: CuteCakePrincess, main Gold Support searching for gamers to play fun normals with! :)
Herro!:3 Im also super-duper tired of playing alone;( I suck at every lane but my suckiest lane is adc:3 I added u in-game:)
: Not really a technical error.
Strive for cutiepieness!
: Not really a technical error.
: Loss Prevention Loss Request! 10 Players lagged from min 1!
: > [{quoted}](name=Hmmlicious,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=a8HlHiyZ,comment-id=00030000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-05-03T02:35:11.495+0000) > > GO TO SLEEP ALREADY! JEESUS YOU ARE STUBBORN... Nope
: Ofc. Almost like my champ XD
: Sleep is for the weak. Douh the nerd who logged 8 accas to downvote me ftw (cuz I got upvotes too) XD
you have gotten youself some forum enemies by the locks of it:(
WTF! go to sleep! Ringht fking now miss!
: fml... I got called by a satan cult... Well hail Lucy ?XD
: Would love to, if it didnt mean that all religions turning againts me for preaching the devil (cuz redhead)
You are not alone. You will be contacted by our people shortly. In the meantime keep a low profile..
: Champion spotlight: Katarina, The most hated redhead
tru3nox (EUW)
: ***
its kinda pathetic to call her that but i cant stop you. you obviosly get a hard on trying to put people down.
seXo Jon (EUW)
: Riot please give me 135244 IP
I shall gift u 135244 IP
tru3nox (EUW)
: ***
because you are calling someone u obviously dont know an attention whore. Its kinda pathetic and sad when peole like u sit infront of their screens puking out all kinds of nonsense and abuse on the internet knowing no one can touch you. you sir, are a keyboard warrior.
: oh:3 facepalm:3 never said i was a smart one oki:3
it keeps happening to men man:( both online and irl. probly bc I smell and have a face of a shrimp...
: OMG! Do you think that LoL is only a men game? Girl can't play LoL?
dont break his bubble!
tru3nox (EUW)
: ***
well i really hope u will never be a father lol. And by a kid i was refering to your maturity, not your actual age. And if you are old enough to be my father you gotta be in you late 30's atleast, and if that is the case then you are more pathetic than I initially thought...
: You are so prejudicial to girls :( every girl isn't same don't forget that pls :/ I just put that smiles cause i like to put them :(
no point reasoning with this kind of kids:(
tru3nox (EUW)
: So why do you call yourself a "gamer girl" and put so much "^^" Hey look at me Im a girl ^^ >.< (ºc_º) Are you really a "gamer"? Im sure you play like 2 games if you do.
you my friend, are a downie
: oh:3 facepalm:3 never said i was a smart one oki:3
: oh:3 facepalm:3 never said i was a smart one oki:3
idk y this post isnt below ur last post:3
: Nah I didn't, I just wanted somebody to play with me I never want somebody to get skins from him
brace yourself, the kids are coming!
: oh:3 facepalm:3 never said i was a smart one oki:3
wow:3 but im a terrible person;(
: At the bottom left of the message reply box there is an ahri image :3
oh:3 facepalm:3 never said i was a smart one oki:3
: :'( {{champion:32}}
how on earth do u make those champ symbol thingys? :3
Sorzus (EUW)
: so offensive {{item:3151}}
superduperoffensive dude
: :(
lets be sad togheter:(
: Lol my intention was good I just wanted somebody to play with a girl like me :(
I'd play with you gurlicious, but im a terrible adc...actually a terrible league player in general;(
Zobilnik (EUNE)
: Goodbye
I kno the feels dude..
: :/
i actually saw it happend on this forum like a few moths ago when someone used the gg combo
: What is the GG word combo? :D
some keyboard warriors keeps getting annoyed when u put it out there that u r a gurlie. i think it intimidates them somehow. they gonna feel the need to call u an attentionwhore etc. but dont worry, they are just a bunch of virgins that are afraid of girls:)
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EnaPgm (EUW)
: 21/0/2 and 189 CS as Syndra
EnaPgm (EUW)
: 21/0 again :)
EnaPgm (EUW)
: of course lol it is almost impossible to get this kind of score in normal or draft (not impossible but ALMOST impossible)
well i just dont get it why u are saying "noob team feed bot" and "only get 1 honor". its a fun mode dude, who cares if someone is dying 1000 times.
EnaPgm (EUW)
: 21/0/2 and 189 CS as Syndra
: Why do you need to say you are girl? Attention whore much?
Why do you feel the urge to even respond? Keyboard warrior much?
: Bored
stap being bored!:3
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: Looking For SUPPORT - Silver or Gold
hi, im silver v and main soraka. average about 20 assists. also good at keeping my adc in lane. add me if u wanna:)
: Bronze and Silver Supports Attention pls
hellu, i can play with u if u wanna:=) silver V
EmiIie (EUW)
: LF an awesome person to duo q with
hey, im the deffinition of non-raging:) me: name is Arild 23 from sweden working in the military silver V (ik its terrible) , been playing since january so quick learner aswell im kinda lame main soraka and udyr add me if u want:3
32metal (EUW)
: Bronze or silver support for duo?
i main supp, but its hard to find a good adc that can carry. i main soraka and average 18 assist/game. silver V
gaby1best (EUNE)
: Dear ADC
i like cheese


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