Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I wish we had a simpler Client that isn't just eye candy :)
My pc consists of An i3 8100 Gtx 1060 6gb And 16 gb of ddr4 @2400mhz I don't lag in the client but sometimes when I click on the loot tab or the shop tab it's only going to display a blank tab. I can switch to the home tab with ease and back to the shop tab, there is no lag but the damn tab just won't display anything.
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Oberon98 (EUW)
: Default Finger Placement
QWER and Space. I use my palm to level up abilities.
Carbitzu (EUNE)
: my gold border disapeared
My Challenger Border is not there too : (
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: auto perma-banned for no reason. :)
I will wait for your name to expire. And then steal it.
: Humm im not a huge IT nerd but there should be something similar to an IP ban, that Riot is being able to posit on us players. arrogant
You could literally turn your router off and switch it back on and your dynamic IP address would change. For some devices you don't even need to restart your router, all you need to do is renew the network lease. > **_arrogant_**
: im legit crying atm
Hard reset your PC, when i had these problems it was because windows didn't install properly and had gotten corrupt.
KillToAll (EUW)
: Account has been unjustifiably permanently suspended
i have seen quite a few people say that they got banned because of LVOC, the riot support page does states that you have to use it on your own risk. Maybe their systems detected a change in the files or something and it decided to ban you. [Here is another User who was perma banned because of LVOC.](
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings Ficaaaaaaa, It has something to do with your level, and the amount of players searching for a game at that exact moment around your skill level. Because you're so low level it's no wonder that queue times are so long, instead I recommend playing vs bots until you have a higher level, that'll decrease queue times significantly for you.
: Banned for nothing.
LOL I'm going to contact someone of the people in your match from my EUNE account and ask for the replay, then lets see. I will upload it here so people can take a look at it for themselves.
flammer55 (EUW)
: try the fact that people in bronze realy dont know how to play very well in any kind of way as in they are the worst ranked players of lol wich is not an insult but a fact{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
lol, i think they throw very easily and when they do all you have to do is take turrets. so yeah very true.
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: Chest earned not found !!!
You have to own the champion, have an active chest roll and make sure that you didn’t get a chest on cho before.
Notify (EUW)
: Season 1 Veteran, completely let down, unrewarded and feel like 7 years into this game = 0.
rèV (EUW)
: I'll just give you soem general advice based on what your tells me, since i haven't seen you play yet. First thing: If you know, that you should play "easy champions and stuff", why have you played 35 different champions over the course of 93 ranked games? Besides that, they are champions from literally every role and some of them are quite complicated or hard to execute (Jayce, Katarina, Fiddle, Zed). There is no real point in giving you advice if you don't even stick to the advice you seek out for yourself. Besides that, 93 games are not "a few games". You have a 34% win rate over 93 games. To get your MMR back on track will be very, very hard. Just to give you perspective on that: Your win rate is 34%. Let's go with the assumption, that you magically play, statistically speaking, twice as good as you did over the course of all your games. Let's assume you win 60% out of all your games, hence 6 out of 10 games. Decent MMR is given at at win rate of 50%. It would take you roughly 150 games under the assumption that you always win 6 out of 10 games, equalizing your score at 122 wins and 121 loses. That is an insane time investment you would make to have in the first place. You'll get the same generic tips you will always find and you will have to stick to them: - Practice Csing - Stick to 2 specific roles - Play easy and a limited amount of champions. Quality over quanity - Use the /note function to write down stuff you want to check/review - Understand builds and their value, dont stick to static build patterns - Watch your replays, try to understand why something turned out good or bad Traines routines are patterns you should try to get used to: - After every CS, look at the minimap and check if the enemy jungler is there - After 10 minutes, check your CS and the CS of your direct opponent. Evaluate why there is a difference - After every game, check out what people you played against. Winning a game/lane against an unranked player that is barely level 30 is not the same as a plat player
Wow, thanks for taking time out of you day to reply, and really thanks for the advice, it's quite critically true, I'm going to start off with practising to farm with a few champs. thanks : ) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
: Firstly if your trying to gain Elo in past experience with a friend his settings on his computer had a big part to play. Is your fps at least 60 and your ping low? Also play your best champions over and over and over again that you know you perform best on. And don't flame in game just concentrate on the goal and decisions you think are best made for the benefit of the team. If that fails then maybe you sre roughly around your rank and there's nothing wrong with that but if the above advice doesn't help then chances are you are roughly were you should be
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