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JJ Kong (EUW)
: OI LADS, is Sorcery for AP champs or is it for ability based champs like {{champion:91}} ?
It works on all damaging abilities, not only ap. So yes it works on Talon.
Fang (EUNE)
: And it'd make her completely broken in team rankeds. She is strong enough as she is
That wouldn't make her that broken. I think it's logical considering her kit you should be able to rebind your oath ... But at a cost. Maybe you could rebuy the spear for 1000 gold or something.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Got called gay for playing Taric
8/10, people replied and you made me open the thread.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Stop using "we are human" as an excuse for flaming
When you stop being some entitled faggot, maybe I'll consider not laughing at you. Since you'll consider anything not going your way flaming. I wish people like you would grow up, or at very least I wish the game didn't change to cater to people who would rather play the victim's part than play the game.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Well I can assure you it doesn't care about the quantity of reports. What matters is the quality of the reports. In theory, you could be reported by every single player you ever encountered: if you weren't actually breaking any rules, you wouldn't get punished. False reports are filtered out, and people have a report weight. That means, if they send out false reports, their reports will be worth less, and can also be completely ignored by the system. The system values reports from those who actively only report toxic behaviour more.
Bull fucking shit. This has been tested numerous times. New account playing with duo, duo reports him every game without the said account using the chat ever, account ends up chat restricted.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Flaming isnt the worst thing in league
For me the worst thing is, by far, premades hijacking the game. Not only do they try to make everyone play by their rules, they also bitch like their life depends on it, and fuck up the matchmaking so hard the game is a boring stomp, be it in your favor or the enemy's. Normal games 5v5 are completely unplayable because of this. More often than not the mere presence of 3-4 premades in one team is enough to to ruin any fun that you could have playing.
: Dear lower elo players
Master Yi, Rengar, and fizz should be your bans every single game until plat tbh.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: You need to find another game and start over. Looks like you have lost all the enthusiasm for this one. It might not always be your fault, but there are still players who cares, who like the game and wanna improve and get higher rank. Do not ruin their games. If you dont like it anymore, dont play it and find another activity to spend your evening. Cheers
Nah the game is still fun. I just don't care so much for the outcome and making fun of low gold tryhards meta experts is just icing on the cake. I play half-assedly, but I don't -really- troll.
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Yeah, thinking about it the 'we are 4 so adjust to the role left' might be a big problem. But as for someone who plays a lot as 4 pre myself, there are a lot of groups which will adjust to the soloplayer.
Fuck you. We all know you're lying. Litteraly all premades I come across queue together for the sole purpose of being cunts then reporting.


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