: tbh , i see not issue , but hay this is league , all players should play like bot and have no emotion and take whatever throw at their face
Yeah, I should man up and be the better man next time. Thanks for your reply ;)
: Good approach :-) If you like the game, remember it's about the game, and not about some stupid people you might be matched up with. Ask yourself whether you want to deal with scrubs. We're both mature (or let's say: old enough) to decide _no , we don't want_ . Enjoy. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: No, you can't be banned for a single chat, with the exception of super toxic behaviours. This could be the last game you were reported, maybe. Or, but just a possible explaination, the sieg heil alone could be the reason of the ban (as someone already told).
: First of all, you were obviously not banned just for this chat. Second, yes it is. It violates the summoner's code. I don't think we there's something else to say about that. Perilum already told ya.
I was banned for this chat (I can take a screen ^^). Okey sir.
: Omg whs cant U Just Post the logs without comments. Riot also judges them in a neutral Way and this is Just impossible to read
I don't have the comments because I didn't record the game :/
: Honest opinion: **Why do you even talk to people who insult you??** Why are people not able to just ignore or mute these scrubs and report them? Apart from that, when do you **play the game** if are permanently busy typing stuff into chat? As for the ban -- not sure; might be that the _Sieg Heil_ triggered the ban. It is certainly a heavy buzz word which is scanned for.
I feel like ignoring them or muting them is escaping the fact that the majority of players are kids, and being a 21 (nearly 22) years old college student makes me feel like I'm wasting my time with this game, even though I love it and I love playing it in my spare time. But that's actually a good point, and I will use it ASAP. As per the "when do I have time to play when I type a lot", I can honestly say that I can type while ganking or type while farming or type while running away from a fed draven if needs be. Thank you kind sir for your honest reply and for not crucifying me for my negligence. Have a good one.
: Nobody likes a Nazi, and you're just glorifying them. I feel you should be removed from the game permanently instead of chat banned. There are little kids that play this game, and you are just ruining a perfectly good game for them...
A perfectly good game where people tell people to go f**k themselves with a knife. 12 year old kids telling you to f**k your mother over the fact that you are good at the game. Calling you a Nigg.er because, what the heck, why not ? PERFECTLY HEALTHY GOOD GAME FOR THEM. Thanks for your reply kind sir.
: All of the additions after what you said are irrelevant.
Yeah so basically the out of context "Sieg Heil" got me, I deserve my ban for being foolish.
Hokuto (EUNE)
: Yeah, the phrase is highly controversial and frowned upon even in countries where there is no law against it. The WW2 wasn't really a nice time you know. A lot of the things that happened aren't even talked about and aren't known to the general public (as a med student I've learned that Nazi doctors and scientists heavily experimented on certain parts of the population, even going as far as putting them into freezing water to see how long it takes for the human body to freeze and that is just one of the examples of things that people don't know). So, those words, out of respect for all those who suffered and those who fought, civilian casualties and so on, are not to be taken lightly. I'm a young person and even I get annoyed when I see people drawing swastikas on walls, chanting ''Sieg Heil'' and similar things as it's extremely disrespectful towards those who suffered. Have that in mind when you chant those words next time. I know it might've been a joke for you before, but be adult about this and stay away from it. There are other jokes you can use instead who aren't harmful in any way and are funny regardless. Have a nice day
Actually, it wasn't a joke, it was related to a Charlie Chaplin movie my friend and I watched together last summer. As I have stated before, my use of the words were related to a certain context, take out the context which is only known to those who are familiar with me or my friend and you'll have a Nazi chant. I'm not a child, nor childish, but you're point remains, the fact that other parties may look at my chat and read it out of context since the latter was not provided when I had typed "Sieg Heil", and may be offended or feel that I'm insulting the death of free people during the WW2 events, should not be neglected. I didn't take that into consideration because I was playing with 4 of my friends (We were 5 premades) and I used the team chat so... But I'm not gonna say anything on the matter because you are right given your context, and I'm right given mine, but in general you are right and I'm wrong, and the use of the "Seig Heil" bs is wrong. I get it kind sir, but thank you for wasting your time explaining it to me, I respect your efforts and your intentions. Take good care of yourself :)
GLurch (EUW)
: Freedom of speech means you are allowed to say anything, as long as you are not insulting or harassing anyone on purpose with it. First off, it does not mean anyone has to listen to you and it doesn't mean that anyone has to protect your opinion either. Second, if you are saying there should be nothing wrong with that phrase, as it was back in the past, **why do you keep talking about it**? There is no need to let everyone recall the really bad things that happened back then. Do you seriously believe saying "sieg heil" will make anyone happy or help the team in any way?
