Smerk (EUW)
: It varies, but you'll need at least one hundred games to get close enough, maybe even few hundreds, considering that you're starting from zero
That seems much. But thank you for your answer.
Smerk (EUW)
: > How MMR in general is calculated? you win - you get some MMR, you lose - you lose some MMR. Amount depends on your MMR and average MMR in your team and enemy team. > If it is by skill - I should be in groups on my skill level. one game shows nothing about your skill, so it is not taken into account for MMR calculations
so it means - it's the teams skill level, that is calculated into my MMR... I hoped it would be more personal. And how many games it takes to get a more clear picture?
Gebba (EUW)
: Way more than 50+ games will be needed, so if you're having a hard time already i think that you should unfortunately quit. I personally myself do not recommend this game to friends or other people unless i already know beforehand that they are exceptional individuals.
Thank you for being this special exceptional snowflake in this thread
WordLifeBT (EUNE)
: yep, smurfs, unfortunately, destroying all fun for newbies. I suppose, Riot must at least limit like 2 accounts per 1 IP (yep, IP restrictions can be bypassed, but it`s already something) Try your best against intermediate bots (they are playing better, than most bronze/silver players, lol), and maybe explore some champions mechanic in ARAM`s. Hold your head high, everybody was bad back in a while
: TL;DR, just uninstall
Could you please write it again, with a bit less words. It's so much to read. Thank you
: Not sure if you want to hear a short story of a fellow summoner who happens to be me but I'll still tell it anyways lol. I was really bad back in the day (and I'm still bad btw) and kept getting destroyed vs bots xD, I kept diving and smashed every key on my keyboard trying to get a kill not knowing how turrets aggro work or anything, kept it like that for 3 days then boom uninstall. One year later, I was bored then decided to get back to the game, searched on google something like "best champion with a sword" thus I found Tryndamere & Fiora, spammed them for 6 whole months lol during them I had the experience to have friendly people telling me some of the basics since I had no friend playing the game to teach me. 6 dang months thinking that by training against AI I'll be ready to destroy some people which wasn't the case, I got stomped every match I played, I still even remember how I ended a game with 0/20 against a Fizz as old Kata, up to these days I get matched with people way higher elo than I'm (I remember a d5 Yasuo with a plat Zilean, a d5 Talyah, a Master tier Graves), but still I take them as a chance to see how a high elo player would act and how he would perform (better play with/against them than watch them play), not to mention how many gold players which you can't imagine how satisfying it feels when you end the match without you feeding against them even if you lose and how great it feels to win against them. So to make it short, the matchmaking in normal games is a bit random, but trust me the majority of the games (especially blind pick) you won't get matched with people higher than silver/low gold which aren't impossible to deal with, stick to one or 2 champions and get better at them, set a goal like hitting mastery 7 with a champion before the beginning of the season 9 and go for it, just focus on that no matter who you are facing, you may feed and get destroyed a lot in the process but that's how things work, just focus on how you can improve that's what really matter. glhf {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Thank you for your story :D Reminds me of the beginning of my Dark Souls addiction. It's just - I don't know, if I want to put so much energy into LOL. I just wanted to play a bit casual and hoped there would be anybody like me out there :D :D
Smerk (EUW)
: The problem is that you're not a total beginner and system can see that and so matchmaker puts you with other smurfs. And that's where the core of this problem is, low level smurfs didn't play enough games yet to get accurate MMR, so you can get someone with bronze skill and someone with diamond skill in one match, which leads to some very serious stomps. And I think you'll have to endure it for quite some time, maybe even all the way to level 30. Maybe it would be a better choice to try and recover that older account
Sadly I cannot. How MMR in general is calculated? By your skill or the game itself? If it is by skill - I should be in groups on my skill level.
: If u are getting smashed all the time it is not games fault, it is, like u said, cuz u are noob. (It's not flame at all it is what it is). Like I'm lvl 134 now plat 5 but still or getting vs a noob player that I can smash and snowball the game and win before 20 min or I get smashed because he is better. (Or even my all team get smashed I can't do shit). Like improve and don't give up. Go to ur champ list and choose 2/3 champs and get good at them. After it pick more 3 and do the same. Pick like 3 to ur main role and 1 for each other and u should be fine. And play and get knowledge about the game. Know all champs abilitys will help u tons. (Remember Katarina is the best champ on League ^^) Just keep it up {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Usually I would go for this method - if there would be 1 or 2, maybe even 3 really good players. But in both teams - all the players are way beyond my level. I just walk behind them and get killed. If I ever happen to make a kill, it was an accident. For my point of view, there is no learning curve in the way, the matchmaking is made up. It's just like you would play Dark Souls against 5 times Gael on new games + 7, soul level 1.
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