: Yummi players XD
Yes, let the actions of one yuumi player speak for all of us!
Mason (EUW)
: After 6 years of never getting any sorts of bans, I just got perma banned.
I kinda feel for you, if what you say is true (not having flamed for years). We can all say that you gotta keep cool and show a positive attitude in every single game and just mute everyone, but I can definitely see why someone might just lose their temper. I've never been banned or had a chat restriction, but damn, there were some games were I was so close to tilting. However, I don't think riot will give you another chance. Hope things will work out for you, even if it's on another account.
: Can't log in at all.
I have a queue time of 65 hours. Amazing. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: If you could become any champion (looks, friends, family, abilities) who would you choose and why?
Either {{champion:117}} or {{champion:427}} They just seem to be always so happy and positive
: What Unreal moments/mircales have happened to you?
I once had a game with no trollers, grievers, feeders. Everyone was being nice and playing well. It was like a christmas miracle.
: I just hate being lvl1 invaded. I really do. (just a jungler looking for some empathy)
I'm a support main, but even I get frustrated when teammates do this. It takes little time and effort to guard the buffs.
: If it were that easy... I already said her she is not perfectly playing since she is in S2 )otherwise she would be diamond or higher by now) but she wont get that.
Then stop playing with her. If she really wants to play together, then she'll have to adjust her behaviour.
Aiwenore (EUW)
: Just another day in League
: One of the worst patch (9.12)
I'm also not to happy with the yuumi nerf. Cool, her base hp got increased. She's still an easy one shot, especially with the nerf on her w.
: How to handle toxic gf in games
I had this with my ex as well, without the flaming, but just a lot of 'oh youre doing this wrong, and that, and that' as if we're playing at LCS. You just have to talk with your gf or not play together anymore. Everybody makes mistakes, she probably makes a lot as well during the game. If she's really that competitive, she won't have any problem with watching a match back together to see where you guys both went wrong.
: Yeah, I've come to that conclusion myself, I had a game the other day with a 1mil mastery yas and he was completely trash in that game, all he did was feed, but then on the flip side, yes I have seen people with low points carry a game, but that's usually because the champ they are playing is broken beyond belief lol
Owell, a win is a win (: I get that you lose faith when you someone with low points, but I honestly think it's more of a mindset. I kinda get why you want a certain amount of points to avoid people going in ranked with little experience, but it just depends on the player ^^
: New champs in Ranked
Because points mean nothing? I've seen people with 1m points on a champ, but it doesn't mean they will win their lane and carry. That goes the other way around: a low amount of points doesn't equal an instant loss.
Fhaca (EUW)
: Why is it forbidden to hope for death to other players?
jMrQdIris (EUW)
Oh dear. I really can't see why you got that ban.
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SapphCres (EUW)
: Watch rewards LEC Pass
Same, a lot of people are having this problem. Don't know if they're working on a fix
: Watch & Earn level 1 bugged
Same, I didn't get the 1/3 after watching G2 but it did count for 'watch and earn'
: Yummi plays ain't be noticed.
So, she's treated like any other support? Welcome to the support role, where our effort doesn't get noticed and where you get all of the blame but none of the fame.
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