I was talking to my friend, and the meaning used would only be understood by the two of us, Chaplin fans.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hide on my bush,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dEfkRJib,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-06T08:42:48.212+0000) > > Hide on my bush: sieg heil That shit could get you a hefty sum to a while in jail in my country, online or not. And Germany isn't that far off considering they are our neighbours (in both location and language)
I kind of didn't know that using a couple of words would get me into so much trouble, otherwise I would not have used them. If my German friend had told me that people might consider "Sieg Heil" a Nazi salute of some sort I would not have used it as I'm neither a Nazi nor a Neo-Nazi nor a Nazi fan. I despise racism in all sorts, and I believe in equality with every meaning that the word holds. The sad thing is that even though I've been called a Nigg.er in the chat multiple times, got told to kill myself, to burn myself, to have sexual intercourse with my mother,... and yet it seems that all those things fail to reach the importance of a couple of words used under a certain context. That is sad, because I think what I have understood so far is that if I call someone a Nigg.er, it'd be okey if he uses those two words. That's messed up. On the other hand, I recognize the fact that I should not have used the two words under any circumstances, and it'll not happen in the future because I've learned what those words hold as meaning.
House x33 (EUW)
: > Hide on my bush: sieg heil Be glad it's just a chat restriction. Disgusting human beeing.
being* a being not a bee-ing. But thanks for your reply, I appreciate the use of out of context words against me and the fact that people even guessed my political views by my use of two words. I love it :)
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Sadly, I don't have the replay so that it becomes a fact and not just "my word". Why do I feel the need to flame back ? Interesting question.
Perilum (EUW)
: >You'd say it is the Nazi shit, I'd say it's two German words put in one sentence, and the meaning is "hail victory" and my use of it in my team chat with my friend is my concern Leave the boards and the game alone with your Nazi propaganda. You can do that shit at home and in private. In public you've to face the consequences for your political extremist opinion. And if you didn't want to appear like one of this people, then think about how you express yourself in public and why people dislike you. I end the discussion with you now.
Neonchan (EUW)
: You could take your friend, place him on the other side of a police officer and then shout "sieg heil" and try to explain the police officer that it's just an insider and none of his buisness
Got your point... Thanks for your comment kind sir, may you have a good day :)
Hokuto (EUNE)
: TBH, I've seen a lot worse and don't think this is ban worthy except for 1 thing. I don't think they will lift the ban just because there are some words you shouldn't have used. The thing I think triggered the ban is that Nazi chant ''Sieg Heil''. You can't use those words anywhere, especially not in a team environment. Despite the fact that you wrote it to your team only, it was visible to the system and banned you for it. Swastikas, Nazi chants and similar things are punishable by law in Germany, Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic, not just by this game. It doesn't matter why you have used it and to whom you've said it. Don't utter those words any more, any where, at any time and for whatever reason. EDIT: The punishment is 3 years of prison or a fine that trust me, you won't pay easily
I see, I've had a feeling that it might be it, thanks for explaining it to me. Lesson learnt, "Sieg Heil" is not to be used anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances. Thank you for your reply kind sir, have a nice day.
Perilum (EUW)
: If you've to ask -> Yes. Simple solution: Press the mute button and stop pretending to"defend" your false sense of "honor". Nobody cares and you rage about nonsense you can fix with one click. And stop abusing the chat for your private conversations. >Hide on my bush: sieg heil (Wrote it to my German friend, it's a thing between us, nobody's business) And your stupid Nazi shit you can take for yourself. As a German you should know that expressing Nazi symbols and propaganda in public is a violation of our law. In my opinion people like you who knowingly violate National and European laws and spread Nazi propaganda should instantly get perma banned. But that is in Riot's hands.
You'd say it is the Nazi shit, I'd say it's two German words put in one sentence, and the meaning is "hail victory" and my use of it in my team chat with my friend is my concern, but you're right, it can be interpreted as the "Nazi shit" which is not acceptable. By the way, your method of expressing your ideas is a bit weird. You've talked about the "Nazi shit" using 58 words and the only thing related to me being abused with racist slurs that you've brought up was "Stop pretending to "defend" your "false" sense of "Honor". Thank you kind sir for your comment :) and I'll stop trying to pretend to defend my false sense of honor when called A Nigg.er from now on ;)
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