really think they appreciate to be thrown up in the air constantly either while they are being punched by an ADC. And seeing that Vayne is such a strong ADC atm, you can slow her down and punish her too... Sure it does take a lot of effort to win with janna, but thats what makes it so much more rewarding.
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: Getting tutored in game doesn't do the trick. Unless you are really professional about it, 99% of the time it feels like scolding and not like a helpful hand. If you point out obvious mistakes, it's flaming. If you mock a build (unless it's something like a support not buying sightstone), it's flaming. If you get mad at their playstyle, it's toxic behaviour. (There is nothing wrong about playing passive, that's much better than feeding kills) Either way, being unskilled is not reportable. Being "too helpful" on the other hand, can be reported as verbal abuse. Be careful about how you explain yourself.
Apparently the world has become really sensitive... What the heck... :D I guess i am just used to world of warcraft at the "Highest level" that if you arent good enough, you will hear it.
: That "support singed" was banned for "refusing to communicate" "abusing the support queue timer to do a different role" and "helping enemy team" Basically, he used the support queue to look like he goes support, but instead went to counterjungle, leaving his ADC underfarmed and most probably killed 1v2. He had his strategy but his team didn't mostly adapt to this and thus were mad at him. His 30% winrate doesn't help this situation. However, somebody going support, actually going support and failing, that's a different story. Not bannable.
My supports refuse to communicate too, i ask them if they are experienced with support, and i ask them if they can ward certain spots, and i ask them if they can poke the enemy a little bit more if i feel they are a bit too passive.. And i tell them not to overextend if they die... Do they listen? Fuck no. I even try to be kind about it! I tell them that if they are new to the game they can ask me... But then they just turn on me and call me "Retarded ADC".... :D What a nice "Support" Supporting the enemy team by being a royal pain in the neck....... :D I understand that people are bad at the game, but when they refuse to communicate, they wont really improve :D
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hide 0n Snow,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=mUnlqohB,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-11-19T10:01:35.168+0000) > > Its intenionally feeding if you go into ranked being bad. because you are ruining the game experience for people who want to try to win.. And i am not bronze, i'll tell you that :D Everyone is bronze in Flex. Interesting, my smurf got placed in Platin. Your arguments make no sense.
You do understand that there are diamonds and challengers in bronze in Flexque right? :)) So your point is even less valid.
Farce (EUNE)
: The most negative thing about it is the people who are playing with him. MAJORITY would think he is trolling and is going to intentionally feed, especially considering it's support so he may just have got autofilled. He has over 2k games on him. So even if only 10% of the people he played with reported him, it's still around 4*200 = 800 reports. And you can't win every game, so probably most of the times he loses, blame goes on him because that pick. So I'm pretty sure 800 is quite a reasonable guess at the amount of reports he may have gotten. That number should be enough to ban the guy. Does that have a reason tho? I don't think so. The thing is, in my opinion Riot bans him for a rather strategic bakground - it's better to have one guy banned, than 800 others dissatisfied with the game and potentially quitting.
As a ADC, I Would much rather have this singed as a support... Because its REALLY easy to be solo for 5 minutes, Its the same as every laner who cries for jungler gank.... If you cant manage your lane without help you are really bad... And as a previous midlaner main, i can guarantee that if you get ganked A LOT, your doing something right and about 80% of the time the enemy midlaner / Opposite laner is tilted as fuck... So this singed Is just tilting their jungler and then comes bot... Basically if this adc managed to die in this time, he sucks and thats probably why that adc dont climb as fast, because He have no control over lane and PROBABLY most likely get carried by his support.
: Its not feeding if you are going into game being bad.... Its just troll if you don't support your Adc like a real support imo
So i have tested out support now in a few games And what i have found out is that even if i have a really bad ADC I Can make him look decent... But if he plays Vayne and i make him look great, he runs around the map tries to 1v5 the enemy team -_-! HAHA Now this is a smurf with really low MMR in normals. but the fact that you can play janna or Nami and win lane as a support... ITs completely possible to win teamfights as Support aswell
House x33 (EUW)
: Beeing bad isn't intentional feeding you know ? there is a reason, that you and these supports are bronze.
Its intenionally feeding if you go into ranked being bad. because you are ruining the game experience for people who want to try to win.. And i am not bronze, i'll tell you that :D Everyone is bronze in Flex.
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: Why would you be static with attack move? you use the attack move to start the attack, then use a normal move to walk. I dont quite get your question^^
^ that i suck at :D I dont really know how to practice that shit, lol
: People refer so many times towards "ADC's are so hard to play because the only thing they have to do is right click." Yeah, exactly. We are ranged, we need to position ourselves the whole time while as a melee champion you can just sit on someone and the auto attacking will do the work for you. I personally find it very hard to play support at lower ELOs (I.E. Silver/Gold) because you don't know whether the person is skilled or not.
If i get a decent support, i can usually take over the game, because if the support knows how to "setup" kills, I get fed, and this often happens that i have a "Better" support then the other adc and i become fed.. I would say that when i have a decent support i have about 80% Win rate in lane... How ever I am too reliant on teamfights, and while that is the correct way of playing ADC, If i am really fed, i should be able to outplay my opponent and play "Solo" but since i am bad at kiting, i cant do this. And i am reliant on teamfights, and in Lowish elo, this is really bad since the people you play against is really bad, and the people you play with are really bad. so Throwing happens, and even tho i am capable of winning teamfights, i could end the game way earlier if i had the kiting mechanics to do so. And that is why it annoys me to no end to not be able to do it
: Watch ADC streamers on twitch, watch what they do to achieve what you want to achieve. Suggestion: Imaqtpie
I have watched QTpie and some other adc's... And some of the adc's i meet in Flex Que just outplays me with it... And it annoys me to no end... :D I manage to win games through Teamfights and Positioning / Targeting, but yeah... i think this is one of the most important mechanics to learn as an adc... but i just dont get the proccess behind it.
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apples33 (EUW)
: Okay, thats it. I don't understand guys.
Well, as its been said Down under here.... Guys are immature, and there are some Young guys... And you are telling Your gender in a video game that has no importance what so ever... So here is a issue, A lot of People when they tell their gender (especially women, becuase they are a minority) Looks for attention.. And most guys want attention from Girls, and as fast as they know you are a girl, you will get attention... And the truth is, most of these guy be they 15 year old or 45 year old, might be lacking experience With a woman making you a Specimen to them to test their social skills. This is not a "NEW" Thing on the internet, Guys try to impress Girls in games by telling you how much they lift, Or that they are Challenger in League of legends, or they might even try to play the "Nice card" to get Your attention.. And the moment you give them that attention, its game over for you if you dont wish for it (More so in an mmo then outside an mmo since in an mmo, you cant just stop them from whispering you, even if you dont add them). I have had supports in this game that i knew were Girls, by the way they talk to me. And by the way they are trying to talk to me ingame, its really telling that they are woman.. I do not give them any "extra attention" Because i dont play games to find a girlfriend, and i have a girlfriend. But My point is, you might be acting very girly, and easy to figure out. (And by the fact that you made a forum thread about it... kinda backs up my point) I do understand that Girls have to be Nice, and they wanna be cute and friendly and you name it, you wanna hug everyone and if they are friendly With you, they deserve to know that you are a girl because they are friendly... but if you dont want the "Sexual attention" Just dont tell them you are a girl, and or if they figure out you could tell them "i'm gay" afterall you are a woman, so that doesnt make much sense, and its more of a joke toward you and while it being rude and disrespectful toward a gay person to say this, Your telling it to a horny teenager that you might be the NeXT closest to other then their own mother. for the NeXT 30 minutes a game lasts. :)) A girl will get attention if she seeks it, and wont get if she doesnt... So Yeah Your attitude ingame might be telling, i dont know. but if you dont want any attention.... wich kinda doesnt make sense either since you made a post about it. so either you are looking for more attention about being a girl, or you are giving People way too much attention ingame. wich one i dont know but :)
: Yeah,and the the same person who wrote this will be biatching "youre silver because ur bad" to somebody who writes same thing.
Silvers are good compared to some of the bronze People i have seen! Tbh after seeing the bronzies, Silver are actually really decent! :DD
Aezander (EUW)
: Funny thing is ... When the preseason patch went live and one logged in, they told you in a pop-up that there might be an issue(?) with FQ placements, that you could be placed lower than your old Tier. I didn't know that when Riot said 'lower' they actually meant 'thrown off a cliff without a parachute'. {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:31}}
The only issue With People being thrown off a Cliff without a parachute is that when you end up in bronze With a wide skill variety, Its gonna be hard to carry out of bronze.. Because Your basically waiting in a line for Your turn. and it comes Down to Luck purely. Because you can have a master player smurfing in the other team and that stops you from 100LP. but most People wouldnt smurf in bronze, unless something like this comes up, where Your mmr is hard reset and everyone is Equal.
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